The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 27


If anyone missed out the previous part,

Part 26

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Next morning; The Wedding Day!

Twinkle’s room;

Her alarms strikes off. She gets up and goes to freshen up and takes bath. She comes out wearing a pink floral two way slit maxi top with slits on both the sides along with a pair of white jeans. She ties her hair into a high pony with few strands left out to accompany the wind. She then applies light make up and some lip gloss making her look perfectly elegant while keeping it simple. She had slipped into her snickers and leaves her room for checking out the last minute preparations of marriage.

Meanwhile; in kunj’s room;

Wearing a back t-shirt along with a pair of light brown shorts, kunj seemed to be perfectly ready to leave as well. He wears his comfy slippers and leaves the room.

At the wedding venue:

Both kunj and twinkle were coming towards the venue from different directions while being busy on their phones. Without looking at the surrounding and being completely busy on their phones, they bumped which resulted both of them falling on the ground, twinkle over kunj. They had an intense yet a small eye lock which was soon broken. Kunj speaks; (still on the ground lying)

Ku: abbey, kitni moti hai tu, meri kamar ka toh aaj ram ram satya ho gya. (you are so heavy! My back is aching)
Tw: Sadu! (mean)
Ku: kya sadu? sahi toh bol raha hu main. Abhi baaki ki baat baad mein pehle tu uth. (what mean? Firstly, you get up and then we’ll talk)

Twinkle realizes their position and quickly gets up and so does kunj. Twinkle composes herself while when kunj’s eyes saw twinkle, he was left awestruck there as if he had never seen some girl before. Twinkle notices this;

Tw: aise kyu taad rahe ho? Pehle kabhi ladki nahi dekhi kya? (with a soft giggle) (why are you staring? Haven’t you seen such beautiful girl before?)
Ku: shut up! aisa kuch nahi hai! (nothing like that)
Tw: haan haan main samajti hu (yes, i understand it)
Ku: btw, how are you now? better?
Tw: yeah!
Ku: breakfast liya?
Tw: oh shit! i forgot. But don’t worry .. i’ll take in a while
Ku: sorry! I don’t want to listen anything. You won’t eat it right, so now i’ll come with you and feed you. I’ll see how you won’t eat it.
Tw: no kunj. I ain’t a baby that you are bossing around me
Ku: wouldn’t be doing this if you were responsible enough (says sarcastically)

Twinkle had no option than following kunj to the breakfast hall. Kunj makes her sit and gets breakfast for her. The plate was filled with salad to which twinkle made faces and said “main jaanwar nahi jo ghaspus khau (i ain’t an animal that i’ll eat bushes)” [my translation legit sucks]. To this, kunj replies “if you have fallen sick, you will have to face the consequences so sorry, cant help you!”. “No i wont eat”, protested twinkle. Kunj adds, “yes you will” and this goes on and on for 2 minutes until kunj just takes a spoonful of salad and stuffs it in her mouth. Twinkle is shocked and tries to say something but because of the salad stuffed in her mouth she couldn’t so she gulped it down and said “are you high?” to which kunj replies “nope!”. Before twinkle could continue kunj interrupted

“you better eat it yourself or else I’ll have to feed you and i guess you just have experienced it!”. “NO NO NO! I’ll eat myself, please you don’t feed me” says twinkle pleading. Kunj smiles at her behavior and sees her eat. She finishes the salad with great difficulty while making faces at kunj at every spoon she ate. Before they could stand up and leave, they saw all family members coming to the breakfast hall. Seeing them, they go near them while bebe says;

Be: you two here? that too so early?

Kunj had no words to answer so twinkle spoke up;

Tw: actually both weren’t sleepy so we collided here!
Be: oh okay! Anyway .. as we know today is the wedding .. you two go to your rooms and prepare yourselves completely to get ready and also take some rest as we’ll have to stay awake till late. and don’t take tensions about the wedding preparations, we’ll handle it. Okay?
Tw&Ku: Ji bebe!
Be: okay, bye!
Tw&Ku: Bye!

The duo leave for their rooms after chit chatting for a while in the corridors.

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Precap: The most awaited moment? Guess guess?

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Must be surprised right that how come i posted my ff twice in a week? But i was free so thought why not! Also, i felt this part to be a little boring so if you guys thought the same and it wasn’t worth the read then sorry! So, I’ll take a leave now … Love you all ? Take care! Bye! Ignore errors (if any).

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    I m damn excited now
    N this episode was ❤❤
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    1. Kritika14

      Thank you shaa ? maybe you are right about the next part or maybe not? ?
      Love you too ?

  3. Ria

    Hey stupid,
    What shall I say? It’s such a shit piece of writing. I mean why do you even upload this! Hehe..just kidding.
    Anyways, the episode was nice, okay? Some sweet and cute moments are always welcome. Well, is the next episode about love confession? I mean that’s the most awaited moment so, yeah. Anyways, try uploading soon.

    Loads of love.?
    Your Idiot.?

    1. Kritika14

      It was pretty obvious that you were kidding ? Thank you for the taarif? ? You’ll soon know the most awaited moment. Anyway, I’ll try (only try, no promises) of uploading the next part soon! Also, i guess on your ff, my comment was a lil wrong about the idiot/stupid thing. Got confused ? Just ignore that or maybe rectify it?
      Love you idiot ?

  4. Kruti

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    Loved d cute little nok jhoks of twinj…..and that stuffing d salad part was toh???
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      Thank you kruti! Glad you liked it. Will surely post the next one as soon as possible. Love you ?

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    Loved it Monica and Kunj’s care and concern and the Moti vala dialogue was awesome Loved it and The Salad feeding and Twinkle making faces while eating it Loved them all Post soon 🙂

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    1. Kritika14

      Thank you! Really glad you are liking it 🙂 Will surely try posting as soon as i can xx

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    So let me tell u if u really think so then u r wrong babes …coz episode was really a amazing one….

    Dialogues made me go bowled moreover salad stuffing scene was super duper funny one…..

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    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much! Really happy you liked it. Glad i am proved wrong! Love you more ?

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      Haha! Maybe it is confession or maybe not? ? Anyway, thank you! To know what’s next, stay tuned 🙂

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      Thank you so much! Kaash, i could be free everyday .. even i wish too! Love you ?

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  13. Rashiverma2199

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    1. Kritika14

      Okay, sorry! Will try not writing my bakwaas again .. theek hai? ? You know, i missed you so much! I was waiting for your comment and here you are. I am so happy to see it! Your words weren’t harsh at all. In fact i loved it knowing you really think that this ff is good! Anyway, will try posting soon. Love you ?

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    1. Kritika14

      Oh god! Itni daant. Sorry yaar, apni behen ko maaf to kar hi sakti hai haina? I’ll try posting the next episode as soon as i will be able to. So happy to see you all excited about it. Love you as well ?

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      Thank you! So glad you are liking it. Yes maybe .. it is confession or maybe not? stay tuned for it. Will surely write asap! xx

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      Dude, you are crazy ? and that’s what i love about you! “Like u no twinkle is really crazy .. If i had such a hottie like Kunj feeding me then i wont hesitate to eat veggies ??????” yaar, tu sahi mein item hai ? Anyway, glad to see you excited for the next part! Stay tuned. Love you ?

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      So happy to see you back! and alright, i am sorry! Will try not to give you such a situation where you will want to punch me again ? Anyway, thank you so much! Love you ?

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      So sorry for replying late. Thank you so much for the comment. Loves x

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