The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 32


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Next day;
Twinkle’s room:

Twinkle is seen packing her stuffs into a suitcase. She suddenly feels someone’s arms around her waist and finds out it to be of kunj’s. Kunj turns around and is amused to find tears in twinkle’s eyes.

Ku: what’s wrong twinkle?

Twinkle wipes her tears and says;

Tw: no nothing! Just that she dust went into my eyes (still wiping)
Ku: twinkle I know you well enough so don’t act in front of me.

Twinkle quickly squeezes kunj into a very tight hug. She began sobbing. Kunj breaks the hug and cups her face.

Ku: look I understand your pain and moreover, even I am going through the same pain but we have to act strong. C’mon, my panjabi patakka twinkle isn’t so weak right?
Tw: you don’t understand it kunj. We won’t just be living in different province or area but also a complete different state. I know our love isn’t so weak but I am. I can’t afford to loose you. I need you with me. You are my strength and also my weakness at the same time. What am I even going to do without you.

Kunj had tears in his eyes. He had kept them all stored in and wanted to be strong for twinkle but he just couldn’t do it anymore. He was dying inside of suffocation, of the thought that he had to live without seeing twinkle’s face. He thought to himself “I can’t fall weak. I have to stay strong in order to help twinkle. If I show myself weak in front of her than what will happen of her?”.

He wipes off all his tears and turns back to twinkle.

Ku: twinkle ..
Tw: hun?
Ku: you look ugly!
Tw: what! I am so sad here thinking about you and you are cracking your silly stupid jokes? and I’m ugly? How dare you! You better stay away from all the girls here or else I’ll eat ‘em all.

Kunj smiles.

Tw: now what? Did I crack a joke that you are smiling? I swear, you are a piece of shit.

Twinkle analysis the whole situation and hits her head.

Tw: this was all for me to divert my mood right?

Kunj nods.

Tw: see kunj! This is exactly why I’ll miss you.
Ku: oh god! Stop it twinkle! I promise nothing will ever happen b/w us.
Tw: but kunjj …

Tranquility took over the place.

Twinkle’s POV:

In a beat, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me to him as my hands reached out for his hair and his mouth claimed mine. He pushed me against the wall as his tongue found mine. I moaned into his mouth and one of his hands moved into my hair, pulling my head back as we kissed deeply. We broke the kiss as both of us were out of breath. We looked into each other’s eyes affectionately with pain and agony which was ripping us into pieces from the inside. I shyly looked away remembering what just had happened. He made me face him and spoke “I hope this give you the strength you require”. I quickly jumped over him for another hug.

Ku: you better pack your stuffs now or else it will be a problem for you later and you’ll rush here and there like a baby finding your things (he let out a soft giggle)
Tw: haan haan aur mazaak udao (she showed her fake anger)

Kunj held her forehead and gave her a firm and gentle kiss on the forehead and spoke;

Ku: I am sorry, I’ll have to leave now. I’ve got an urgent work. You pack your stuffs and I’ll see you soon! Love you and bye. (he waved goodbye and gave a flying kiss)

Twinkle smiled and replied “bye and love you too”. As soon as kunj left, she quickly engrossed herself in packing.

@ 7 p.m:

Twinkle was in Leela’s room talking to her.

Le: are you done with your packing?
Tw: yes mom
Le: okay great! Keep this ticket and your passport safely and get dressed by 8:30 as you know our flight will fly at 11. 
Tw: sure mom
Le: and yes, have your dinner now itself so later you don’t have it in hurry and don’t worry about me, I already had it
Tw: hahaha okay. See you soon! Bye

Twinkle leaves for dinner. She had her dinner and proceeded towards her room. It was 8 by then and she began to get ready. She comes out and finds soft music playing in the background nearby the balcony. She moves towards and it and finds kunj’s sitting with his legs swaying down in the air. Beside him, two glasses of champagne was kept. Twinkle motioned towards him and patted his shoulder.

Tw: kunj?
Ku: twinkle!
Tw: what are you doing here? You know right I have to be leaving in half an hour?
Ku: yes I know but could you just lend me 10 minutes?

He said so cutely that twinkle couldn’t deny. She sat down, right beside him. Kunj handed her one glass of champagne and took the other one for himself.

Ku: cheers to our new life ahead which surely will be enticing and full of happiness and joy.

They clinked their glasses together and sipped some champagne in. Before twinkle could speak anything kunj forwarded a box which was amazingly wrapped with a gift paper giving it a really fancy look. Twinkle eyed him asking what was this. He instantly replied “Open it beautiful. It is for you!”. Twinkle jumped in excitement and quickly ripped off the paper.

Ku: easy darling!

Twinkle laughed but soon the smile drifted and instead became a disappointing face. She showed another box to kunj and asked “what is this now?”. “Open it baby” he said giving a very pleasing smile.

Twinkle unboxed and yet found another smaller box in. She irked and spoke;

Tw: is your love so low budget that I can find only boxes and nothing in them?
Ku: patience darling. Open this box now (pointing the box she had in hand)

Twinkle again found another smaller box on opening it. This continued for another 2 times and she got mad at kunj.

Tw: I am sorry! I don’t have so much free time in my life to be doing this.

She stood up and was about to leave when kunj got hold of her hand and asked “one last time?”. Twinkle agreed. She opened the box and was stunned. She found two necklaces in the box, the pendant was broken into two broken heart but together it was one. Kunj took one of the it and placed it around twinkle’s neck. Twinkle had no bound to her happiness. She quickly gave kunj a bone crushing hug. (I hope you all got what I wanted to explain as I ain’t that well at describing things)

Before the ambience could turn into full romantic one, the duo heard voices of leela asking twinkle to hurry up and come down. Kunj entwined his hand in hers and kissed on her hand.

Tw: it’s getting late. I should leave soon.

Kunj sadly looked over twinkle. She gave him a quick smooch on his lips, held his hand and took him down.

Everyone bid the Taneja’s a final goodbye and they left. Kunj goes to his room and texts twinkle;

Ku: message me once you are in Mumbai
Tw: sure!
Ku: I miss you! Take care of yourself and love you!
Tw: you too, take care of yourself and love you too!

Kunj closes his phone, lies on the bed thinking about twinkle and dozes off to sleep while twinkle flies to Mumbai.

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Phew! Finally, I finished it.

I didn’t want to see your bad side so I’ve posted this one for you! ?? But don’t kill me if it wasn’t up-to the mark ?

As you all found the last update to be short, I wrote this one longer. I guess longer than any of the parts I’ve written before. Anyway, I hope this long long update didn’t bore you. Besides, I’m hoping, I haven’t let you down with their first kiss romance? ? *fingerscrossed* But guys, I need your support! The number of comments are falling. I don’t know why! If you find anything that you think isn’t good enough, please let me know! I”ll surely try to solve it for you all! Okay, I guess it’s a bye for now! Love you all and take care! ? Ignore errors (if any) as I didn’t re-read it.

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  1. Ria

    Hey Stupid,
    This episode was just amazing!! I loved it so much..❤ (Heart#1?) Well, the kiss? Did you ever tell me that I wrote a good description of it? Cuz yours was the best one I’ve ever read. The portrait of the emotions was just splendid!!❤ (Heart #2)

    Okay, thank you so much for not making me wait. I am glad you had an off today.? Post the next one soon too. I’ll be waiting.

    P.S. This update was actually of a length which i loved to read.?

    Loads of love, stupid!?

    1. Kritika14

      HEY idiot,
      Firstly, I laughed my ass out at *Heart#1 and Heart#2* ? I didn’t know something like this could come up! Well, that’s a pleasure to know that YOU ? are the one telling me you’ve never read a better description of the kiss! Btw, if you really think this was the best .. lemme tell you, this is nothing compared to the ones written in novel! If you want, I could suggest you some ??

      I suppose, I was much happier than you when I was on off ? Well, I didn’t study anything in school this week, as you know but still I haven’t started with the next part yet! So I may post a little late this time so don’t mind. Moreover, this length is only once in a blue moon and that’s over ? I’ll be back to my normal length now!

      Lovee you!! xx ?

  2. Ramya

    Hey Monica awesome episode loved it
    Specially gift wala part I loved it
    Feeling bad fr both of dem I hope dey will meet soon loved it n plss asap

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you! Happy to know you really liked this part! Can’t be promising on posting soon though, yet I’ll try my best to post is at the soonest! 🙂

  3. Angita

    Fantastic …..loved it….

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Hey dumb head 😛
    How are u?
    I don’t think so…Matlab what is this? Otna acha romance…How do u manage to write…Acha ab tumhara typical dialogue mein bolti hoon…Please post ASAP!! I am dying to know what will happen next…and that kiss was so damn romantic that I kept on smiling all the while I was reading 🙂 You are so good of a writer and thanks for updating for me my sweet friend 🙂 And why will I kill you, if I do so how will I get to read such a wonderful FF 😛 ?? Anyways love u loads ♡♡♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Zuha,
      It feels great to know that you liked this part!The romance .. indeed it was my favorite part as well ? In fact, while I was writing and this idea striked my head … even I was surprised on how could I come up with this ? Well, I try posting soon but can’t be promising so don’t kill me later on and say that I didn’t let you know ?

      Lots of love! xx

  5. Sohi

    Finally you posted your episode the episode was full of love and emotions please post your ff regularly

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you for the lovely comment! I can’t be promising on posting the next part soon, but I’ll try my best 🙂

  6. Joonakanksha

    Awesome dear

  7. Adya

    Mmmmuuuummmyyyyyy !!!!!!!!
    That’s the only word that came out of my mouth !!!!

    Well it was damn cute…could anyone had dared to explain it as better than u hnn ????? Well, obviously Nooo …a big noo….

    Can u fulfill a personal request of mine ???post soon ….. that’s it…..I don’t have more patience….

    Love u di…till infinity

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Adya,
      Your first reaction was quite funny I’ll say? ? Anyway, thank you so much for the praise! I feel so good to know that you felt I described it in the best way! But dude, I am really sorry! I know this might upset you a little but I ain’t sure on posting the next part soon but I’ll try my best!

      Lovess! xx

  8. Komal123

    Hey monica!
    Commenting for the first time! Yeah!
    Your ff is amazing!
    NOw its my demand to post the mext chapter soonor else mein surprise pe latkaye rakhungi ???

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Komal,
      ahaha yes, this is your first time! Well, thanks for the appreciative words? ? I still remember your dhamki though, but do you really think I’ll be scared ? On a serious note, I’ll try to update it at the earliest.

      Lovess! xx

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode…. Awesome

    1. Kritika14

      Thanks! 🙂

  10. Awesome epi.. the kiss part was superb ??? and the gift part was damn beautiful ?????.. loved they way twinkle was getting only boxes??? and then at last she got the pendant ❣overall, the whole epi was beautifully written??.. do cont soon ❤

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Sidvee,
      So pleased to know you liked this part! I’ll try posting the next part as early as I can!

      Lovess! xx

  11. Meeta

    Great it was
    The kiss.?
    Waiting for next

    1. Kritika14

      Hey bro? ?,
      Thanks! I’ll try posting the next part soon! Btw, it’s been long since we’ve talked. Could you message me as I’ve lost your number cause there’s a change in my phone now and I’ve lost all my contacts. Will be looking forward for your message 🙂

      Lovess! xx

  12. OMG! What was this? Oh god! This is amazing okay, like legit amazing! Words will fall short if I’ll try explaining how good this was. How do you manage to write so well? All the emotions blended just perfectly. The sadness, the pain, the hurt, the love, the everything. You are fabulous. I feel like giving you a tight hug right now.

    But there were two scenes that completely won my heart. First and my favorite was the KISS! Girl, how do you write? Everything was just described probably the best way one could. It was like I was reading a novel, that great! Secondly, my second favorite … the gift part. Just loved the way how twinkle was just getting only boxes and later the necklace, oh god! I want one too! It was super cute. I am gonna soon collapse ?

    Anyway, please (to the power infinity) post the next one as soon as possible. Look I can’t control myself now. Tho I am sad that twinj have parted ways now but simultaneously I’m pretty excited about what happens next. Please, pretty please … don’t keep me waiting like you make me do every single time for your ff. ??

    Love you so much ❤️
    ~ Your kee ☺️

    1. Kritika14

      Firstly,thank you so much for this long comment! It just brought a huge smile on my face! I feel so great after reading your comment, can’t even express my feelings in such limited words. It’s like I am on top of the world knowing that you find my writing just perfect when I consider it to be medium types. *A TIGHT HUG FOR YOU* from my side!

      Moreover, I can’t be promising but I’ll try my best to update you soon with the next part.

      Lovess! xx

  13. SidMin

    Loved it too good and the Kiss Omg you described it so well 🙂 Love you 🙂 Poor Twinj have to stay in different states 🙁
    Post soon can’t wait for what’s in store for us 🙂
    Love you Take care 🙂

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Mili,
      Happy to know that you’ve liked what I’ve written. I’ll try my best to post the next part at the earliest. Also, thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

      Lovess! xx

  14. dreamer...arundhati

    Kruti dear..thus was just fab….lovely

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    Woahhh monica darling ???????it was damn cute. Woahhh they are separated but , plzzz make them meet soon. Ohh god kunj is so cute. Its ok if u dont let them meet. Me amd kunj are kuku??????
    I am in love with ur ff. its soo cute.
    Plz post next soon( i am greedy ???)
    Love u?

    1. Kritika14

      Ciao chiku,
      Thank you dude! It feels great to know you liked it. and HAHAH I remember your kuku theory ? But hey, being greedy isn’t good ? okay, actually I am not sure that I’ll be able to post soon so don’t stop reading my ff okay? ? Jokes apart, I’ll try my best!

      Lovess! xx

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    Fleet bad for twinj but loved them for there first kiss muaaaahhhhh…(cheek pe)..I love u and your epi(reee)..bbye

    1. Kritika14

      Hey bulbul,
      ahaha even I had no clue that I could write such romance scenes ? Anyway, glad that you liked it 🙂 Moreover, I miss you (re) ?

      Lovess! xx

  18. Hello,
    Actually you might not be knowing me but I am silent reader of your ff. But today I just couldn’t resist myself from commenting on your ff. I love it so much. And today’s part was just marvelous. The kiss, that was fab. The way you described … I don’t think anyone can describe it so well. Please post the next one asap as I can’t wait to know what you have kept in store for us. Love you ❤️

    1. Kritika14

      Hey Aashi,
      I am so happy to know that you loved this part! It makes me so glad when a silent reader comments on my ff! Anyway, I’ll try posting the next part at the earliest! 🙂

      Lovess! xx

  19. Hey Monika! firstly I’m really very sorry for late cmnt…n…n…n…n OMG monika what was that…haan.. kya tha ye? I’m shocked yarrr…. it was amazing fantastc superb epi…. n the emotions r too good….

    N I didn’t knew that u r also sooooo romantic….. I mean their kiss… OMG it was mindblowing… really yarrr I just loved it…. u r superb to expresing romance also …. aur kitne roop hain apke jisse hum abhi tak anjan hain… haan?

    Waise I’m thinking to learn ‘how to write ff so good n pefectlly’ from u all ff writers…. what say r u ready to teach me?

    Well come soon with next epi…
    Ba bye n tc
    keep smiling
    ♥Lots of love♥


    1. Kritika14

      Hey di,
      It’s completely okay if you commented late! I feel pleased to know that you loved the part so much! Aur mere bahut saare roop hai, dheere dheere you’ll know it ?

      But c’mon! I ain’t that great of a writer. I mean, I am just mediocre types! You write so well, so you don’t have to learn from us! Everyone has their own styles of writing which they are best at so don’t consider yourself less than the best!

      Anyway, I’ll try posting the next part as soon as I’ll be able to! Till then, stay tuned 🙂

      Lovess! xx

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    1. Kritika14

      Hey sha,
      Girl, I missed you so much all this while! Anyway, it’s okay that you are late. And c’mon I know a dirty mind like yours will always think that way ? Don’t worry we fall in the same category ? Well, I miss you … actually that chat more ?

      Lovess! xx

      1. Chiku

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