The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 37

In case anyone missed out the previous part;

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*After five days*

(Twinkle’s POV)

I was getting ready looking through the mirror when I heard someone calling my name.

“Yes aunty, what happened?”, I replied to Usha aunty who had previously called me. She asked, “Twinkle, could you please see if Mahi is already ready or does she need some help?”. “Sure aunty” I replied. I quickly checked myself out on the mirror set my hair and thought to myself “perfect!”.

I went towards Mahi di’s room to check her out and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed, a little sad or say depressed? I was quite surprised as shouldn’t she be happy right now? She is getting what she longed for so long! I brushed my thoughts away and motioned towards her.

“What’s the matter di?” I asked her which gave her a shock maybe because she wasn’t expecting anybody around. She answered me back saying “Nothing”. “Well, that isn’t a justified answer to my question as I see that there is something that is bothering you!”, I instantly replied. Di replied saying, “Although I’m happy that I’m finally going to marry the love of my life but there’s some nervousness in me. Like you see, how my life would be from tomorrow as a married woman? How am I gonna be settled without my family? Will it all even fall in place?”.

“Di, I understand your nervousness and somewhere you have all the rights to be. Your life is surely going to be changed but the best is yet to come. See, I don’t know how your life will transform as being a married woman but what I can say is I’m sure you’ll have a very happy life. And as concerned about how you’re going to settle down without your family, don’t you consider me or bhai as your family? So c’mon cheer up! Do you want your wedding day pictures to be all sad? Of course, no right? So smile and quickly do your touch up! Time’s running, we gotta leave soon”.

“Okay, I’ll get ready soon!”


The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. In addition, the scent was very pleasing and refreshing.

“Where has Kunj been since the morning?” I asked myself. I scanned the whole area and he wasn’t found anywhere around. Weird.

“Twinkle, get Mahi to the church. It’s time already!”, Bebe said.

“Hunji bebe”, I replied.

“Okay, by then Kunj will bring Yuvi. Go fast puttar!”, bebe spoke.

“Ji bebe”, I responded back and left to Mahi di’s room.


As I had walked in, all guests were already seated and it seemed as if they were waiting for ‘that’ moment! Above of all, I could see bhai waiting for the moment desperately. It was cute. “Okay, now you wait here until I sent Manohar Uncle and he’ll walk along with you through the aisle okay?”, I told di. She nodded her head in affirmation and I walked off.

“Uncle, Mahi di is waiting for you there”, I said pointing towards where di was standing. He smiled and walked past me, towards di. While all this was happening, I found a pair of eyes that had been staring me for long and that was none other than Kunj. I blushed seeing him while he gestured that I looked pretty through his fingers.

All the attention was suddenly shifted towards the aisle when Mahi di was walking along with Uncle, hand in hand. She looked like a goddess, no doubt. Her white gown beautifully flowing down on the aisle while her hair tied perfectly into a bun under the cathedral veil. She had very light make up and had worn the best suited accessories that completed her look which made the stare worth the while. [The link to the dress will be provided in the comments section once it is posted!]

I noticed that bhai was already lost into her and Mahi di smiling and blushing all this while seeing bhai’s reaction. She reached the alter and everybody was seated back again. The ceremony had begun and the father began saying all the vows that bhai and di had to repeat and follow as well.

“Yuvraj, do you take Mahi as your wife?”

“I do”

“Mahi, do you take Yuvraj as your husband?”

“I do”

“Therefore, it is my pleasure to now announce them as husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride”

With this, the two sealed their union with a kiss while everybody around applauded. They broke their trance and had their faces glowing with joy and satisfying smiles. Everybody congratulated the new couple with all their blessings and wished them to have a happy and prosperous life ahead.

(Kunj’s POV)

“The atmosphere is so joyful and calming. Witnessing such marriages is really a pleasure. It was so beautiful and heavenly” , I thought to myself.

My eyes were scanning for Twinkle as it had been so long since we had a talk. Few seconds later I found my lady love smiling and talking to one of the guest. “She looks so divine and fascinating”, I thought to myself eyeing her lovingly at this epitome of beauty.

I walked towards her, pulled her out of the crowd and took her to one corner were no one was presence. I pinned her to the wall and the proximity between us increasing.

“Kunj, look don’t start here! People are around us”, she said.

“So what? Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya?”, I reply instantly.

“Keep your filmy talks to yourself and let me go”, she says protesting.

“Not so easily darling”, I remark.

I move a little more closer to her and now I was able to hear her heartbeat and her breath. She bit her the right of her lower lip and that’s it! I gave in and to my surprise, instead of protesting me, she surrendered and gave in too. Enjoying the feel and taste of it we pull apart after a minute.

Before I could add something, I saw Twinkle’s face turned pale. Firstly, I was pretty confused on why she gave such an expression but later I turned my head to where she had been viewing and I was shocked. I saw bebe standing there with such expressions as if she had seen everything.

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Heya guys! I hope you’re all doing fine. Anyway, I’m here with the next update of my ff and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Drop down your thoughts on the comment section below to let me know your opinion! Will be waiting you read them! ☺️

*Special* dedication to Adya! I hope you’re happy now right? ??

Love you! x Take care!

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  1. Sara28

    Ahh, this was too adorable ? I could picture the whole scene and imagine myself there. Omg did Bebe really see them kiss ? Aww poor Twinj. I can’t wait to read what happens next. Post soon! Love you!

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you! x

  2. SidMin23

    It feel like Bebe catch twinj moment and I want to see twinj reaction did really Bebe saw them or do continue.

    1. Kritika14

      HAHAH thanks!

  3. Komal123

    It was marvelous and beyond amazing! Please post soon!

  4. Kruti

    That was an amazing epi kriti
    Continue asap

  5. Ria

    This episode was so effing sweet. Esp that Mahi and Twinkle part. Gosh! Suddenly, you’re giving all gyaan through your FF ? and that “Hunji”!! I find it cute and funny, okay. Idk why though, but it’s really cute. Plus, did Bebe just see them kissing each other?? So excited for another wedding, probably? I probably guess this story is coming to an end now, but I won’t force you to go on writing because I know how short of time you are!

    All my love,
    Ria (Your Idiot, long time nah??)

    1. Kritika14

      Keep guessing on what’s happening next ? but still, thanks for understanding!

      All my love,
      Kritika (Your stupid ?)

  6. Amazing

  7. Sohi

    Hey kritika the episode was beautiful and marvelous dear
    Poor twinj bebe caught them
    Mahi’s dress was superb
    Please send the link of twinkles dress too
    Do continue and post soon bye

  8. Anam_sidhant

    Hey- Kritika,ok’ so this was something beyond amazing. I wonder did Bebe really saw twinj kissing?!? Anyways,it was marvellous.loved it!!✨
    Post next soon!

  9. The episode was too good and awesome
    Mahi and twinkles conversation was cute
    Liked white wedding very much
    Send twinkles dress link also as I found mahis dress amazing
    Do bebe caught twinj
    Do continue

  10. Angel20

    Hey Kritika,
    This was really a masterpiece! I just loved it very much! It was rally amazing especially the last part?? And did Bebe really see them?? Enjoyed the episode very much! Please post the next one soon!

    Loads of love❤

  11. SidMin

    Awesome really loved it ❤❤
    Twinj moments were so sweet ❣
    Mahi and Twinkle scene was so cute ?
    Bebe saw everything …. I mean seriously….? she should have atleast closed her eyes ? well hope she agrees to Twinjs relationship ….
    Love you ?? post soon ?

  12. Adya

    Hey sweetheart,
    Ok.. Thank you sooo much. I love you for that. Well, had you decided to surprise me? I was on the trance of waiting till tomorrow night! And you..!! ????

    Anyways, coming to episode. Twinkle was really good at encouraging Mahi. I really loved the kiss… Gosh.. that was soo adorable. And wht ?? Bebe saw them… Woow I’m too excited for the next one.

    Try posting soon!??(okay, don’t kill me!)
    Love you!

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    see I m confused bcuz as per me the author must be monica but here its written krithika… is it u monica?

    anyways I loved the epi it was awesome and did bebe really watched them kissing??
    post soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Kritika14

      Heya! Well … I’m Kritika (that’s my actual name!) so don’t confuse yourself. I’m the same author who has been writing this ff since the start! Anyway, thank you! x

  14. Ramya

    Awesome amazing Superb

    Loads of love keep smiling

  15. Shalini15

    Hey Kritika, it was awesome and mindblowing epi.. too romantic… loved twihi part and their talk… and twinjs moment n the kiss was amazing… loved it… and I just hope bebe have not saw their romantic kiss… well try to post next asap…

    By the way I’ve written an OS “Dil ka rishta- An unique love story (Twinj OS) part 1 by Shalini” … please do read it if you are free!!

    Lots of love♥♥

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you! I’ll surely try to read it!

  16. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomeee.. the wedding was so beautifully described ???.. n twinkle-mahi part was so emotional.. loved it.. omg, did bebe really saw twinj kissing???.. haha.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi…..lst me thoda shocking tha

  18. Romaisha

    Hoiiiii!!!! Damnnn such a …. Bomb blaster episode ????
    Really it was so cuteeee !!
    Mahi’s wedding was just divine .. And the kiss ?❤ and Whoaa?! Bebe!!
    ???.. Just toooo good!!
    Keep up the good work informer ???
    Else i would have never known posted?
    Loads of love Romaisha ?????

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you! x

  19. kritikaaaa,
    Wow! I mean, I’m impressed! The wedding that you’ve written was damn good and moreover, Mahi’s dress was fab! In addition, the last part ? did bebe actually see them? Really eager to know so do post soon!

    Love you! x

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    Aawww… How adorable ws d last scene??
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    plsss plssss pllsssss post nxt asap dear♥♥

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