The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 16

The day when the families travel to thailand;

Next morning @ 4
The Taneja’s and Sarna’s are off to the airport. All the kids .. twinj, yuhi and ashu are in one cab and the rest of the elders are in another. They reach to the airport and clear the airport security then the check in and later the immigration. (i wont be explaining the airport procedures) They finally arrive at the gate and are waiting. It was 6 in the morning by the time they reached to the gate. Their flight’s take off time was 6:45. They sat and waited for the gates to open. During that time, yuhi were busy talking to each other, ashu was listening to music, the rest of the elders were talking and twinkle was seeing friends (the series) in her iPad while kunj was staring at her. Twinkle saw one episode of friends as later the gates had opened they all boarded for the flight. The crew of the flight said “swaadee kha” when all entered the flight because the flight was thai airways. Twinkle explained everyone that swaadee kha meant hello or a formal greeting in thai. All proceeded towards their seats and when noticed .. everyone got their seats differently. When they checked their seats they found yuvi and twinkle’s seat to be together whereas kunj and mahi’s seat together and the rest of the family’s seat together at a different end. They sit in their places when yuvraj says to twinkle;

Yu: do you mind sitting with kunj?
Tw: why? you want to sit with mahi di?
Yu: yes actually
Tw: haan haan kiyu nahi …
She goes and sits beside kunj and lets mahi sit with yuvi.
Ma: what was the need of this? Couldn’t you sit without me for 4 hours ?
Yu: wasn’t possible darling! on top of that in such a place where there is no one to disturb us.
Ma: seriously tera kuch nahi ho sakta (nothing can change you)
Likewise on the other hand;
Ku: mere bina mann nahi laga isiliye aa gayi na? (you missed me thats you came right?)
Tw: ji nahi. aapke saath bethna ka koi shauk nahi hai woh toh kyuki bhai wanted to sit with mahi di that is why i came to sit here. (not at all. I am interested to sit with you but since bhai wanted to sit with mahi di that is why i came here to sit with you)
Ku: ache okay .. now don’t disturb me i want to sleeping (says while plugging his earphones)
Tw: not even interested to disturb you (says while taking her iPad out and plugging her earphones as well) Btw thank you for this (showing the iPad with a cute bubbly smile)
Ku: yeah its okay (thinks to himself – anything for you twinkie )
Kunj continues listening to his songs whereas twinkle is busy seeing friends (the series) in her iPad.
Tw: Oh shoot! (she screams)
Ku: abh kya hua (with a tone of curiosity in him)
Tw: actually mere iPad ki battery is dead. I was seeing friends when ross was about to confess his feelings to racheal. Kya year. i am so sad now! (and starts making sad faces)
Ku: acha noo problem now .. charge your iPad here … and then within some while you can resume.
Tw: acha haan i forgot we could charge
Ku: bhuladkad pagal
Twinkle puts her iPad on charging and says;
Tw: could you share one of your earphones cuz i am actually in no mood to see anything else on the aircraft tv?
Ku: sure.
Kunj hands over one side of the earphone to her. They together listen to songs.
Tw: which song is this kunj? i like it
Ku: Cold water by major lazer ft. justin bieber and MO
Tw: nice choice i must say ..
Ku: after all i am so smart (and smirks with attitude)
Tw: bas bas bahut hogya (okay enough)
They laugh and continue listening. She checks her iPad’s battery status and it said 5%.
Tw: oh god! how long … i am sleeping man
Ku: sleep then!
Tw: okay goodnight kunj
Ku: yeah yeah goodnight

Twinkle falls asleep within the next 5 minutes while listening to music. She was sitting on aisle seat and her head went off on the aisle. Seeing this kunj smiled and rested her head on the seat. He tried taking out the earphone when she got disturbed and said;
Tw: let me sleep .. bahut neend aa rahi hai (i am very sleepy)
She held his arm and slept on his shoulders in such way as if kunj was a teddy. At this sight .. kunj smiled broadly and thought “she looks so sweet when she sleep and when she’ll wake up, she’ll start behaving like a kid with a real loud voice. But ab kya kya karoon .. tujhse pyaar ho gaya toh ye sabh jhelna padhega but surely mujhe koi problem nahi hai. (but what can i do now? i love you and now will have to bear all your tantrums but i got no problems with it at all)
With time, kunj also slept over twinkle’s head while thinking about her. They wake up when they hear someone giggle. They open their eyes and finds yuhi to stand in front of them giggling. Twinj later realize the position they were sleeping in and quickly compose themselves.
Yuhi: the flight is landed so compose yourselves .. you can go sleep later okay? (continues to giggle)
Twinj: shut up okay!
They quickly compose themselves while twinkle is in a little shock on how she ended up in that position. She decides to ask kunj and he replies “you just hugged me and slept on my shoulders saying i am really sleepy .. so i didn’t feel like disturbing you so hence i let you sleep this way and then later i didn’t realize that even i slept on top of you”. Twinkle says “oh okay! (while blushing)”. They reach to Suvarnabhumi Airport (name of bangkok’s airport). All of them clear the security checks and later catches another flight to phuket and reach phuket as well where the marriage would take place. They all go in Amari hotel and resorts and as everyone were tired … they went off to their rooms and slept.

Twinkle (POV):
okay that was cute! i slept over him? and he let me sleep that too so peacefully? okay this guy surely has something different in him .. i guess ?

Kunj (POV):
OMG! this girl is stupid! inti jhalli hai. But still she is so cute … itne innocence se puchti hai.. kuch toh hai tabhi toh i love her (she asks so innocently … she has something in her that is why i fell for why)
I hope you guys liked it x and if you guys don’t know … friends (what i mentioned as “the series”) is an english series which run behinds 6 people and their lives. Its really one of the best series …. tho it has 10 seasons .. but to those who are interested, i would really want to guys to see it if free … It was won awards for best series in entertainment … it all about comedy and romance. Enough of my information giving, let me know about your opinion of my this part by commenting. Love you all 💕 bye x


  1. Sidhantfan

    Cute and nice epi…..surprisingly i too am watching friends series right now as i have my vacations going on as i live in uae

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Wow Mona di! This was something amazing! The airplane scenes were absolutely cute and romantic!
    Keep going! Such a sweet part! Good job! Waiting for the next part!

    Keep smiling!


  3. Shatakshi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Monica
    That was shoooo cute
    Loved it to the core
    Aab aur kya bolu…we share many things in common
    Even I m the biggest wali fan of friends
    Love u💕💕💕

  4. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Monica loved it My elder cousin sister used to watch friends and I have watched it too some times but I loved watching Full House more 🙂
    Loved it waiting for the next episode 🙂

  5. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing episode Monica ..too good yrr ….
    Twinj convo nd scenes were so cute nd adorable ..
    loved it …
    love u

  6. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Heyy…ofc! I love Friends! N also kunj’s music choice 😏 cold water … I like major lazor…btw where are u from?
    Anyway airplane scene was awesome and cute … Loved it 👌👌.. Do post next one soon 🙂

  7. Jas and sid lover

    Fabulous…loved the way twinj are bonding…and twinkle especially depicted by u is amazing…keep writing…loved ur writing ..

  8. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Sorry sorry sorry. (Told you)
    Hey, so umm…You didn’t work as a tour guide. You were correct though I knew it. Aww..the twinj scenes were so cute. Kunj teddy like. Even I want one. Get me one Monica😪😪
    Anyways, bakc to the episode it was marvelous. I loved it. It was worth my wait. Also, also, I was listening to “Cold Water” while reading. Hehe.. I know about the friends show but, haven’t ever watched it. Anyways, upload soon. Will be eagerly waiting.
    Loads of love😘

    • Kritika14



      okay fine. i won’t say sorry again .. happy now? 😂😒 and i told you about it before as well that i won’t be giving information like a tour guide gives .. so don’t expect much 😂 honestly, even i want a teddy like him .. surely if i get one i’ll get you one as well. About friends, i really would love you to watch it as i have watched them all and they are worth a watch and specially for a person like you. Who knows you may start liking romance and even laugh a little cuz after all you are such a shitty person isn’t it? 😂 (sach ka khulasa yaad hai? 😂) Lastly. you know i love you too 💕 even after all your flaws cuz mera dil bahut bada hai 😂❤️

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