The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 36

In case anyone missed out the previous part;

Part 35

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(Twinkle’s POV)

“Oh god Twinkle, can you hurry up? You are such an ass! I told you to get ready on time, what’s the matter with you?”. Mahi di has been screaming on top of her lungs since the past 5 or 10 minutes? Okay, I know it’s my fault but we ain’t that late also man! It’s just 1:30 but of course, these brides can’t await.

“I’m coming di”, I shout back giving her a reply. I quickly pick up my bad and phone and proceed towards the living. I was welcomed with a very storming and furious face. It seemed like Mahi di would eat me up. Before any further arguments I spoke, “Okay, I’m here! Now no more talks on why I was late. We are getting late and we shall leave now. The most important thing is I’m already ready so lets go.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the house, sat in the car and drove off to her wedding store.


“Enough di! Who takes so much time in selecting a wedding dress?”, I burst out being a little pissed and annoyed as I’ve been suggesting her dresses since the last 4 hours and she like none, legit none! “What’s wrong with her? Is she gone crazy because of her marriage?”, I thought. My thoughts were disturbed as I heard Mahi di from the trial room saying “One last one Twinkle, I promise”. I sighed at her words and left the trial zone and walked out of the store to get some fresh air as I was sick of seeing those long wedding gowns.

I was back again and I was pretty surprised! Mahi di was out, dressed completely in casuals with a bag in her hand and her face glowing with happiness.

“Twinkle, I’ve finally found my dress!”

I was so happy for her and of course, for myself too! I gave her a bone crushing hug. I seriously can’t wait for the marriage anymore.

“What about your dress?”

Oh shoot. I completely forgot that even I have to buy one of these for myself. I was back again depressed at this thought. Without wasting anymore time, in the next 20 minutes .. I found myself a dress which I thought was good enough for me. Both of us paid for our dresses and left the store.


We were sitting in the cafe enjoying the macaroons and sipping the hot coffee against the wind when I felt some cloth in my eyes.

“Leave me or else if my brother or my Kunj will come … you’ll be so dead, I’m telling you.”

But the person still didn’t agree and in addition, he made me stand and started walking holding my hand which resulted for my legs to move as well. “Mahi di, are you there?”. “Twinkle, someone has tied something on my eyes and is making me walk”, di whispered.

I was bewildered. What is even happening and why? “Are you there Twinkle? Please help me out!”, di whispered again. I murmured, “Di, I am too tied with a cloth on my eyes and someone is making me walk forcefully. I myself have no clue on what’s happening!”.

After a while, my legs stopped walking and I was made to sit on a chair. The cloth from my eye was removed and what I found in front of me left me startled. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The wall was completely decorated with Mahi di’s and Yuvi bhai’s pictures! It looked so beautiful.

I turned my head to check out which fool draped a cloth on my eyes when the whole surprise was for Mahi di and I expected it to be bhai but I was surprised. It was Kunj. I hit him hard on his shoulders. He shut my mouth by putting his fingers on my lips. His fingers pointed towards Mahi di who’s eyes were still covered and bhai standing right behind her. Bhai waved his hand to me with a pleasing smile and I gave a grin in return.

He finally untied the cloth from di’s eyes and she was more than happy. Her eyes were filled with tears, tears of happiness. She turned back and of course, she knew who did it all. She gave bhai a tight hug. The two were lost in each other’s embrace until the two of us, me and Kunj disturbed them with some noises to bring them back to the reality. Mahi di was busy blushing turning all red while bhai was brushing his hair with this hand in awkwardness.

“Okay okay, we’ll give the two love birds some space! Enjoy your time.”

Saying this, we left the place.


We were back in some nearby cafe where I was again, sipping coffee but this time with Kunj. I thrashed Kunj with questions.

“What was all that?”

“If that was for Mahi di then why was I blindfolded?”

“You know, your small act made me feel so scared. If anything would have happened to me?”

“And how dare you do that to me?”

Before I could continue, he puts his hand on my mouth.

“How much can you say in a go?”, he says.

“Okay, firstly .. we blindfolded you as well because if we didn’t and you by chance screamed out any of our names, the surprise would have ruined. Secondly, don’t you ever worry! You should be knowing by now that I will stand by your side everytime so nothing can ever happen to you. Moreover, even you know that! You just proved your faith towards me!”

“When did I?”

“You don’t remember?”

“No I don’t!”

“Okay, then I guess you will now! Remember, when you felt something covering your eyes … what did you speak?”

“What did I?”

“Oh shoot! What did I do? and now he’ll annoy me for a good long time with this”, I thought!

“So you really don’t remember?”

“No I don’t!”

“Okay then, I’ll remind you .. your words were .. ‘Leave me or else if my brother or my Kunj will come … you’ll be so dead, I’m telling you’. So what does this prove?”

I bite my tongue. Why did he have to hear this? Oh god!

“I can see a rise in the color of your cheeks. You look hella cute!”

I stand up and run towards the toilet but before I could enter he had held my hand. He pinned me to the wall and his hands forced towards the wall to avoid letting me go. He sensually began caressing my face but before he could continue, I slipped off from his grip and quickly ran towards the toilet.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Firstly, Happy New Year my dearies! ❤️ I know I am a little too late to wish but I know you’ll forgive me right?

Anyway, I’m really sorry for uploading this so late eventhough I had holidays. I had been out for New Years and all busy so really had no time to write the ff.

Moreover, I’m sorry to all the ff writers as I didn’t comment on your ff’s but I was really tired and I had no energy to actually comment but don’t you all worry, I read all your articles already! But it’s too late now so didn’t actually comment. Forgive me for this too!

Also, most of you might be surprised to see a change in the author’s name. Well actually, that is my real name “Kritika”. Many might be knowing as I’ve told them but to those who don’t know … I kept my name as Monica here as I wasn’t sure to let out my identity on the internet as we all know how shitty cyber crimes are. I didn’t want to take the risk.

But later I realized that you all are like my second family and there’s no risk here but I’ve never got the right time to let this out. To my opinion, what could be better than the New Year! So I did it now! Hope you all don’t curse me for this!

In addition, drop down your comments! Also, I’ve written a longer part than I usually write as a compensation!

Bye for now! Love you! ?

P.S – Ignore errors (if any).

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