The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 18


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Part 17

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Ma: Shit yaar! i am so scared here. Look at the height man .. i am so dead.
Yuvraj begins to laugh at this. Mahi seeing his reaction is fumed in anger and soon yuvi realizes it and stop laughing and says;
Yu: acha okay .. sorry but i guess you can do it with me what say? (winks after saying this)
Ma: is it really possible for two to do it together?
Yu: of course it is and it will be so much fun with both of us, only the two of us alone and no one will hear us.

Mahi blushes after listening to this and nods her head in agreement. Now its the time for the adventure. All four state them going in pairs. They were now deciding who would go first. Here, twinkle wanted to go first in excitement and on the other hand mahi wanted to go second because she was scared. But when coming to the boys, as kunj was scared he wanted to go second but yuvi was also all excited about this and wanted to go first. Now because of such contrast in their thoughts, it was difficult for them to decide on who would go first. Twinkle gives an idea to play rock, papers and scissors in order to end this conflict. Kunj and mahi came forward to play this. Kunj won it and thus, they would go second making kunj extremely happy and twinkle extremely sad while on the other hand yuvi was jumping up and down in happiness. Kunj showed a thumbs down to mahi and told “better luck next time” to tease her. Kunj was a little sad seeing twinkle upset about the whole thing and went to her.

Ku: is this really a big deal to you if you go first?
Tw: yes kunj! i’ve always done those things first which i am excited and let others go after me.
Ku: acha okay! we’ll go first and they’ll go second alright? i’ll go inform them (and starts to move when twinkle held his arm)
Tw: its not needed kunj and i know you are hell scared but really i am glad you could do this for me but i am okay. we can go second.
Ku: are you sure? cuz still i aint changing my mind but later i may change and not let us go first.
Tw: (smiles) sure man! you chill out.

Twinkle (POV):
Was he really doing that? he would go first just so that i am not upset? that is so sweet of him. shit this guy is worth melting for and i am really melting for him after all his actions towards me. Am i falling for him? twinkle twinkle .. as per you are thinking about him you are really falling! (she blushes) But does he love me? or is it all cuz he is being friendly? I really have to know it.

The trainer calls out for all those who are willing to para glide. All line up in the order of who leaves first. Yuvi and mahi stand before kunj and twinkle. They were standing on the end of the cliff now. It was yuhi turn. Mahi was hell scared but yuvi made her calm and they jumped off the cliff. They were in the air all by themselves. Kunj saw this was was shivering in fear. Twinkle saw him and got hold of his hand and gave a i-am-with-you face. Kunj felt a bit relieved with this action of twinkle. Now it was their turn. Kunj was jumping in fright. Twinkle again held his hand and tried to cool him down. Twinkle was standing in front of kunj. They were tied up to the parachute. Kunj crossed his fingers in fear and closed his eyes. They finally were off the cliff, in the air. Kunj loved the feel while twinkle had her hands spread in the wind like a free bird. Kunj was mesmerized by the smile and happiness that glowed in her face. Kunj shouted;
Ku: Wow! this feeling is great! thank you twinkie.

Tw: see i told you … now enjoy the moment and thank me later.
Twinkle was still in her position and spoke;
Tw: dude .. spread your arms in the air .. it feels so free
Kunj follows what she told and it leads them to touch each others hands. Twinkle turns back to see kunj and found him smiling.
Twinkle: (herself) he look so cute and innocent while smiling. Babaji keep him happy forever.
Kunj:(himself): She looks so cute and innocent while smiling. Keep her happy always god.
Twinkle: (shouts) you duffer .. we are gonna land soon on the land. Pull the string on the left of the parachute.

Kunj pulls it and they safely land on the ground. Kunj hurrily hugs twinkle and says;
Ku: thank you so much for encouraging me to do this. I swear this is one of the best moment in my life.
Tw: no need to thank me. It was you who took it positively. honestly, even this was one of the best moment for me. (thinking about her and kunj all alone in the air).

They saw mahi and yuvi and asked them too. The two also gave a positive response and thanked twinkle for such an amazing idea.
Tw: so its 6 already, lets get back to the resort .. freshen up and get ready for some dancing. what say?
All were excited and told;
Yu,Ku,Ma: seems like perfect.
They reach the hotel at 7 pm. Twinkle says, to meet in kunj’s room. All agree and bid bye to leave to their respective rooms.

That evening @ 7
All come dressed up to kunj’s room. Kunj wore black shirt with a mustard color pants. Yuvraj wore blue shirt with black jeans. Mahi wore a royal blue velvet dress which was backless with her hair completely open along with blue wedges. Twinkle wore a coral dress which was full sleeve made of net and the dress had a layer of net with her hair tied up in a loose fish braid along with black pencil heels. They leave for the bar.

At the bar:
At the entrance, the worker says “ enter as a couple”.
Tw: oh shit guys, i completely forgot … this was a couple bar.
Yu: its okay baby doll, we are two boys and two girls .. it wouldn’t be difficult. You and kunj could pair up while mahi and i will.
Ku: sounds perfect!
They enter the bar hands in hand as a couple. When entered, they found the bar completely filled with people with loud music playing and some dancing while the others drinking. They popped in drank 5-6 shots each and started dancing like crazy.

Precap : some twinj moments ☺️

Hi guys. How are you all? hope you guys like today’s part. Let me know your thoughts by commenting. Thank you to all those who have always supported me to write more and more of this when i felt it wasn’t needed. You guys are really the best.Ignore any kind of errors. Love you all ?Bye x

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  1. Superb epi…even twinkle realised that she loves kunj???

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you x

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    Damn awesome!! Realisation was too cute and twinj and yuhi masti was fun to read!!

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  4. Ria

    Hey darling,
    What if I say I won’t ignore your errors?? There weren’t any errors I feel so, chillax.
    You know what, I didn’t like the episode?? I’m so sorry to hurt you but, but, I loved it my sweetheart. Oh God! It was sooo good. The realisation was splendid. Do post soon. Will be waiting.
    Love you loads.?

    1. Kritika14

      Just one thing, Love you ?

  5. Aamu

    yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa twinki realize her love…………
    m so happyyyyyyyy
    dis was awesome se b upar blossom……..muah loved it

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  6. Baby

    hey yes finally monica di so mch happy dat twinkle realised her luv fr kunj n d paragliding n d pub amazing acha wts d precap n d episodde ws jst amazing post nxt asap luv u di

  7. Baby

    hey yes finally monica di so mch happy dat twinkle realised her luv fr kunj n d paragliding n d pub amazing acha wts d precap n d episodde ws jst amazing post nxt asap luv u di acha sry precap toh u hv given

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you, the next one is submitted 🙂

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    Hey Monu darling amazing yr

    This was freaking awesome man just loved it yr

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    Amazing epi Monica loved that realization part……it was toooooo good

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