The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 20

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Tw: see, since you have come in my life, i’ve always felt something different. Like whenever you are near me i feel like some current passing through me. You are different. I’ve never been so sweet to a guy since the start. You are so different i cant even explain. You have always taken care of my happiness. Remember the iPad incident? You gifted me one! like wow! who does that? On top of all this, you always were with me in all my stupid behavior and never judged me. You have been so great to me throughout. Remember that night? When you made such a great date setup for me in my room as a surpise? That dance. That hug. That kiss. Those eye locks we have had so far. OMG! When you saved me in the hotel the other day when i was about to fall from that ladder .. whenever i am in your arms, i feel peace. The flight thing remember? the way we slept on each other. You not wanting to disturb me. The para gliding incident? of how even though you were scared but you could go first for me. How can someone be so good? Okay, i know i am stupid, idiot, insane .. the list would never end. But this stupid has fallen in love with you. Look i don’t know when and how it happened? as said .. you don’t plan it, it just happens. That what happened with me. I know i am average looking person and you are so handsome and hot that any girl may fall for you. But but, I LOVE YOU and i cant deny the fact anymore. I LOVE YOU KUNJ, YES I DO LOVE YOU! (she screams as loud as possible)

Kunj was in complete shock from the words that twinkle spoke. He stood there numb when twinkle interrupted,

Tw: kunj, kuch toh bolo? (speak something kunj)
Ku: twinkle, I LOVE YOU TOO! how can someone not fall for you man and who told that you are an average looking girl? Twinkle you have no clue of how beautiful you are. I fell for you the first time i saw you. (says all of this while holding her hand)

Twinkle was happy, so happy she started dancing like an idiot which brought a big, wide smile on kunj’s face. He made her sit on the bed and made her drink coffee to make feel better from her hangover. She drank the coffee from his hands like a kid and kunj adored twinkle. He kept the glass on the table.

Ku: okay, twinkle now sleep
Tw: seriously sleep? this is what you do when you confess your feelings? You are so unromantic Mr. Sarna.
Ku: unromantic and me? kidding me? don’t ever say that! (says with a fake laugh)
Tw: i am saying! and why shouldn’t i? if not, then prove me wrong.
Ku: acha ji! okay fine. Now i ll show the real romantic side of kunj.

Kunj walks towards twinkle and holds her in his arms. He lays her down on the bed and comes close to her. They were just some centimeters away now. Kunj was about to touch her when he suddenly stopped.

Ku: (himself) no i cant do this. She is drunk and does not even know what she is doing. Okay i agree that when said something if someone is drunk then it is true. I am glad twinkle loves me but i cant do this when she aint in her senses. I love you twinkle but i will touch you only when you allow me or else no.

Tw: kunj? where are you lost? Prove me wrong?
Ku: no twinkle. You could be sleeping now. Goodnight.

Twinkle starts to protest again but this time kunj doesn’t listen to her and forcefully makes her sleep. Kunj left.

Next morning in twinkle’s room;

Twinkle wakes up as the morning sunlight falls on her face. She tries to recollect what happened last night as she had no idea how she ended up in her room. After many tries, she successfully remember everything. She goes in shock.

Tw: (herself) Haye! yeh kya siyappa kardiya maine? (what stupidity i did?) I told i love you to kunj? cant you keep something in me you twinkle. But wait, he told he loves me too? He did? ( she turns red because of blushing )

She continues to recall and thinks to herself ;

Tw: (herself) and he is so good. He didn’t take advantage of me because i was drunk even when i insisted him to do so. This is why i love you kunj.

Twinkle hears a knock at her door. She opens it and finds mahi.

Ma: get ready quickly twinkle. Everyone is calling for breakfast.
Tw: haan okay. I am coming in 5 minutes.

Mahi leaves. Twinkle gets freshen up and goes for breakfast. She finds kunj and the others sitting and having his breakfast. She goes and sits next to kunj. She picks up the fork which was placed on the table and took a bit of the salad from kunj’s plate.

Ku: what is this? you want salad, go bring it yourself (being frustrated)

Twinkle was surprised with this behavior of kunj. She whispers to kunj’s ear,

Tw: thank you.
Ku: what for?
Tw: for yesterday night! on not taking advantage of me.

Kunj was surprised to know that twinkle remembers it. 

Ku: you remember everything?
Tw: yes kunj, everything (winks at him)

Before kunj could speak up mahi interrupts saying;

Ma: what about today? what will we do?
Ku: i suggest just relax on the beach?
Yu: I like the plan. After all i am very tired after carrying mahi 😂

Mahi hits him while all laugh. All agree to the plan.

Ma: Okay, meet you all at the beach at what say? 11?

All agree and leave to their rooms.

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Precap : surprise surprise 😂

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Surprised isn’t it? after all i uploaded one day early. But i was free so thought why not! Okay, i know i might have disappointed many of you with this part but what to do? my head will remain shitty so cant help. Will try writing better. Avoid any kind of stupid errors. Well i am sorry to all ff writers as i couldn’t comment, you know na i was traveling so yea! Anyway, drop off your thoughts about today’s part in the comments. Will be eager to read them all 🙂 And one more thing, i have fallen a little sick because of the temperature change b/w the countries so i maybe will not be able to upload the next one soon. But i’ll try my best to upload the next one as soon as possible. Love you all and thanks for supporting for much 💕


  1. Chiku


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    Dear take care….
    Umm cming to episode it’s awesome 😊😘😊😘😘😘😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😊😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Loving it

  2. Ria


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    Monica, the episode was just marvellous. I legit loved it. Please take care of yourself first. I’ll be waiting.
    Loads of love.💗

  3. Thanmy


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    This part was awesome I just loved it like hell finally they confessed wow tool awesome pls post the next one soon I am so happy

  4. Ranabulbul


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    Hey Monica it was damn awesome

    And u have u the right to call ur brain a piece of shit ok its was awesome as always kept that in ur mind

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

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    Mona di………..I am left spell bound after reading this! U are just Amazing dear! And never ever think that u don’t write well you are absolutely amazing! Simply Amazing 🙂 So just keep writing! ANd the confession part was mind blowing and PRECAP is OMG!!!! Upload soon 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    LOVE U!


  6. Sonali05


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    Lovely epi…. Specially twinj scene… & teir confession was umah… Really u r fabulous writer.. Waiting for nxt…

  7. Sharon

    A lovely episode! Sorry couldn’t comment on your previous parts as i was very busy. but this one was very good. Waiting for the next. and do take care of your health and take some good rest so you recover quick and give us a lengthy wala part 😉 love you ❤️

  8. Jisha


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    Loved the twinj confession…and waiting for the surprise….as per precap;-);-)…this time I am too late…now reading all the ffs…
    Read ur Os hope u r better now…still take care…

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    Hayyee this episode was hot and awesome yaar !! Confession was just epic !
    I hope u feel better soon… So u can post as i cant wait for surprise

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