The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 30

In case anyone missed out the previous part,

Part 29

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Twinkle’s room:

Twinkle wore a ripped denim jeans along with black crop top and a pair of white shoes. She wore a black choker, a small earring, had her liner winged and had her hair tied up in a high ponytail leaving some strands of hair to accompany the wind. She looked simple yet elegant and breathtaking. She picks up her phone and messages kunj, “are you ready? cuz i am and where to meet?”. To this, kunj instantly replies “I am ever ready and your place or mine ?”. Twinkle smiled at this message and replies back saying “I know your dirty intentions so shut up! Lets meet up at the reception. We’ll even decide a place there and also take a cab from their itself”. “Seems perfect! Meri sangati mein rehkar tu smart ho gayi hai ? (You have become smart staying with me) Anyway, I am leaving. You too leave” replies kunj. “I am leaving too” replies twinkle.

At the reception;

Kunj was awestruck seeing her lady love.

Ku: hayeee, is sundarta se toh mein mar hi jaunga (acts as if he is about to faint)
Tw: shut up kunj! First decide where shall we go? Time is limited.
Ku: had hai yaar! I am complimenting you and you scold in return? Zamana ulta ho gaya aajkal (he gives a whatever face)
Tw: acha sorry yaar! Chill maar. But we really should decide a place right?
Ku: okay fine.

Twinkle goes up to the receptionist and asks for a list for best places to visit. She checks up the list and decides. She tells the receptionist to call for a taxi. Kunj calls out for twinkle. She goes to kunj and says “Well, I have planned it all. Its a surprise for you from my side so don’t ask me where we will be going alright?”. Kunj nods his head in agreement. “Fine then, I’ll now see your choice as well” he says.

After 10 mins the taxi arrives. Both twinkle and kunj get themselves seated and leave the resort. They talked while they were traveling. “TWINKLEEE” screams kunj. “What’s wrong man? You can speak low, I am sitting right next to you right?” replies annoyed twinkle. “Are you kidding me? You chose this place? Are you insane?” says kunj. Twinkle replies “chill dude! Why are you getting so hyper?”. “Okay, why are we in a mall? I ain’t in a mood to shop rn okay?” kunj says. “Just shut up and follow with me”. Twinkle gets down from the cab, pulls kunj and starts walking.

Tw: Okay, here we are!
Ku: where?

Kunj turns his head right and left when twinkle turns him around and points her fingers towards a board “Haunted House”. Seeing this board, kunj’s heart skipped a beat.
Tw: so here we are!
Ku: are you kidding me? (he says while stammering)
Tw: what happened? are you scared?
Ku: why would I be?
Tw: fine then! You wait here, I’ll go get the tickets.

Twinkle leaves.

Kunj’s POV:

Shit, yeh kis siyappe mein phas gaya main? Meri toh aaj hadi pasli ek hojani hai. Hey bhagwaan, aaj meri izzat bacha lena warna yeh twinkle mera mazzak udhana band nahi karegi aur saath hi mein mere sar pe tandav karegi. (Shit, where am I stuck? I am so dead today, what’s gonna happen now? I just hope I am not insulted or else this twinkle will not leave me and sit on top of my head and annoy me. God save me.)

Twinkle comes back with 2 tickets in her hand and says “come let’s go”. “yea why not!” says kunj in anxiety and faking a smile. Both enter, twinkle in excitement and kunj in fear.

Kunj’s POV:

Bacha lena bhagwaan. (God, please save me)

They continue to walk inside, kunj behind twinkle.

Tw: arrey mere hero, why are you walking behind me?

Twinkle pulls kunj forward. Now, kunj was in front followed by twinkle. Suddenly, a dead body falls from the ceiling upside down scaring the shit out of kunj. He screamed so loud as if a dog was chasing him with the intention to eat him up. Twinkle giggled at his reaction but soon was quite. Another incident happened and again kunj screamed in fear. Twinkle understood that he is scared so she held his hand and they started to walk together now. Kunj smiled at her. They continued walking where things came up and scared kunj while twinkle calmed him down. When the end of the haunted house was near, kunj began to walk behind twinkle. The next second, a man with a scary mask along an artificial dagger came running behind kunj making some weird noises which horrified kunj completely and he began to run at his top most speed shouting “help”. Watching this scenario, twinkle laughed. Kunj kept on running till he had come to the end of the haunted house. He rushed out of it and began panting. (This is based on a true story. Okay, all of this happened to me as well when i was 11 ?) Twinkle followed him and found him outside panting.

Tw: what was this kunj?
Ku: what do you mean by what was this? That guy scared the shit out of me and you ask me this instead of asking me if i am fine!
Tw: well, are you scared of these haunted house kinda places?
Ku: don’t laugh at me but yes (he closed his eyes in fear)

Twinkle began laughing and in between her laughs she spoke “I knew it”. Kunj made a I-hate-you face. Twinkle noticed that and quickly said sorry making a sad face and kunj gave a her a hug in return.

Tw: but still yaar, the way you ran was like a complete idiot
Ku; yaar what could i do? That man came running behind me
Tw: he came running behind all but you reacted so he purposely came behind you. If you reacted it in a normal way then he wouldn’t have chased you. It was all to scare someone and look you got scared
Ku; acha whatever now! I don’t wanna rememberr it. It was such a dreadful experience.
Tw: what next?
Ku: can we lead back to the hotel?
Tw: what will we do there?
Ku: movie?
Tw: seems like perfect! Chall let’s get moving.

Both leave the mall and the taxi drives them off to their resort. They head to the receptionist.

Ku: which movie?
Tw: HINDII (she squeals)
Ku; are you mad? how will you get hindi movies here?
Tw: India is famous okay! You get indian things everywhere. Mera Bharat Mahaan!

Kunj laughs and says okay. He asks the receptionist for a dvd for indian movie. She replies saying its out of stock.

Tw: see i told you! Mera Bharat Mahaan
Ku: acha okay meri maa. Now which movie?
Tw: urm .. now you see me?
Ku: okay!

Kunj asks for the cd and both go to twinkle’s room. They insert the dvd in the player and plays the movie. Both sit on the nearby sofa, share one blanket and enjoy the movie.

After a while, kunj sensed some weight on his shoulders later realizing it to be twinkle’s head. He saw her resting on his shoulder and smiled at her. He then kissed her forehead gently without disturbing her sleep and kept his head upon hers and he also slept.

Precap: Traveling back to amritsar and a surprise or shock? Idk ?

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Happy Birthday Sayu di ? I hope you get all the happiness.Your comment have always brought a smile to my face. Hope you continue to do so. But since some time I am not seeing your comment. Hope you are doing fine and soon resume commenting ☺️ Wishing you all the success in life. Love you ? and enjoy your day and have a blast ?

Okay, how was it? Did you all like it? I hope I made you all laugh with my shitty comedy. I know I suck at it. Let me know about your opinions as well. Well yes, all of that what happened with kunj happened to me. I ran exactly the same way he did ? Anyway, bye guys! Love you alll and take care ? Ignore errors (if any) cuz i didnt overread it.

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny epi….loved it…..eagerly waiting for next part…..

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  2. the episode is HILARIOUS!!!!im laughing soooo Hard!!!!

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    I was like finally she posted yr…..
    So funny yet cute epi kriti…
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    Love u cont.soon

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  4. Hey Monica I was a silent reader but not anymore bcz I’ve also started a ff n for the 1st time I am cmnting on ur ff.
    Cming the epi it was Fantastic n comic also .Main itna has rahi thi ki mere pet mein dard hone laga tha infact I’m stil laughing bechara kunj.
    Wel continew dear i’m realy exited for next epi pls post asap n love u .
    N my ff is “TEI-Ishq chupta nahin chupane se(A possessive & blind love)~Twinj ff” n if u r free pls read it.
    Ok bye n Tc.

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      Thank you for such a lovely comment. Glad you liked it. I already am reading your ff and it really is amazing! Hope you continue commenting and post your ff soon. Loves xx

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    Wooowwww monica di……the episode was awesome…..loved each nd every scene…..too gud …..keep posting

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  6. Chiku

    Awesome ?????? really loved the way he ran and u too?????
    Lovely episode
    I really liked twinj scenes❤️❤️
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    Hola stupid,
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    Try posting soon. All the best for your semesters.

    Loads of love.?

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  8. Amazing epi n hilarious too ??.. bechara kunj??.. waiting for the next ??

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  9. Kruti

    What a hilarious epi it was???….kunj ki jagah mai hoti toh shayad yahi haal hota mera bhi….

    Nice epi…..liked that forehead kiss
    Continue soon
    Love u?

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    ?????…. what a hilarious and amazing episode yrr …..
    Those haunted house scenes were the best one…. loved it yrrr ….too good…..
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    Thank you so much for your wishes… comments always brings a smile on your face means a lot to me….yes I will be back to my original form very soon ……

    Love you????????

    1. Kritika14

      Really happy you liked it! Hoping your birthday was full of blast. Love you ?

  11. Awesome and very funny epi… Poor kunj… U know i’m still laughing…

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  13. Okay, sorry for this late comment but I was really busy. Anyway, this was fabulous. Kunj’s scene was so funny, and this happened with you? I am imagining a small little girl in all this ? Hope you write the next part soon. Love you ❤️

    1. Kritika14

      Hahaha, this actually happened with me. Thank you for the comment. Love you ?

  14. Awesome :)):)):)):)):)):)) dara hua kunj ….. Loved the way u hve described

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    Loved it awesome 🙂 Post soon 🙂 And that Haunted house vala part was too good 🙂
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