The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 33


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Part 32

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In the morning – Sarna House;

Kunj is seen sleeping peacefully in his room until his phone beeps which to some extend wakes him up but he still chooses to sleep. There’s another beep heard in the next minute and it continues for another 2 minutes. Kunj is frustrated cause his sleep is disturbed. “Oh my god! Can anyone ever in this world let me sleep peacefully for a while” he grumbles sleepily. He spreads his arms to reach out for his phone.

“Tw: I’ve reached!
Tw: where the hell are you? You told me to message and now you don’t reply -.-
Tw: you better reply you piece of shit
Tw: I’m warning you, the consequences won’t be favoring you if you don’t reply back at the earliest.”

Kunj reads it all and gets up from his bed and says,

Ku: oh teri! How could I forget it? Ab yeh twinkle to meri jaan hi le legi gi (Now twinkle will kill me)

He instantly opens the chat and gives her a reply,

“Ku: Good morning love! So sorry man, I didn’t realize the time and was engrossed in my sleep! Sorry sorry sorry! Btw, I miss you already ?Glad that you reached safely :)”

To which he receives a reply right away;

“Tw: yeah right! I’m an idiot here waiting for your text -.-”

“Ku: acha sorry na!”

“Tw: okay okay! maaf kiya! and yes, good morning to you too, my love!”

Kunj began blushing as he saw the word “love” in twinkle’s text.

“Tw: okay now, bye! Mumma is calling me so I gtg”

“Ku: okay sure! Hoping to see your text soon. Love you!”

“Tw: will try my best to be back soon. Love you too!”

The chat had brought a huge smile on kunj’s face! “This feeling is great! I finally have someone in my life who is all mine and I have all the rights on her. This is just the best feeling ever! I’m so lucky to get her in my life!” kunj thought to himself.

He quickly stood up and freshened up and went for work in office. The day passed by and Twinkle and Kunj texted each other talking randomly about their day and so on!

Even Mahi is back home and was helping Usha throughout the time as they had just returned back from Thailand!

It was 9 in the night and kunj was in his room, on his bed with his phone in hand which showed twinkle’s picture.

“I can’t believe I’ll have to spend my days without seeing your face! It’s just the toughest part of my day. However great the day is, at the end of the day I’ll still feel uneasy cause I won’t be able to see your pretty, sparkling and joyful face. I never thought it could be so tough for me. I never imagined something like this could ever happen. All I need is you, just you! You complete me. I wish we stayed in the same area so we could meet everyday but seems like that’s not possible. I miss you so much, you have no idea about” kunj said while seeing twinkle’s picture in his phone.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Kunj happiness had no bounds. He quickly picked up the call and said;

Ku: do you have any idea since when I’ve been waiting for your call?
Tw: sorry Kunj! Actually I was just so busy helping mom out arranging things back to it’s place at home and also in workplace cause you know we’ve just returned
Ku: acha no problem now! I’m happy that you called.
Tw: so how was your day?
Ku: awful!
Tw: why what happened?
Ku: cause I didn’t see you

Twinkle turned to a light shade of pink due to blushing.

Ku: you look so cute while blushing
Tw: how did you know I was blushing?
Ku: I know you! So now stop blushing or else I’m taking the next flight to Mumbai and coming to you right away.
Tw: acha ji!
Ku: hunji!

Silence took place. It wasn’t an awkward one. The two knew that the other person is still there loving his/her presence and he/she was all that was required.

Ku: you know what?
Tw: what?
Ku: I miss that kiss

Twinkle again turns pink due to blushing.

Ku: now stop blushing already! We did it together so there is nothing to be ashamed or shy for!
Tw: hmmm
Ku: now reply well at least!
Tw: what?
Ku: nothing!

Again silence takes over.

Ku: but those lips were fab. They were just so soft, smooth and s*xy. Oh I wish I could taste them again
Tw: shut up already
Ku: what? I seriously do miss them. The next time when I’ll kiss you .. I won’t eat or drink anything after that so that I’ll still have the taste of your lips.
Tw: oh my god Kunj! You are crazy.
Ku: of course I’m cause I’m in love with you!
Tw: aw, I love you too! Btw, I need to go now, sorry!
Ku: really? so early?
Tw: can’t help it.
Ku: okay then!
Tw: bye! Goodnight and love yo!
Ku: bye … goodnight and I love you too!

They hang up the call and both doze off to sleep.

This routine continued for the rest of the days. They texted each other during the day and during the night, they would be on calls for long time.


After 30 days, Sarna house

It was a normal lazy sunday. Kunj was sitting relaxed in the living room. Usha and Mahi were in the kitchen and Manohar was in his room. They hear the doorbell. Usha asks kunj to open the door.

Kunj walks towards and door and opens it to find out Taneja’s standing out with a very pleasing smile on their face.

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So hi guys? How are you all? Long time, no see! and okay, sorry once again! I guess I’ve become too late this time. I swear, I was really busy throughout this whole while. I hope you guys understand!

Anyway, how was this? Did you like it? I know it was a boring one! Drop down your opinion to let me know what you think about it. Will be waiting to read them.

Plus, ignore the errors (if any) as I didn’t re-read it.

Bye! Love you all! xx ?

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    Hey Monica. This was really fun to read. I must say, all of you over here’ve got some real talent of not telling, but perfectly describing each and every single thing, either it be a kiss (referring to your previous part) or it be any emotional moment or whatever. This was something beyond perfection. The way you’ve showed how everything was makes me fall more n more into the story. Stay blessed! ?

  5. Komal123

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    This was amazing loved it to the core! Post next soon! Loves ? xoxoxo

  6. Ria

    Heya Stupid,
    This was so damn amazing. I loved it so so much. Well, you know what the way you wrote Thier textx and calls reminded me of the lesson in our class today. We were doing a poem in English wherein she told that love changes with time. Like, before marriage it’s all an illusion and imagination of perfection because people are jobless??

    Okay, no spams. You better post the next part soon. I’d be waiting.

    Loads of love?

  7. SidMin

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