The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) ~ Author’s Note!


Hi guys! Okay, so I know this sounds a bit too weird and official but there’s something I’ve got to share to you all. Firstly, I am sorry to all my readers. You guys always tell me to update soon but I always fail to do so.

Well, the main reason behind it is quite obvious. I’ve got a a lot to study which makes my schedule a really hectic one. Moreover, what takes me longer is to think of what’s going to be happening next. I don’t have it planned before! All I know is my end, the story in between is completely unknown to me as it is to you. So I write it on the spot which makes my task a little more difficult.

I’ve also realised that since my school’s have reopened, I’ve never been regular leaving the first 2 weeks? and I feel so guilty for making you guys wait for so long but I don’t have any other choice. Being in 11th grade surely makes your life a pathetic one.

Plus, right now I’ve got my mocks (pre-boards) coming up which keeps me completely engaged to studies. In fact, I hardly get the time to actually visit this site!

So, the sole reason for me writing this to you guys is to inform you all that I won’t be able to update my fan fiction for the next 2 weeks! Yes, I am extremely sorry for it but I really have to be studying right now and writing the fan fiction simultaneously isn’t just working!

Well, all I can say now is that … the next update of my fan faction can possibly be after 23 December as that’s when my mocks come to an end!

I really need your support right now! Wishing that you guys understand me! I’m really sorry for making you guys wait for this long. Trust me, even I am not okay to this but there’s no other alternative! Hoping that you guys aren’t getting irritated by me and moreover, by my fan fiction!

Take care,
Lovess! xx ?

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  1. Chiku

    Hey sweetheart
    U know my exams are also coming. So i would have missed ur ff if u would have uploaded it in next two weeks. ?????????no problem. Examas are more important.
    All the best. Rock ur papers ????????????????????????
    Mera aashirwaad tere saath hai?????
    Love u

  2. Ramya

    Hey monica don’t be sry exam r important na just chill yaar n when post when u r free
    All d best Dr exam dear do good

  3. Ria

    Heya Stupid,
    Dekh, itna ro mat. I’m commenting. Iss darr se nahi ki you won’t comment, but just that I didn’t want to comment then. #LazyMe ?

    Okay, you know, I already knew about the dates and I remembered it too. Like, I am sweet and I don’t expect all this from you at all so, yeah. Ill be waiting is all I’ll say.

    I hate you?, but I love you!!?
    ~ Your idiot.

  4. Loveleen

    Hey dear dnt wry we fans wil b waiting fr u. Xams r foremost jus b calm n rocknur papers then give us an super amazing rocking episd…tht will fill the gap of nt writing so mny days… Love u…best of luck ….

  5. Kruti

    Dont worry yar we know exams r important…..All d best for it….I am sure u will rock it
    No worries will wait for d ff as long as u want….so be cool nd study well
    All d best once again?
    Love u??

  6. Aanya_pandey

    No worries yrr.. its ok.. 11 std is really imp i can totally understand that.. will b waiting till wen u want us to?

  7. Hey dude! It’s completely alright. Well yes I know I’m gonna be dying without reading your ff but it’s okay cause your studies are way more important than this. Don’t worry, I’m with you! Go rock your papers and then return back with your rocking parts! ? Surely, your ff is worth the wait for I’ll wait as long as you want me to.

    Love you! ?

  8. SidMin

    Hi my KK
    Missing you a lot hope your exams go well all the best ?
    Love you take care ❤

  9. Baby

    ohhhhhhh well monica dear mein toh late hun…..
    n i ll get ur episodes ryt 😀
    or koi ni pad its important know……. 😀 all d best fo ur results know
    i cant w8 fr ur episode woohooo♥♥
    love u lods♥♥

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