The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 17

Next morning in phuket :

Everyone leaving kunj reaches to the place where the breakfast is served. All the elders sit in one table and the youngsters sit in another. It was a buffet so therefore everyone had to serve themselves and within 5 minutes everyone came back to the table and started having breakfast.
Ma: where is kunj? who sleeps so much when the rest of the family is already having their breakfast. He is not the only one who is so tired. (says being frustrated)
Tw: koi baat nahi di, he’ll come soon.
Yu: tu uski badi tarafdaari kar rahi hai twinkle (why are taking his side twinkle)
Tw: aise kuch nahi hai bhai (nothing like that bro) (with a pause she says) i guess he came now (as she could she a blur image of someone walking towards them who was alike kunj)
She is lost seeing him. He was wearing light blue shirt with the all the buttons open, showing his s*xy figure and abs along with black lowers. He was brushing his hair while walking towards the table.
Yu: oho! look who’s here? kya lag raha hai.
Ku: now that we are here in such a beautiful place by the beach then why not?
Twinkle was still lost seeing him.
Ma: ahem ahem (to bring twinkle back to her senses)
Tw: kya hua di? why are you coughing?
Ma: just coughed to get someone back to her senses
Twinkle understood what she meant and blushed while kunj also acknowledged the fact. This brought a smile on kunj’s face.

Kunj (POV):
Finally, there some electric current flowing in her as well. Twinkle, you have given me a green signal that you too feel something for me but i don’t know if you pretend that you are ignoring about it or really are unaware about it. But whatever it may be, i ll surely make you understand it well. That day is not so far when we will confess our feelings to each other and be one.

Twinkle (POV):
What just happened to me? why was i staring him that bad? what’s in him that attracts me? uff … babaji solve this paheli for me.

All of them continue to have their breakfast wherein twinj carry on looking at each other. The elders come over their table and says
Bebe: okay, although we have to arrange for the marriage .. but there is some time so for 3 days, you kids can go enjoy okay?
All of them: REALLY! thank you bebe!
Kunj gets up and passes a flying kiss to bebe in happiness. The elders leave for some work while the youngsters starts deciding what to do when kunj says;
Ku: twinkle, you know about this place right? suggest things that we could do.
Tw: acha okay! urm, we could go for para gliding in the noon and could go to bar in the night? i know a great bar so what do you think guys?
Ku,Ma,Yu: Sounds perfect!
Ashu: sorry guys wont be joining..
All: why?
Ashu: i am going out with megha (blushes while saying it)
All say “oooohhhhh, its okay then .. enjoy your time”.
Tw: okay guys .. go get ready and meet at 2 at the reception okay?
All agree and go back to their rooms and starts getting ready.

That afternoon @ 2
Everyone meets at the reception. Mahi wears a black full sleeve jumpsuit with her hair tied up to a half ponytail.Yuvraj wore a green t shirt along with red shorts. Kunj wore grey shirt but half off the button left open with a pair of black shorts. Twinkle wore a plain blue dress with her her tied up to a bun along with some light makeup.
Tw: so lets leave?
All: sure.
They had booked a taxi for themselves for the whole day. As planned, firstly they went to the spot where para gliding was situated. Kunj standing there was in complete fear. He suddenly felt a touch on his shoulders and saw twinkle.
Tw: what happened? why does your face look so pale?
Ku: nothing
Tw: c’mon say man. … cant you share your thoughts with me?
Ku: of course i can
Tw: so c’mon quick
Ku: okay don’t laugh but i am scared of heights.
Twinkle laughed listening to it and later stops as she wasn’t supposed to laugh.
Tw: seriously? that scared?
Ku: yes …
Tw: okay .. i can help you out here
Tw: you can do it with me if you want instead of doing it all by yourself ..
Ku: are sure? you don’t mind?
Tw: why would i?
Ku: thank you so much twinkle
Twinkle smiles in happiness without knowing why.
Kunj (to himself): oh wow! she asked me herself if i wanted to do it with her, which means she has no problem with me close to her. Aage aage dekti ja twinkle. . i ll make you realize soon that you too love me.

Happy Friendship Day to all my lovelies ❤️ okay, i know i am almost a week late but what to do? i’ve always got things that make me delay to write this. Like half the times .. my laptop used to be dead when i plan to write. So once again, sorry guys. Although i commented on all the ff’s but i didn’t log in and commented as a guest but with my name only so don’t confuse yourselves. But anyway, though i made you wait so long yet comment okay? cuz all of you know that comments are the support and encouragement for me to write more. And also, i wrote this in a hurry so please ignore all the grammatical or any kind of errors. Love you all 💕 Bye x


  1. Ria


    |Registered Member

    The episode was awesome. Iss Kunj ko bol ki itna bhi Khush na hoye pehle se. The episode was legit amazing. Loved it to the core. Do post soon.
    Love you loads.💞💞

  2. Baby


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    amazing monica d episode was jst fab haye itna hot kunj ofcourse hot toh hoga hi naa sid jo hai n dis twinkle wen she blush luks damn cute lagegihi jasmin jo hai i srsly miss dose mmnts yr luv u post asap dear

  3. Sharon

    It was awesome. How do you write so well? Damn damn damn I am so impressed. Your writing is really so good. Please write soon . Love you

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