The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 10

Kunj opens the door and finds the rest of the family along yuhi coming inside. Twinkle comes down to the hall and finds them too. Bebe asks twinkle and kunj “if yuvraj and mahi came now then how are you two here?”. Kunj says “actually bebe i went out with aashi and just came back like 5 minutes ago” while twinkle replies “bebe i was with them but in the theatre i had too much popcorn so i came back home as i wasn’t hungry they went for dinner”. bebe says “chal koi gal nahi (okay no problem) even we all had dinner and came so lets go sleep cuz you know we have to wake up early tomorrow and do preparations for the engagement isn’t it leela ji?”. Leela agrees and tells twinkle and yuvraj to go sleep. All agree and move to their respective rooms. Its past midnight when someone knocks into twinkle’s room. She gets up with the noise and is puzzled thinking who can come at this moment. She thinks if it is kunj or not. She thinks its surely kunj …. phirse kunj problem create karega… kabh sudhrega yeh pagal. She goes to open the door and she is surprised to find yuvi standing at the door. (I am sure all of you guessed for kunj ? better luck next time ?) Twinkle says “ Have you seen the time? Is this a time to annoy someone?” Yuvraj replies “arrey no baby doll i actually came to ask for charger …” Twinkle says “you want charger at this time? Whom are you talking to at this time? Mahi di?”. Yuvraj started blushing through which twinkle understands that she is right. She says “acha bhai take it… you wanna talk to bhabhi na .. i wont stop you”. Yuvraj says “shut up!” Twinkle hands the charger to yuvraj and says “now go and talk to mahi di and let me sleep”. Yuvi says okay and begins leaving when he suddenly realizes the decoration of her room and asks her “twinkle what is all this flowers doing in your room?”. Twinkle is anxious now. She thinks to herself “babaji aaj please bachalo?”. Yuvi then snaps his fingers in front of twinkle’s eye bringing her back to reality. She says “actually bhai i was very bored so i called a florist shop and asked them to deliver some flowers and decorated my room”. Yuvraj says “beta you will never change? so girlish! oh god! anyway bye and goodnight baby doll”. She waves a bye and closes the door.

Twinkle (POV):
I guess i am thinking too much about kunj. What’s wrong with you twinkle? Kunj is not everywhere. Calm yourself down and thank you babaji … aaj toh aap ne bachaliya natoh main mar hi jati (thank you babaji… you saved me today or else i would have died). But i have to agree kunj did a really pretty decoration in my room. The smell feels so fresh … like i am in some garden. chall beta ab soja kal jaldi uthna hai phir kaam bhi karna hai (now sleep … you gotta wake up early and do work).

Morning @ 7
Alarm rings. Twinkle throws the the alarm clock and covers herself from top to bottom with the blanket to avoid any interruption. Suddenly her phone rings … She picks it up without reading the contact name. She hears nothing from the other end and speaks up “kunj what are you doing? if you have called me then say something?” The speaker from other end says “i actually wanted to hear your voice so i called”. Twinkle then says “chup chap bol kya kaam hai (now say what work do you have)”. The person from other end says “actually mumma is calling … as you have to help her and she asked me to call you to wake you up”. She says “but wait kunj … how do you have my number? i never gave you”. The person from the other end speaks “actually yuvraj gave me”. She says hmmm okay, and then hear someone giggling … she asks “what’s so funny?” The other end speaks up “kuch nahi baby doll”. She says “acha okay” and then screams saying “BABY DOLL?? BHAI IS THIS YOU?” Yuvraj says “oh shoot! pura maza khrab ho gya. Waise yeh kya tha? Kunj huh?”. Twinkle says” kunj nahi… OOPS sorry kuch nahi”. Yuvi says “bahut kuch ho rha hai” and cuts the call. Twinkle gets up from the bed shocked.

Twinkle (POV):
what did i just do? why kunj? babaji save me! i don’t know what’s happening? Even when i’m sleepy i am taking his name. Now for sure bhai will doubt on me and kunj every single time. But what happened yesterday night? he kissed? I blushed? Shoot! I BLUSHED WHICH MEANS ITS SURELY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I NEVER BLUSHED FOR A GUY BEFORE. Okay twinkle now get ready before you get scoldings from maa.

Twinkle gets up from her bed and leaves to the washroom for a shower. She comes out wearing a blue crop top with white jeans while keeping her hair partially tied. She walks down the stairs and goes to leela saying “so what work do i have?”. Leela says “you go to the venue and check out if everything i okay there and take kunj along so he can drive you there and if he wants to change anything …”. Twinkle firstly get shivers thinking about kunj and then later says okay to leela. Leela calls out for kunj. He turns towards leela and sees twinkle. He gets mesmerized with twinkle’s beauty. He continues staring at her and later is zapped back to reality when leela continues “puttar .. could you take twinkle to the engagement hall? she needs to check on everything there and if you want any changes she’ll do it there itself”. Kunj happily agrees. They start leaving for hotel.
Thank you thank you so much. I didn’t know i would get such a great response from all of you.I feel like i am on cloud nine. Carry on commenting and let me know what you think about today’s part. Looking forwards for your comments. Love you all. Bye x

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Beautiful! Monica keep going like that! It is wonderful!


    1. Kritika14

      Thank you zuha x

  2. Angita

    Woww wah woommm amazing episode…sho funny to

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you angita!

  3. SidMin

    Loved it the way Uv was teasing Twinkle and Twinkle lost in kunj’s thoughts pls post the next one soon??

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you sidmin… Really glad you liked it 🙂

  4. It wz sooo cutee ……twinkles confusd state wz very writtn… ur gng gr8….
    Ctd sooooooon..

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you maggi x

    2. Kritika14

      Thank you sweetie x

  5. Kruti

    Monica this epi was just amazing…….loved that morning conversation

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you krutii ?

  6. Rhimjhim

    muuaaahhhh!!!! lovely…..

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you darling x

  7. Jisha

    Beautiful… Twinkle’s confused mind is well written…

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you ?

  8. Amazing
    Uv as Kunj Awesome part
    Post sooon

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you Zaku x

  9. Shreya098

    lovely epi….
    loved the teasing game of twinkle and UV..

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you shreya 🙂

  10. Shatakshi

    Really Monica loved it to the core❤❤

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you shatakshi <3 btw can i call you sha? if you dont mind? 🙂

      1. Shatakshi

        Hey Monica
        U can call me anything
        But tu ppl call me shatz sattu…n many more…its up to u

      2. Kritika14

        Thats really sweet of you 🙂 thank you x

  11. Ria

    Monica, it was amazing as usual.?

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you ria 🙂

  12. Fan

    Amazing epi monica..

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you 🙂

  13. Sayeeda

    Amazing…awesome…….Monica loved it

    1. Kritika14

      Thannk youu sayeeda x

  14. Baby

    hey monica amazing yr luvd it u made a smile appear agn wile reading d episode whole time a smile played on my lips yr u r fab pls post nxt asap ll bw8ing

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you soo much x happy to know i could bring a smile on your face 🙂

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…loved it….

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you x

  16. Rashiverma2199

    Monica….lovely it was ……

    1. Kritika14

      thank you 🙂

  17. Saby

    Monica…. I don’t know weather I have commented or not… But ya I do read ur ff and find it really lovely… Actually cute…
    No actually sweet….
    Offfo I m so confused….
    Only one thing I love ur ff

    1. Kritika14

      Thank you so much saby! I am really happy to know that you love my ff 🙂

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