The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 22


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Episode 21

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Twinkle meets Leela in the breakfast hall.

Tw: yes mumma! You called me?
Le: array puttar .. can you teach me how to play this game?
Tw: seriously maa? This is your urgent work?
Le: this game is trending so much … so i was very excited
Tw: acha show it to me …

In the next fractions of second:

Tw: are you kidding me? you play this? (shocked/surprised)
Le: why i can’t?
Tw: ofc you can … but pokemon go? How did you know about this?
Le: oye! i am not fool like you okay! Me and my friends are also updated with the world so i downloaded this.
Tw: (laughs) acha wait. i ll teach you.

Twinkle teaches Leela on how to catch a pokemon, what poke stops are, the gym and the rest of the game.

Tw: okay now?
Le: Thank you darling. Now let me go catch some pokemons.

Twinkle laughs and says okay. Leela leaves for hunt of pokemon. Twinkle returns back to her room. She switched on the tv and starts seeing cartoons as that was the only channel she could understand because the rest were thai. She watches cartoons for an hour when she gets pinged by her phones’s notificaton. The message read:

“Twinkle, get ready by 8. We’ll go for dinner.

– From Mahi”

It already was 7. She starts getting ready. By 7:50 she got ready. She wore a black top along with denim shorts and a blackish white drape accompanied with, light makeup and a pair of black wedges. She all all set to leave. She texted mahi;

Tw: where are you? where do you wanna meet?
Ma: come at restaurant which is completely decorated with lights on trees.
Tw: okay! i am ready … you leaving?
Ma: yes, i am leaving. You too leave
Tw: okay! Me leaving as well.

Twinkle picks up her phone and leaves. She reaches the restaurant. It was decorated amazingly. The tress had lights on them, the tables were all decorated with flowers. She goes forward and finds mahi sitting along with kunj and yuvi. She comes and gives a hi to everyone. Twinkle says to mahi;

Tw: i thought it was just for the two of us
Ma: oh dont be silly! where would these two idiots go then?
Tw: true indeed.

They laugh. Kunj and yuvi ask together

YuKu: Whats so funny?
TwMa: Nothing!
YuKu: will you say it?
TwMa: oh actually, you two are funny (hifi’s after saying this while laughing)

Kunj and yuvi give a death glare to the two of them and they ignore it. Twinkle is seated beside mahi and opposite to kunj. They order, eat and chit chat. Sudeenly, mahi and yuvi stood up and say;

Yuhi: guys, you carry on. We’ve got some work.

They leave from the restaurant. Now the only ones left are twinkle and kunj. There was an awkward silence for a minute but later is broken by twinkle saying;

Tw: i know whats their work
Ku: i know it too

They laugh and continue talking about something or the other. They didn’t realize that it had been 1 hour since they were talking. Twinkle realizes it and says;

Tw: oh, its been an hour since they left .. even i’ll make a leave now! Bye
Ku: what’s the hurry? Stay for longer
Tw: i really think i should be going
Ku: why? am i a boring person to talk to?
Tw: its not like that but i just want to leave

Twinkle was about to get up when kunj wrapped his legs upon twinkle’s legs making her unable to move. Twinkle looks at kunj and they share an eye lock. They soon realize it and compose themselves. Twinkle was again about to leave when kunj says;

Ku: c’mon just stay for a little while?
Tw: acha okay .. but what will we do?
Ku: we could order desert?
Tw: why not! I want chocolate waffle (being excited)
Ku: sure, just sit.

They order waffle for both as both loved waffle but the waiter informed saying they had just one plate left. As no option was left, they ordered one and thought of sharing it. Waffle arrives and twinkle excitedly jumps upon it and quickly starts eating it. Kunj starts laughing seeing her behave so kidishly but at the same time also adores her innocence. Twinkle snaps her finger which brings him back to the reality.

Tw: dont wanna eat? i am so happy, now i will get to eat the whole
Ku: ofc not! i am eating too

They both start eating and while twinkle ate quickly, the chocolate got stuck near her lips. Kunj indicated her on her lips saying there was chocolate stuck. Twinkle tried to take it out but was unable to as the chocolate was sticky. Hence, kunj leans forward and without twinkle’s knowledge wipes the chocolate off which was stuck near her lips. They stared into each others eyes and had an intense eyelock. This was broken when kunj’s phone rang.

Ku: haan mahi di?
Ma: we are waiting for you both in my room, come quickly if you are done with your food. Kitna khaate ho? (how much do you eat? [says while giggling])
Ku: haan khate hain, any problem? (yes we eat, any problem?)
Ma: no not at all (still giggling) but now, quickly finish it and come to my room okay?
Ku: okay, coming in 10 minutes

Kunj ends the call.

Kunj says to twinkle;

Ku: mahi di is calling us to her room. Lets go
Tw: let me finish this at least
Ku: dude just 2 bites are left
Tw: dude i never waste chocolate and waffles so sorry
Ku: acha okay, finish it quick.

Twinkle finishes the waffle and kunj pays the bill. Twinj head towards mahi’s room.

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Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA i.e MY SWEETHEART ❤️ Wish you all the happiness and keep us entertained with your wonderful ff’s okay ?Hope you have a great day. Now coming back, comment to let me know on how this part was. Will be waiting to read your comments. Don’t have much to talk today, (i am sure all will be happy as i you guys will have to read my bakwaas ?) so bye for today! I will surely be back with another part within this week. Love you all ?Also, ignore errors (if any)

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    1. Kritika14

      Thank you ?

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    Hey sweetheart,
    Thank you so much. I love you sooo much. The sixteenth birthday seems to be really special even though we don’t celebrate here in India. Anyways, thank you sooo soo much.
    The episode was awesome. I loved the part where Mahi said come on don’t be silly! Where will these two idiots go! I know, that’s the way you speak so it made me laugh more. I hope you get to post soon.
    I love you loads and you’re not so dumb also.

    1. Kritika14

      You already know me a lot ? Glad you liked it. I love you too ? and don’t worry i’ll always be the same cuz i ain’t a person you changes much ?

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    Wow…Monica….episode was lovely….

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    Hey Monica
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    N I just loved Twinj convo
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    Love u darling❤❤??

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