The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 34

In case anyone missed out the previous part,

Part 33

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After 30 days, Sarna house

It was a normal lazy sunday. Kunj was sitting relaxed in the living room. Usha and Mahi were in the kitchen and Manohar was in his room. They hear the doorbell. Usha asks kunj to open the door.

Kunj walks towards and door and opens it to find out Taneja’s standing out with a very pleasing smile on their face. He stands ther shocked and surprised.

Le: kunj puttar?

Kunj comes back to hi senses

Ku: Leela aunty, how come you’re here?
Le: actually, I am here as I’ve something really important to talk about to Bebe, Usha ji and Manohar ji.


Us: Kunj who is on the door?
Ku: mom, Leela aunty is here and she wants to talk something really important to you guys

Usha leaves all her work and goes towards the living to attend Taneja’s.

Le: can we have a talk please?
Us: sure why not?
Le: but just the elders
Us: okay. Kunj go to your room along with Mahi and Yuvraj
Ku: but where’s twinkle aunty?
Le: woh she had some important work so she’ll come in 2 days or maybe earlier ..
Ku: oh okay

Kunj along with Mahi and Yuvraj leave towards the garden.

After 2 hours;

Ma: is your elderly talk over? we are dying to come inside!
Us: yes come in
Yu: by the way … what’s the matter? Elderly talks and all?

Usha calls Yuvraj and makes him sit on the sofa along with Mahi beside him. She goes to the kitchen, brings a box of sweets and feeds the two of them from one.

Yu: aunty?
Us: no more aunty, call me mumma (she said while smiling)

Yuvraj and Mahi were both shocked to see this side of Usha. The two together asked;

“what’s going on? Will someone tell us?”. Kunj also adds, “even I don’t have the slightest clue. Someone tell me too”. All the elders began laughing and later Manohar announced “So the thing is that, we have fixed the marriage for Mahi and Yuvraj!”.

Mahi and Yuvraj, they were over the moon after listening to what Manohar had just said. They had no clue this could ever happen. On the other side, Kunj was happily dancing! Mahi began blushing while Yuvraj asked;

Yu: how and when did this happen? Moreover, only mom knew about my feelings regarding to her then how?
Le: actually, I told your dad and your dad had no problem so that’s why we’re here. Moreover, we wanted it to be a surprise for you and that’s the reason why we didn’t tell you.
Yu: OMG! You guys are the best parents.

Saying this, Yuvraj stood up and hugged them!

Le: all thanks to Usha and Manohar ji after all if they wouldn’t have agreed for the alliance, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Mahi whispered, “thank you mummy! You’re the best!”.

Ma: anything for the smile of our kids!

The ambience was full of happiness.

Ku: but wait, where will the marriage take place?
Ma: okay wait! I’ve something to ask to alll of you.
Us: go ahead.

Gathering all the courage, Mahi spoke;

Ma: I’ve talked about this to Yuvraj before and he’s okay to it. But the question arises here is that if you’ll be okay to or not?
Us: without you letting us know, how will we say if have a problem or no.

After a long pause,

Ma: okay, so what we’ve planned is …. I’ve always dreamt of having christian marriage. Since Yuvraj has no problem to it, I wanna know if you all agree to it or no? I know you’ve all had plans regarding our wedding but please?
Le: I don’t have a problem ….
Us: neither do we have!
Be: go for it Mahi!

Mahi jumped in excitement and hugged both of them. The atmosphere was filled with happy faces. While in excitement, Yuvraj asked;

Yu: so when’s the marriage?
Be: aye haye! Wait dear, what’s the hurry?

Everyone laughed while Yuvi was burying his face because of embarrassment.

Ma: okay, no worries Yuvi! We’ll go to the church and ask an auspicious day, okay?

Yuvraj nodded his head, shyly while Mahi was busy blushing turning pink.


After two days;

Ma: everybody listen up! I went to the church in the morning and guess what the father told ..
Ku: spill the beans out dad
Ma: okayokay. The coming week is very auspicious and we can get them married any day from the next week.

Everyone began hooting.

Ku: Leela aunty, when is twinkle coming?
Le: oh yess, she’ll be coming anytime soon today! I completely forgot to inform you all. Kunj could you pick her up from the airport?

Kunj (himself): I wanted this aunty! You’re the best!

Ku: sure aunty! What time?
Le: around 5 I guess?
Ku: okay, don’t worry! I’ll do that!
Le: thank you so much

Kunj (himself): I’m coming darling!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Okay, hi guys! How are you all? I know it’s been very long that I’ve updated you guys with this ff. Anyway, I really hope you haven’t forgotten me or my stupid ff.

Talking about the part, did you all like the twist? Also, Mili you’re a mastermind! How did you know this track was coming up? Drop down your comments to let me know what you think.

Moreover, I really had planned to post regular like once in 2 days or something but damn! Actually, my sister is coming back from India. I’d no idea about it before yesterday! Like my mom gave me a surprise. So can’t be promising but will try my best!

Love you! x and take care! ?

P.S – Ignore errors (if any) as I didn’t re-read it.

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      Well, I guess you’re much more hopeless than I am! And yes, you’re right! I really wish to have a church wedding tho indian marriages are love but you know, that wish! Anyway, as you know the next part is up, do your work ?

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