The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 26


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Part 26

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Kunj screams “twinkle” and runs to her. Before twinkle could fall on the floor, kunj had catch hold of her. He put her head on his lap and screamed for twinkle to wake up. When this couldn’t help he called the waiter and asked him to call a doctor immediately while the other waiters helped him take twinkle to a room. Kunj gently placed twinkle on the bed and caressed her face asking her to wake up. In the next 10 minutes, the doctors arrives. The doctor checks twinkle and after his investigation he speaks;

Do: There’s nothing to worry. She is absolutely fine. It’s just that maybe she didn’t have proper food or was tired or stressed much. Give her some rest and she will be back to normal.
Ku: Thank you doctor.
Do: I have written some medicine, give it to her when she gets conscious. So, I’ll make a move now and make sure she gets proper rest or else the condition may get worse.
Ku: sure! come i’ll drop you outside.
Do: Its completely okay! You just take care of her.

Kunj nods his head and the doctor leaves. He then asks the waiter to get fresh tomato soup for her. He firstly gets the medicine that the doctor prescribed and then sits beside twinkle and caresses her face. He stops when he feels a move in twinkle face. Yes, she was now awake. She saw her surrounding and stood up in shock asking kunj where she was! Kunj explained her the whole incident. He added;

Ku: and what is this twinkle? cant you tare care of yourself? Tell me honestly .. did you have a proper meal today?

Twinkle is quiet. Kunj demands for an answer to which twinkle nods in a no.

Ku: whats wrong with you? can you act like an adult now? Just because you were so irresponsible about yourself … see the result for yourself. You are lying down on this bed when we actually were on a date. Like dude, you had no idea what i went through when i saw you in that condition. My heart had skipped a beat. Promise me that you wont repeat it.

Twinkle nodded in affirmation.

Ku: That sounds good.

By the time kunj could continue, they heard a knock on the door. When opened, a waiter was found holding a bowl of tomato soup. Kunj took it from him, thanked him and closed the door. He came and sat next to twinkle and took a spoon of soup and fed her. She screamed in pain. She said after gulping the soup quickly;

Tw: Do you have any sense? Dont you know the soup will be hot and you just gave it like that to me?
Ku: Oh sorry! I didn’t realize that.
Tw: ofc! (says with a whatever face)

Kunj begins to blow the soup in order to get it in a temperature so twinkle could comfortably sip it. (okay, i couldn’t explain this in a better way! Hope you guys understood what i have in my head.) He again feeds it to her and asks “is it okay now?” to which twinkle replies with a thumbs up. Kunj continuously fed her while twinkle lovingly looked at him and the concern that was shown from him. He made her drink the soup completely and later took the medicines which the doctor had recommended.

Ku: lets leave now! You can rest in the taxi.
Tw: okay!

Twinkle tries to get up from the bed but it all goes in vain. She had twisted her leg when she fell unconscious. After many unsuccessful attempts, kunj finally carries her in his arms and take her to the taxi and makes her sit. They traveled to their hotel. Because of twinkle’s tiredness and also as it was a long way back to their resort, twinkle had fallen asleep. Seeing her head continuously slipping off (hope you get what i mean) he kept her head on his shoulder to give her support so she could sleep comfortably. They travelled for another 10 minutes in the same position where kunj just stared at twinkle the whole time and later reached to their destination i.e the resort. Kunj calmly woke twinkle up and both got down off the cab. But with the twisted leg and also the sleepy mood … made difficult for twinkle to walk so therefore kunj again lifted her up in his arms he dropped her at her room, covered her with blanket, gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead and made her sleep. He left the room switching off the lights. He went to his room and changed his cloths and directly jumped over the bed thinking;

Ku: Glad twinkle is better now! Hope she will be okay soon. But shit yaar! my plan failed once again. But don’t worry twinkle, aaj nahi toh kal hi sahi .. but main apni dil ki baat tujhe bataounga zaroor. (dont worry twinkle, if not today .. surely i’ll tell you about my feelings tomorrow).

Thinking about this, he dozes off.

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Sorry guys, couldn’t reply each of you individually on my previous part. Thank you for showering so much love on me for my completion of 25 parts. Also, sorry to upset you all with my words. Got way too much scoldings! But anyway, cuz you guys requested so much, i have planned to annoy you guys a lil more with my ff. Hence, i am gonna write my ff a little longer. But guys ofc i cant drag the story so it will come to an end soon! But don’t worry, my soon will surely will be another month cuz c’mon i post once in a week ?So you guys can estimate the number of episodes. and guys i know many will be pissed at me cuz i didn’t show the confession but trust me! I have planned something really different and something which will make you guys happy as well as sad. Just wait for it. Thank you again for the love! Love you guys ?Bye! Ignore errors (if any) cuz i didn’t proof read this one.

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it The episode was awesome Kunj’s care for Twinkle and the soup part was too good Loved the Taxi part too 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you 🙂

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      Thank you x

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  5. Shatakshi

    Hey Monica
    It was shoo sweet
    I really loved it
    N it’s good that u r ending
    Will be waiting for confession
    Love u sweetheart❤❤❤

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you sha x Love you ?

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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    Hey my stupid,
    It was superb! I loved it. Okay, so now I see why you needed fu fu and drink? well, actually yesterday night I couldn’t tell you but, blowing in air would’ve been more appropriate. That’s what my dad told. Anyways, do post the next one soon. And, your ff ain’t annoying.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Kritika14

      Hey idiot,
      Firstly, thank you for helping me out and its okay that you couldn’t tell me the other word. Also, don’t lie, i and my ff both are annoying. But thanks for praising me ? Love you ?

  8. Amazing

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  9. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Monica lovely episode….awesome….

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  10. Sayeeda

    Thanks yrrr for not ending ur ff so soon …..I can’t risk to lose this amazing ff so early…… do continue for long time……
    Episode was really a very cute one ….Kunj concern for Twinkle was really adorable. ….
    Each nd every gesture of Kunj was really appreciable……

    Loved the whole episode a lot…. hope u went through my comment on ur last episode….

    love you???????

    1. Kritika14

      Firstly, let me reply to your comment on the previous part of my ff as you really wanted it right? So here it is;

      Dude, please don’t be sorry! Don’t think yourself to be the worst friend cuz you aren’t. You are really one of those who always lighten up my mood with your comments and talks then how can i or you can give you the title of worst friend? Also, its completely okay if you couldn’t comment on may previous parts cuz i know you had some genuine reasons to leave tu so don’t worry! I am completely okay. Frankly, i am just happy that you are finally back cuz i missed you really bad. Hope you never leave tu again. Honestly, i was so happy seeing your comment that too on my 25th part. It was like the best gift i could get. Thank you xx Love you ?

      Reply to this comment;

      So happy you like my ff to that extent that you don’t me to end it. So on all of your request, you guys will have to bear me a little longer now cuz i know i have a annoying little head ? So happy you liked this part. Hope i don’t bore you from my ff cuz you know .. i don’t have such great storylines like the other tu writers and also you. Continue reading … Love youu ?

  11. Baby

    amazing monica luvd it soooooooo mch evry scene was wow
    d way kunj scld her beautiful post nxt asap cant w8……

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much xx Will post the next part as soon as i can ☺️

  12. Amazing epi.. loved kunj’s care n concern for twinkle.. do cont soon ?

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you 🙂 will surely continue as soon i can x

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      Aw! I’ll try posting ASAP. Btw, best of luck for your exams ☺️

  17. Chiku

    Today morning I decided that ill message u and ask wen ull upload ur ff but wen i came back from skool and posmed tu i was literally jumping after seeing ur ff???
    Thank god ohhh sorry thank u for not ending it?????
    Coming to episode its awesome as usual. I really liked it. In last episode u showed in last scene twinkle fainted i was like kahi yeh sarak toh nahi gayi???? my mind u see
    Anyways will wait for ur next episode. Jaldi upload karna.
    Love u. ❤️❤️

    1. Kritika14

      So happy to know someone even thinks of my ff ? and you are amazing! “In last episode u showed in last scene twinkle fainted i was like kahi yeh sarak toh nahi gayi????” this made me laugh so much. Also, your comment on my previous post .. you said i could call you kuku .. well really it’s quite innovative of you to bring out such a cool name but i already have a friend whom i have named kuku. So can i call you like kukuku? ? I know i make no sense rn but just .. cuz you were being so sweet to me so i don’t wanna disappoint you! Reply to let me know if you are okay to this. I’ll upload the next part as soon as i will be able to. Thank you so much for the comment xx Love you ?

      1. Chiku

        Yes monica darling u can call me kukuku❤️❤️????????

  18. i am so sorry. i couldn’t comment on your previous posts as i was having a really hectic schedule. So here i am .. wishing you a belated congratulations on your silver jubilee. Hoping for manny more parts to come. You really have upset me by your words, i mean, why would you ever say you are a bad writer? YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING SO DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT! and thank you so much that you are planning to continue your ff further. Glad, too glad. Write the next part soon as i am waiting for your confession, you already have made me so excited! Love you ❤️

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much x I’ll post the next part ASAP! Love you ?

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    1. Kritika14

      Firstly, i am so glad to see your comment! I really had no clue that i would have such silent readers as well! You brought such a big smile on my face. Your comment lightened up my mood all over again. Honestly, I would love the spam! Also, i have extended my ff only for you people .. those who really are interested in my ff. So pleased to see your comment! Hope i get to see your comment often. Love you ?

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      Thank you for such amazing words! Really happy to read them. Love you ?

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      Thank you so much and its okay if you commented late, just happy that you commented! I really missed you as i thought you were upset with me? cuz you weren’t commenting on the previous posts of mine. But now, i am happy to see you back! Love you xx

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    1. Kritika14

      It’s okay! As I always say .. commenting late ain’t a problem .. all i want is just your comment! Happy you commented. Sorry to led you down as i didn’t show the confession but i have a surprise for you! I have posted the next episode as well so have a look at it and you’ll know ithe surprise too.

      Love you too my darling ?

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