Sarna house :
Kunj says “can i help someone ? actually i like all this work such as decorating a place and other stuffs related to arranging events like marriage”. Leela says “why not puttar. Why don’t you help twinkle in decorating the hall where the engagement is taking place”. “why not aunty i would love too” says kunj being very excited as he can now spend time with twinkle. Leela then adds “if thats the case you guys must leave now because there is a lot to do to that hall and better remember that the engagement takes place tomorrow”. “okay sure” says twinkle and kunj together. Both of them start to leave.

In the car (mahi and yuvraj) :
Yuvraj says “thank you so much for helping me out”. Mahi exclaims “there’s nothing to be thankful for now that we are friends now isn’t it ?”. “ofcourse who would miss a chance to become friends with such a beautiful girl” says yuvraj while winking at her. Mahi says shut up! Mahi continues to drive while asking “so any girlfriend or crush ?”. Yuvraj replies to this saying “no yaar koi pasand hi nahi aayi, kya kehti hai tujhe banalo ? (no man I never liked anyone, what do you say shall I make you my girlfriend)” and then winks at her. Mahi then says “you better shut up. Too much flirting is happening now”. Yuvraj laughs to this and winks at her again.

Mahi (POV):
Please I would love to be yours, and who wouldn’t want to be?

Yuvraj brings her back to her senses saying “how long will it take ?”. she says “just another 2 minutes and we’ll be there”. Yuvraj then adds “would you like to meet my friends ?”. She then replies to this saying why not and they reach to the restaurant.

Another car (twinkle and kunj):
Kunj starts the conversation saying “have you been to Amritsar before ?”. Twinkle says “yes ofc I came here the last time to attend my friend’s wedding and I was really excited to meet her but when I talked to her she told me that her husband shifted to dehli and that she has too. Now that even she has shifted, I know nobody in Amritsar leaving my family and your’s”. Kunj then says “don’t worry, I wont let you feel lonely and so that you know more people in here I can introduce you to my friends in here”. Twinkle then says “are you sure ?”. he says “ofc I am”. They smile to each other.

Kunj (POV):
Oh god damn! Somebody help me. This girl is driving me crazy. I cant stop staring at her even when she talks. SAVE ME GOD !

Twinkle (POV):
Babaji kunj is so good. I like him. I just hope I am not thinking about him in that way. *fingerscrossed*

Kunj and twinkle then reach to the hotel. Kunj then takes her inside to the hall they have booked. Twinkle says after seeing the hall “there is so much that can be done to this hall. Its so huge and when the decorations are put on it will just be so pretty not less than a paradise. But for that I really gotta start working for it from now itself”. Kunj then adds “hello ma’am, how can your assistant help you ?”. Twinkle exclaims “assistant?”Kunj then says “why not?”. Twinkle says “okay fine. If you don’t have a problem then surely you can be. But I better warn you that I am a very bad boss. So better take care of yourself”. Kunj then says “okay madamji”. Both laugh to this and start decorating the hall.

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Credit to: Monica

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  7. Superb like the flirting UV… N kunj’s eagerness to be with her ..

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    Fantastic epi monaa..

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