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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 15


The day before the families have to leave for thailand ;
The entire home goes out for shopping for their trip leaving twinkle, her parents and kunj.

Twinkle goes to her parents and says;
Tw: maa, my iPad had broken.
Leela: kaise ?
Tw: actually maa, it fell and broke. don’t scold me
Leela: so what now ?
Tw: i need a new one
Leela: are u crazy? you want it now?

Tw: (with her head bowed down) yes mumma
Leela: sorry twinkle! no more now, its the third iPad you broke in two years … its enough!
Tw: but mumma (she is interrupted by leela)
Leela: i said no twinkle. now leave and pack your stuff.
Tw: okay! (in a sad tone)
Leela: Okay now you pack all your stuffs and keep it all ready by the time me and your father will go out for some work.
Twinkle nods in affirmation.

Twinkle sadly leaves the room and speaks to herself β€œwhat will i do now? i always need an iPad when i travel! I’ll feel so weird now! Babaji, bring me an iPad from somewhere? How will i see videos now?” She comes to her room and starts packing. After an hour, she feels hungry and goes to the kitchen to eat something. She picks up the maggi packet and is about to make when she sees kunj passing and says;
Tw: want some? (showing the maggi packet)
Ku: why not! thank you x
Tw: okay
Ku: Could you get it in my room?
Tw: Sure!
Kunj leaves and twinkle makes maggi. Her phone

beeps. She checks out and it was kunj’s message. She opens it and reads out β€œsorry! a change in plan! don’t get me maggi. I am going somewhere. Sorry :)”. Twinkle thinks β€œwhat does he think of himself? first of all i make for him and he later denies for having it? next time i wont make anything for him. If i wasn’t sad about my iPad , i would surely give him a good lesson but never mind”. She being very miffed with kunj now goes to her room with her plate of maggi. She enters her room and is surprised finding a gift on her bed! She thinks to herself β€œwho’s is this? Is it for me?” She goes and opens the gift and finds it to be a box of iPad Air 2. She jumps in excitement and happiness and later tries to find who gave her by checking the gift wrapper. She finds a note which read β€œturn behind twinkie”. She thinks β€œtwinkie! KUNJJJ?” She turns and spots kunj standing at the door smiling at her.
Tw: (she screams in a mixture of excitement and mixture) KUNJJ! YOU DID THIS?
Ku: who calls you twinkie here?
Tw: ofc you

Ku: then?
Twinkle runs towards him and gives him a tight jhappi! Kunj is completely surprised yet happy. He hugs her back. She breaks the hug saying;
Tw: kunj kunj kunj, thank you so so much! I love you for this.
Twinkle later realizes what she said and to not make the situation awkward says;
Tw: how did you know i needed an iPad ?
Ku: dont curse me but i overheard your conversation with leela aunty so i thought i could buy you one
Tw: it wasn’t needed
Ku: i know that well okay? so now better keep this and show me your 32 teeth waala smile.
Tw: (while smiling ) didn’t you say you were going out?
Ku: that was just to annoy you

Tw: kunj! i dont like you okay -.- i was so mad at you … you don’t even have any clue
Ku: ab kya sara time bak bak karegi ? khana nahi hai?
Tw: sorry! you wanna join? waise bhi i made for you as well and then cuz you didn’t want .. i put all of that in my plate …
Ku: why not!
Tw: okay lemme bring another plate for you …
Kunj holds her wrist when she was leaving and says ;
Ku: no need we can share
Tw: you sure ?

Ku: of course i am! now sit and eat cuz i am very hungry and look the weather is great! its raining outside …garam garam khate hai.
Both together go sit on the sofa which is located near to the balcony. They enjoy maggi and talk while having soft music playing behind. It was a perfect romantic ambiance isn’t it ? they share one fork and eat taking complete pleasure of the rain with the breeze. All of a sudden kunj bursts out in laughter. Twinkle is surprised with his behavior and says;
Tw: aisa kya dekh liya .. mujhe bhi dikhao? ( what did you see? show it me as well.)
Kunj takes out his phone and opens camera and clicks a picture of her.
Tw: wtf? what do you think of yourself? aise bina puche picture kyu li? (why did you take a picture of me without my permission?)

Ku: to show you the thing i was laughing at (says while continuing to laugh)

Twinkle now snatches the phone and sees the picture and is embarrassed …. She saw that a noodle was stuck near her mouth. She tries to remove it but fails. Kunj removes her and gives a wait-i-will-do-it look and places his hand where the noodle is stuck and removes it. He then sees there is some color of the noodle left and firmly removes it as well. All this while, twinkle adores him and is awestruck with this behavior. With no minute, Kunj removes his hand and says;

Ku: tujhe toh khana bhi nahi aata. Aisa lagta hai mujhe hi khilana padhega (you dont even know how to eat. It seems like i have to make you eat)
Twinkle widely opens her mouth. 
Kunj: yeh kya kar rahi hai? pagal hai? (what are you doing? are you insane?)
Tw: (like a kid) abhi toh tumne bola … tum mujhe khilaoge
Ku: You took it all seriously?
Tw: toh phir?
Ku: tera kuch nahi ho sakta

Both felt happy inside but twinkle was unaware of this why while kunj knew as he loved twinkle and why wouldn’t he be happy in such a situation. Kunj makes her eat while twinkle stares at him lovingly. There was a sudden spark b/w them. Twinkle was being attracted towards him. She felt it.

Twinkle (POV):
What is happening to me? why am i so into him? why does it always feel nice to be with him? Time passes so quickly when i am with him. Am i feeling for him? no don’t think like this …

Precap : flying to Thailand

Thank you for always commenting. You guys really make me feel like i am on cloud nine. Anyway, continue commenting and i hope you guys are satisfied with this part as it has twinj scenes. And also, i miss maggi and romaisha commenting on my ff. Hope you guys would start commenting and if i did something that has upset me .. let me know πŸ™‚ Bye guys x Love you all πŸ’• If anyone has missed out the previous part then here’s the link:

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    Kunj bringing IPOD for Twinkle was too cute …awesome …yrr..
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  4. Ria

    Monica, it was amazing. I was so happy seeing your ff that I left all the others and read your first. Fantastic work. Do continue soon.
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    Perfect episode

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