The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 14

Next morning;
Twinkle wakes up hearing a knock over her door. She opens the door and finds kunj on the door.
Tw: what are you doing at this time? have you seen the clock ? it must be 7
Kunj laughs listening to this
KU: dear siyappa queen, you have a look on your clock and if it shows 7 then please change it cuz its the wrong time
Tw: then what is the time?

Ku: idiot its 10 in the morning .. and look at you … you are sleeping like a khumbkaran. Now better get ready in 10 mins and come down as bebe is calling everyone down
Tw: okay and she shuts the door.

She thinks to herself “wait why siyappa queen? bhalla yeh kaisa naam hai? ( what kind of name is this?)” She enters the washroom and comes out within 10 mins wearing a blue bathrobe. She changes to a dark blue crop top which had london’s flag printed on in with a pair of black jeans. She applies black liner and kajal and ties up her hair to a high pony, wears boots and walks out the room. She reaches the hall where bebe had called everyone to discuss about something. Kunj looks at her and bewitched by her charm. Everyone was present in the hall including leela and rt.
Bebe: now as you all know i called everyone for discussing something really important. I am not sure if Taneja’s know this or not but ashu lost his parents at the age of 13 and since then we have taken care of him. But ashu i didn’t know since when you became so shy to even tell me what you want? that too on your marriage!
Everyone looks on stunned as well confused with what did ashu want for his marriage. bebe continues ;

Bebe: so the important thing is, I announce that the marriage and the rest of the functions related to it will take place in Thailand!
Ashu stood there shocked thinking how did bebe know about this?
Bebe: wont you ask me how i know about your wish?
Ashu: ofc .. i am so confused
Bebe: Actually when you were talking to your friends on speaker and they asked if your marriage isn’t in bangkok and you said no … i heard all of that! so here we are! But why did you hide it! do you think urself as different from this family ?
Ashu had tears in his eyes. He went and hugged bebe. 
Ku: koi rona dhona nahi! i am so so so excited! A DESTINATION WEDDINGG ! I’ve never been there .. can we go early so we can explore that area ?
Tw: Actually! i’ve been there so i could help you guys out … i lived there for an year cuz of my internship so i even know the language …

Ku: so final! now we even have a tour guide isn’t it ?
Tw: sure why not …
Bebe: manohar, book tickets for all to bangkok after 3 days .. so everyone can pack and shop accordingly … we’ll stay there for a month and the marriage and reception will take place there itself … Leela and Rt ji .. could you book the hotels?
Both say: sure!
Tw: but Thailand is huge where do you want in thailand ? like bangkok, phuket, rayong, pattaya, krabi ?
Bebe: array now another tension .. twinkle could you arrange all of this!
Tw: but bebe .. it will be very difficult to decide.
Kunj interrupts ;

Ku: okay okay! you tell me how these places are then i ll tell you where to arrange the functions okay ?
Twinkle nods her head to a yes and says
Tw: it will be better if we decide now itself because usually its difficult to find a good hotel when the dates for the function is near.
Ku: okay, we’ll discuss about it now okay ?
Tw: okay, shall we ?
Bebe: okay the two of you discuss it in your room and let us talk about the rest of the function to leela and rt ji.
Ku: ji bebe

Twinj leave for twinkle’s room.

Twinkle’s room:
Tw: majority of thailand is full of islands … so tell me .. you want it in an island or normal land?
Ku: ISLAND? That sounds great! Lets keep is fair. Wedding can take place in the island area and the reception could be done in a hall ?
Tw: okay sure .. why not! now coming to islands .. there are many places .. one that are near are pattaya, huahin, rayong and the ones that are far are krabi, phuket, koh samui. So far or near?
Ku: I guess any will work as long as they are good! after all we are going so far then it doesn’t matter how far it is .. all that matters is how good it is! Any suggestions of yours?
Tw: personally, i like phuket and pattaya a lot but the problem that arises is that pattaya is more like an adult place! so are you guys okay to it?
Ku: i am so so okay to it! (winks at her) but the problem is family. could you explain more about why it is an adult place ?

Tw: its not like kids cant be there .. but usually in every soi (soi is like gali [as called in india]) you find not just one but surely at least 10 pubs/bars. So being in the hotel aint a prob but when it comes to going out to roam around, thats when the problem arises. But also, pattaya is a place worth a visit. Whereas phuket has no scenes as such so now the choice is yours.
Kunj gets into a deep thought and then says;

Ku: Fine, according to what you say, lets keep the wedding in phuket and as you said its a place worth a visit … we could go pattaya after the marriage is over. Like when everyone leaves?
Tw: Yea! that sounds good! and what about reception ? i guess bangkok will do as its the capital of thailand and a good place for calling all officials and all.
Ku: yes i guess you are right! So now you search some hotels … i got a call to make .. will be back in 10 mins okay?
Tw: sure x

Kunj leaves for the call

i guess the episode is boring today. Sorry if you guys felt it too. But i thought it was necessary so i just wrote. You guys can surely give me your bad comments. And now that i belong to thailand, i could give you guys some information about it. I hope you guys like it! If not, let me know okay? so that i can be less informative or write to your wish. Thank you to all those who comment. You guys don’t know how happy i feel reading them. You surely lighten up my mood! anyway, i talked a lot now .. bye x love you all ?

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  1. SidMin

    Monica loved it Twinj in Bangkok loved it ??waiting for the next episode pls post as soon as possible ?

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      Thank you so much sidmin ?

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    Wow loved it Monica fab epi do cont asap ??

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  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice
    but no romance!
    btw love it

    1. Kritika14

      I am sorry .. I couldn’t think of any romance in this scene. Will surely try to put some twinj scenes in the next part ? and thank you x

  4. Jas and sid lover

    Its fine u could not show twinj moments…sometimes showing the plot becomes important instead of bonding of the leads…I completely understand the fact..this also makes story seem really..I appreciate ur efforts in describing places..nice.

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much for understanding and appreciating my work ?

  5. Jisha

    Wow…twinj in Bangkok… awesome… loved it..

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  6. Aamu

    Don’t call it boring
    It was amazing?????

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      That’s so sweet of you ? thank you ?

  7. Kruti

    Trip to Thailand…… Wow eagerly waiting
    Nice epi

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  8. Wow monica the description was fab

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  9. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode monica… twinj in Bangkok…. loved it… continue soon…

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  10. Shatakshi

    It would really be great
    Now we will get to know more about Thailand
    N the episode was too good Monica❤❤❤??

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  11. Srija

    wow monica it’s lovely ?????
    continue soon dear

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  12. Zuha Fatima

    It was amazing Mona di! Enjoyed it a lot! And how dare u say it boring, really, it was awesomely awesome, and after all Twinj just rocked! So cute episode! Thailand, I never visited but I just love islands?? Destination wedding is a gr8 idea! Keep it up di??
    Love u dear!


    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much ? your comment really made me smile ?

  13. Nice episode..

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    What a episode yr don’t u dare to call this boring ok and do cont soon

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  15. Angita

    Amazing….you’ve been to Thailand…you know so much???
    Loved the episode

    1. Kritika14

      No darling, I live in Thailand. That is why I know so much about it. Btw thank you ?

      1. Angita

        Oooh …I never knew
        BTW I live in malaysia

  16. Baby

    hey monica luvd it yr sidmin in thailand phuket pattaya n bankok amazing luvd it pls cntinue asap dear luvd it

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      Thank you so much ?

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…eagerly waiting for next part…..

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  18. It was just amzing … Continue soon. You may not know me bcuz i am a silent reader … But i couldnt resist commenting … Your ff is my favourite ! I always read it. Love tou ❤️

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      Thank you so much alia ? so glad you commented ?

  19. Ria

    Okay, so hey? I’m pretty sure you’re angry on me as I told I’ll read it yesterday itself but, believe me I couldn’t get anytime. Anyways, back to the episode I’ll thrash you if you say it’s boring. It was splendid. Really loved it. Waiting for the next episode. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

    1. Kritika14

      Lovee you ? and I am not mad at you .. It’s okay .. You might be busy … I am glad you commented ?

  20. Amazing… You write so well …. Comtinue writing …. This ff is really becoming one if my favourite ❤️ Lovee you ?

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      Thank you x and love you too ?

  21. Kritika14

    Thank you so much Sharon ? so glad that you like my ff so much ? I feel blessed .

  22. Amazing!!!!!!
    Do Cont Asap

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      Thank you x

  23. Paavu

    hey nic epi nd i also do live in thailand

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      Thank you x and where in thailand ?

      1. Paavu

        in krabi and wat abt u??????

      2. Kritika14

        Oh i live in bangkok

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