All of them proceed to the parking of the airport where kunj had parked his car. Kunj asks all of them to sit in the car which was painted in black which showed the symbol of BMW. They all sit in the car and kunj starts driving. Leela asks “kunj how long will it take to reach?” kunj replies saying “ it will hardly take 15 mins.” While driving, twinkle was all that kunj could think about . He was completely mesmerized by her beauty.

Sarna House :
Bebe and usha welcomes leela and her family. Twinkle greets everyone. Bebe asks kunj to show everyone’s rooms. He agrees and drops off yuvraj, leela and rt to their respective rooms. He then shows twinkle her room and she says “wow ! its such a pretty room. By the way, thank you for showing me my room.” Kunj then adds “it was my pleasure and if you need any kind of help, don’t hesitate to ask me”. To this twinkle replies with a thank you and smiles at him. He smiles back and leaves the room. Kunj then goes back to his room and starts day dreaming about twinkle. Simultaneously twinkle in her room thinks about kunj.

Twinkle (POV):
Kunj is such a great guy and he helped me feel comfortable without letting me feel awkward. There is something special in him that is making me think about him so often. I have never thought about a guy in such a way. Yes he is no ordinary guy.

Everybody assembles in the hall and kunj makes leela and her family meet the other family members as well as the groom. He introduces usha and Manohar as his parents and mahi as his elder sister.  He later shouts out for ashu. Leela starts wondering as who is ashu? Is he the groom? Kunj within another 2 minutes says “I would like you guys to introduce our groom to be Ashutosh”. Leela whispers to rt “see I knew it, he is the groom.” Yuvraj then says “guys you continue, I ll be back in a while”. Twinkle immediately says “where are you going? You have come here to help us out for marriage preparations isn’t it mumma ?”. Leela then adds “let him go. He is no use to us anyway. He will just ruin all things . He is going to meet his friends”. Twinkle says “yes maa you are right, he is useless”. Yuvraj replies to this saying “yes baby doll I am complete useless. You are the best. Am I right ?”. Twinkle with a sarcastic glare says “of course I am the best and you are useless”.  Kunj says “ yuvi do you need any help for travelling ? if yes then mahi will help you. Will you mahi”. Mahi whispers in kunj’s ears “is this a way ? but still thank you”. Yuvraj says “yes I actually don’t know the route to the restaurant I had to go, will you help me out ? that’ll be great”. Mahi replies “why not!”.  Kunj whispers to mahi saying your work is done and whinks at her. Mahi and yuvraj leave the house for the restaurant.

 Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. They really are encouraging me a lot to write more. You guys are just so sweet. Please continue commenting. And those who asked me to read their ff’s … can you guys mention the name of your ff’s in your comments so I can let you know if I already read them as i already read many ff’s relating to twinj. 

Credit to: Monica

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