The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 13

Twinkle walks towards the stalls to have dinner. She starts with chaat and then reaches to gol gappe (if this is how it is pronounced … sorry if it is not!) Kunj who is unaware of where twinkle is starts to find her.

Kunj (POV):
Ab kaha chali gayi yeh ladki? itne bade hall mein kaha se dhundu? (now where has this girl disappeared? how will i find her in such a big hall?)

Finally he finds her stuffing big gol gapaas into her teeny tiny mouth. He laughs at this sight. He then goes towards her and says “wah bhai! sahi hai yeh tumhara … akele akele khaya ja raha hai! Twinkle then says “ nothing like that! come join me!”. Kunj takes another bowl for joining her eat gol gappe. She ate too many of them and now she feels the masala spicy leading her to cough severely. Kunj being very worried seeing her gets a glass of water and helps her drink the water through his hands. Twinkle touches the glass, unknowingly leading her touching kunj’s hand. They share an eye lock which is later broken by the crowd. Kunj says “ agar masala khana nahi aata toh kyu khati hai?”. Twinkle says “shut up!” They laugh and continue having their meal while talking. By 11 the crowd was almost gone and it function had started to wind up. Bebe says to yuhi and twinj to go back home as they will do the rest of the work. They agree and leave. Kunj drives and twinkle sits on the seat which is next to kunj wherein yuhi are seated on the back seat. They drove off to home. Once reached, kunj opens the door and yuhi and twinj lead to different paths. Twinj leave to twinkle’s room whereas yuhi leave for mahi’s room to drop off their ladies.

Twinkle’s room:
Kunj : okay now, i’ll leave! goodnight and sweet dreams x
He thinks to himself – God please! let me stay with her. Twinkle please stop me.
Twinkle : Sure x
she thinks to herself – Arrey pagal! ruk na .. kya jaa raha hai? (you idiot! where are you going? wait man!)
Twinj together : listen.
Kunj : okay you say
Twinkle : no you say
Kunj : no you say
Twinkle : no you say
and this continues for another 5 mins ?when kunj says : okay fine i’ll say!
Kunj : can we chat for a while? actually it feels nice talking to you and also there is no one in home leaving yuvi and mahi di and we know what they are gonna do isn’t it ??
Twinkle: sure why not! its a pleasure and ofc they are gonna start with their romance ?
Kunj: okay then! i’ll go change and come till then even you freshen up!
Twinkle : sure! come soon x

Kunj (POV):
Finally! now i can spend time with her all alone. He blushes and leaves to change.

Twinkle (POV):
Yippee! Thank you babaji! Finally! But wait … why am i so excited for this? Beta kuch kuch toh pakka ho raha hai. Bahut filmy ho gayi hai tu twinkle. chall now go get freshen up na toh kunj will have to wait.

Mahi’s room:
Yuvi: so darling aaj ke kya plans ?
Mahi: kuch nahi …. go sleep! i am really sleepy
Yuvi: sahi mein? i am not sleepy! i’ve got some other mood and kissed mahi on her cheeks.
Mahi: sorry ji! aapke mood pe duniya nahi chalti! so go sleep
Yuvi: duniya nahi lekin aap zaroor chalte ho! and slams her to the wall
Mahi: Yuvi leave me! i am really very tired … i need sleeP
Yuvi: no worries darling! i’ll take away all your tiredness.
He now kisses her on her lips … a deep and a passionate kiss. Mahi reciprocates and they kiss until they are out of breath.
Yuvi: i’m sure all your tiredness has gone now isn’t it ?
Mahi blushes and hits him on his chest playfully.

12:30 in the night ;

Twinkle’s room:
Kunj knocks the door. Twinkle screams “coming”. Kunj stands out waiting for twinkle wearing plain black t-shirt with grey lowers while his hair messed up giving him a s*xy look. Twinkle opens up the door and finds kunj waiting for her. She says sorry and he gives a its-okay look. They sit down on the bed facing each other. Twinkle was wearing a baby pink top which had “I ❤️ guess” written on it with a black night shorts. Her hair tied up in a bun leaving few strands of hair which were loosely curled with no make up or earring. She looked complete simple yet pretty. Twinkle speaks up ;
Tw: so ?
Ku: so what?
Tw: say something?
Ku: say what?
Tw: okay! so what do you do in amritsar?
Ku: actually i don’t stay in amritsar
Tw: then ?
Ku: Delhi
Tw: work purpose?
Ku: yeah! i work for a multinational and i am the head of HR department
Tw: oh! thats great!
Suddenly, the clouds start bursting and that’s when the lights go off. The windows are open and the curtain continue to fly higher and higher by the energy of the wind. A thunder strikes which scares twinkle resulting her hugging kunj tightly. She hugged him like she was a kid and had seen something real scary.

Kunj (POV):
She hugged me! she really did! she had her eyes closed like she was kid. I swear she is the cutest thing i have ever seen. I broke the hug and cupped her face saying “Its okay! nothing will happen to you … i am with you here.

Twinkle gets relieved listening this. Kunj holds her hands and gives a dot-worry-i-am-with-you expression.
Ku: kitni darpok hai tu twinkle
Tw: chup! i am not darpok okay? i am very very brave
Ku: haan woh dikh raha hai and then laughs
Twinkle now is annoyed and before kunj could continue speaking … she puts her hand over his mouth. Twinj share an eye lock, a good and big one. They seem to lost completely lost into each other until they hear someone unlocking the door. They quickly come back to their senses and check out for who came and found out that their family is back. Twinkle checks the time and says “kidding me? it’s 1 in the morning!” Kunj says “really?” she nods her head and says “challo lets go sleep already its late and look who is out as well …. Mahi di and yuvi bhai”. Kunj and twinkle giggle looking over them and then they expression on asking what happened. Twinj nod their heads continuing to laugh and then say bye to each other. Twinkle comes back to her room and lies down on the bed. She recalls everything that happened b/w kunj and her today ; the dance, the eye lock, him staying in the room to talk, the hug, holding his hands, him cupping her face. She had a big, bright smile over her face and slept.
Firstly, sorry for not being able to upload this yesterday …. i was busy with a small function in my home and sorry to ff and os writers as well as i couldn’t comment but i surely read them all. But you guys, i honestly am so thankful that you all are so supportive regarding a change in uploading my ff. Thank you so much, and as the majority wanted me to upload it thrice in a week so here you go! I’ll post it thrice and the days will be : Monday, Thursday and Saturday ! I hope you all are okay with it. If there will be any changes i’ll let you all know 🙂 In addition, guys don’t worry .. although i wont be posting it everyday but i will surely comment on your ff’s regularly! so chao guys … love you all ? (chao means bye and hi in italian ?)

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    Heyy nice episode yaar when i started reading i was praying for rain to start falling and it did ??? amazing epi ?? post soon and its ok for not posting yday tho i was missing you alot …bye post soon 🙂

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    chalo koini u carry on with ur story ……..hope tw will soon realise her feelings for kunj
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  10. Ria

    Monica, hi again? Hehe.. so, basically the episode was amazing. Especially that no, you; no, you one. They continued it for 5mins! Seriously? was funny. And, Mahi’s dialogue, sorry ji! Aapke mood pe duniya nahi chalti.?? I legit loved it. Please post soon.?

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  12. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Monica! I am sorry I was not able to cmnt on the previous episode! Well this was something HILARIOUS! And the way Mahi said Aap ke mood pe dunya nahi chalti I seriously laughed! And Twinj were absolutely amazing?Keep writing ! Keep smiling! Stay blessed and Take care XOXO

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    Fantastic episode…
    Twinj bonding was awesome… waiting for Twinkle to realize her feelings….loved it…

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  17. it was awsome.realy fantastic.romance was described very sweetly
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