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Mumbai (where the Taneja’s live)
Leela shouts out for twinkle. Twinkle replying in a squeaky voice ” yes mumma, what happened ?”. Leela then adds “Twinkle for our next marriage contract, we have to fly to amritsar so will you want to join us ?” Twinkle says in an exciting voice ” why not! its been so long since i’ve been to amritsar. I would love to join you.” “so pack your bags and keep your passport ready as we gotta fly to amritsar day after tomorrow and remember keep all your clothes and your stuffs that will want because later on i won’t be there to listen you complaining about what you have left back in here.” says leela. “mumma i don’t do that !” says twinkle in sarcastic way. “acha okay ! now let me prepare and you prepare as well” saying this leela leaves.

Amritsar (where the marriage is taking place)
“kunj… have you checked out the venue for the engagement ? ” says bebe. Kunj instantly replies saying ” when kunj is there then why do you worry ? don’t worry bebe …. i have checked the venue and everything is perfectly alright and i have talked to the taneja’s as well and they told they’ll be here day after tomorrow” “oh great! ” says bebe. Kunj’s phone rings and he excuses himself from bebe and goes to pick up the call.

twinkle : maa i am ready are you too ?
leela : yes beta i am coming with your dad .. call out yuvraj
twinkle : he is also coming ?
leela : yea … although he told no from the start but suddenly he said yes
twinkle : strange . but okay
Twinkle calls out yuvraj’s name and he replies back saying ” coming baby doll”
twinkle : maa have you told the sarna’s to pick us up ?
leela : yes don’t worry … i have arrange everything
everyone gather in the hall to leave for the airport …

bebe : kunj its better you leave for the airport as the taneja’s may be arriving anytime now
kunj : yes bebe i was about to leave. bye darling (he passes a flying kiss to bebe)
bebe : chall bhag idhar se, bada aaya.

Amritsar airport
kunj is waiting for the taneja’s to arrive. Soon they come and therefore kunj greets the taneja’s and says ” welcome”. leela and rt together say ” thank you”. kunj asks ” who is this ? ( pointing towards yuvraj)” they reply saying he is our son. kunj then says “shall we leave ?” leela replies saying ” could you wait a min my daughter also came along but she went to the washroom” kunj says ” sure why not !” they wait for a couple of minutes. Suddenly a girl in a blue crop top with white jeans starts walking towards them saying ” sorry maa it took me a little long” leela adds ” no problem darling its okay …. by the way meet kunj, he is the groom’s brother” twinkle forwards her hand to kunj for a hand shake.

Kunj (POV)
whoa ! who is this girl ! she is so pretty i can’t take my eyes off her.

after 2 minutes kunj comes back to his senses and forwards his hand for a hand shake with twinkle saying ” hey i am kunj ” twinkles quickly replies “hello, i am twinkle. it was a pleasure meeting you”. As they shake their hands …. kunj feels shivers in his body because of twinkle’s hands. Leela then adds ” kunj lets leave or else we’ll be late and we’ve got a lot to do.” kunj who didn’t want to leave her hands, sadly left and continues saying ” sure aunty lets leave”. They all leave from the airport.

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Hey Monica..a really nice epi…post next part soon..and if you wish I request you to read my posts too..agar bura naa large toh..I know I advertise my ffs alot but who doesn’t want her post to be read…and I really loved this start….post soon.,..plzzzzz

  2. The story is nice?. Waiting for next one. Thanks Monica for writing this ff.

  3. Angita

    Very very lovely start and between who is Kunj brother?

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi monica..loved it..

  5. Very nice epi yaaar… Waitin fr twinj moments.. Post the nxt epi soon…

  6. Heyy amazing episode Monica 🙂

  7. Sayeeda

    loved it

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Monica darling.. U rocked it.. But plz longer epi if u can

    1. actually i am new to this uploading ff thing and although the requirements say that it should atleast be 800 characters but whenever i upload it says maximum level exceeded so therefore i am trying to figure out what can be done.

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….

  10. Baby

    hey monica amazing yr sry fr cmnting late as i ws busy smwere

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Monica….it was lovely….

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