The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 19

If anyone missed out the previous part,

Part 18


At the bar:

All four were drunk enough to dance like crazy. Now they were tired. They went to sit on the nearby sofa.
Yu: lets play something, it boring to sit man
Tw: yes bhai, even i am bored.
Ku: okay okay! I’ve got a game. Anybody knows the never have i ever game?
All nod in no. Kunj explains;
Ku: okay so listen. Firstly, all take one drink in your hand, whatever it may be. Now one of us will start from “never have i ever” and then say something that they have never done in their life and the one who has done it will sip his/her drink. This continues on and on okay?
All nod their head in agreement.
Ku: okay so yuvi starts then mahi di then twinkle and then me alright?
Yu: okay! so .. never have i ever been arrested
All laugh and no one sips.
Ma: never have i ever fallen in love
Yuvi and twinj sip and twinkle say;
Tw: di you are lying! don’t you love bhai?
Ma: oh woh toh main bhul hi gayi (oh i forgot that) (and laughs)
Yuvi eyes her and she softly says sorry to him.

Ku: (himself) twinkle sipped which means she loves somebody .. if yes who is it? is it me? or someone else? I just wish its me *fingerscrossed*
Tw:(herself) kunj sipped which means he loves someone … really? who would it be? is it me? or someone else? hoping for it to be me *fingerscrossed*
Twi: never have i ever kissed somebody
Yuhi sip their drinks looking at each other blushingly while twinkle and kunj look at each other as they never have.
Ku/tw: (herself/himself) she/he didn’t sip .. so if she/he loved somebody for long .. it was obvious he/she would have but now since he/she haven’t … so his/her love is new. Chances for it to be me have increased. I just wish its me. Babaji/god please bacha lena.
Yuhi snap their fingers and bring back twinj to the reality. They resume their game.
Ku: never have i ever watched a b grade movie
No one sips except yuvi.
Tw: haw bhai? kab dekha? (when did you see)
Mahi eyes him in such a way as if she would kill him.
Yu: array dosto ne dikha di (my friends showed me)
All laugh when mahi says;
Ma: okay now i am bored. lets play t or d okay?
All agree. ( a reminder – they still are drunk) They spin the bottle and it lands on twinkle.
Ma: okay so its twinkle turn, truth or dare ?
Tw: dare
Ma: okay, kiss kunj
Twinkle put her hands on her mouth and say “haw”.
Tw: haye haye! behuda aurat (you characterless girl) you want me to kiss your brother?
Ma: ji haan (yes)
Twinkle goes towards him. She stood, as she was drunk, she wasn’t able to balance herself and falls on kunj. They share an eye lock. Twinkle gets up and sits very close to kunj. Kunj was scared and closed his eyes in fear. Twinkle now was so near they could hear the heavy breathing they were taking. Just when twinkle was about to kiss she she faints and falls. Her head on kunj’s lap and her body was sitting on the sofa. ( i am sorry i hope you understand the position i mean to explain as i am bad at explaining such positions.) Yuvi gets up and gets a glass of water and sprays it on her face making her gain her consciousness.

She gets up and asks ;
Tw: what happened? why am i lying on his lap? (she gets up holding her head)
Ku: i guess you drank too much.
Tw: mayb?
Just then mahi pukes on the floor because of high consumption of alcohol. Yuvi picks her up and makes her drink some water. Meanwhile kunj laughed at mahi. He says;
Ku: it was epic, no sorry epuke ?(and laughs more and more)
Twinkle hits kunj and gives him a you-are-impossible look. She gets up to help mahi but instead losses her balance and falls down. Kunj and yuvi laugh seeing this and say;
Yu,Ku: these girls cant even control alcohol (while laughing)
Kunj picks up twinkle whereas yuvi picks up mahi and leave the bar and make them sit in the taxi. They reach to the resort and yuvi picks up mahi as she had no energy to stand up and takes her to her room. Kunj hands his hand to twinkle in order to help twinkle but the hangover was so much that she couldn’t balance even when with support. While she walked, she moved left and right and when she almost lost her balance kunj got caught of her and lifted her in his arms and took her to her room.

@ Mahi’s room:
Yuvi places her on the bed and covers her with the blanket. He leans over mahi and kisses her forehead saying “I love you darling”. He starts to leave but he hands mahi calling him out.
Ma: i am so sorry! i really created problems for you didn’t i?
Yu: no mahi. If i wont help you then who will. I love you okay? and i accept you in all your flaws. You don’t have to be sorry for anything. I don’t judge anyway. I love you alright? never think of anything like this next time okay?
Mahi was completely lost in his words. She was lovingly seeing him. Yuvraj held her hand and shouted “i will love you now and forever”. Mahi smiled widely. She put her hands on top of his and screams her lungs out saying “I love you too”. Yuvraj had bright, wide smile on his lips. This was the first time she ever spoke for his love that loud. He hugged her tight, tight enough to make her uncomfortable. She says with a little laugh “don’t hug that tight, it pains”. Yuvi broke the hug. They were just lost in each others eyes. He then kissed mahi and they slept while cuddling.

@Twinkle’s room:
Kunj places her on the bed and covers her with the blanket. She is asleep. He is about to leave when he turns back and walks towards her. He leans to her and whispers “love you” and kisses her forehead. He turns to leave, opens the door when he suddenly hears a scream. He turns and finds twinkle screaming in fear. Kunj hurrily comes to her and says “what happened”. She just hugged him, very tightly. She felt peace in his arms. Kunj broke the hug.
Tw: please please don’t leave me! (she says almost in the tone as if she is about to cry in fear)
Ku: (worried) what happened? whats wrong? why did you scream?
Tw: i saw something really bad
Ku: its okay, you might be dreaming. Go get back to sleep.
Tw: no i am not sleepy anymore …
Ku: okay .. try sleeping. I ll turn off the lights before i leave.
Tw: No please! i am not sleepy anymore and i even have slight headache. Don’t leave me such a state.
Ku: you have headache .. you are still not over your hangover. You really should be sleeping.
Tw: NO NO NO! (she screams and starts jumping on the bed and strikes)
Ku: acha okay. I am not leaving.
Tw: thank you (giving him a kiss on his cheeks)
They share an awkward moment. Kunj says he will go make coffee for them till that she could go change. Twinkle agrees. Kunj makes coffee and is ready. He waits for twinkle. Twinkle comes out wearing a blue shirt and a black pajama which had butterflies printed on it. She sits next to kunj on the bed. Kunj hands over her the cup of coffee. (just letting you know once again, she is drunk) She holds it and keeps it on the table near to the bed and look towards kunj. Twinkle now starts caressing his face. Kunj is surprised with her actions.
Tw: you know what? i am so scared. (continuing to caress his face)
Ku: (in confusion) why is that?
Tw: i am want to confess something to you but i am scared you will reject it.
Kunj sensed a bit that maybe she loves him too and says;
Ku: no i will not. Just say it.
Tw: promise?
Ku: haan
Tw: kaise bolu (how shall i speak?)
Kunj continues to wait.

Tw: see, since you have come in my life, i’ve always felt something different. Like whenever you are near me i feel like some current passing through me. You are different. I’ve never been so sweet to a guy since the start. You are so different i cant even explain. You have always taken care of my happiness. Remember the iPad incident? You gifted me one! like wow! who does that? On top of all this, you always were with me in all my stupid behavior and never judged me. You have been so great to me throughout. Remember that night? When you made such a great date setup for me in my room as a surpise? That dance. That hug. That kiss. Those eye locks we have had so far. OMG! When you saved me in the hotel the other day when i was about to fall from that ladder .. whenever i am in your arms, i feel peace. The flight thing remember? the way we slept on each other. You not wanting to disturb me. The para gliding incident? of how even though you were scared but you could go first for me. How can someone be so good? Okay, i know i am stupid, idiot, insane .. the list would never end. But this stupid has fallen in love with you. Look i don’t know when and how it happened? as said .. you don’t plan it, it just happens. That what happened with me. I know i am average looking person and you are so handsome and hot that any girl may fall for you. But but, I LOVE YOU and i cant deny the fact anymore. I LOVE YOU KUNJ, YES I DO LOVE YOU! (she screams as loud as possible)


So so so, was it nice? i hope i could keep it up to your expectations. Okay, i know you guys must be angry as i left it all hanging without any answer of kunj but so sorry, couldn’t write more. Don’t curse me alright ?Okay and one more thing, so i am flying back to bangkok on this saturday as my vacay is almost over and i have to do all the packing ish tomorrow so i am not sure, i may or may not be able to read or comment on ff’s. I will try but cant assure. So please forgive me for that. I’ll reach bangkok sunday morning, so unpacking my stuffs, tiredness and all will eventually lead for me for a delay in writing the next part. Probably, i will be posting the next part by tuesday. Hoping for all of you to understand. Thank you. Bye and love you all x

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  1. Finally!!!!!! Twinkle confessed…loved it

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    The sweetest confession I have seen Loved it

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      Thank you so much baby ? sorry for not being able to give a precap. Will try posting the next part soon. My age is 16 and yours ?
      Precap – kunj’s reaction to twinkle’s proposal.

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