The Enticing Little Incident (Part 44)

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Part 43

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(Twinkle’s POV)

“Kisi ne sach kaha hai, beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. Her eyes, they’re so bright and radiant. Her smile, so alluring. Her body, just fine. Her fingers, perfectly fits with mine. Her face, epitome of beauty.

?Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I’ll love them endlessly

I won’t let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It’s you
Oh it’s you
They add up to
I’m in love with you
And all these little things?”

All the lights were back again and he was exactly who I thought could be, Kunj. But wait, he was holding something. Focusing on what he had held, I found he had a picture of me. My picture? Why would he do that? Isn’t it Khyati and his engagement? Strange.

Suddenly, everyone’s looking at me and I realize there’s a spotlight over me. I turn around my head like 10 times with no idea what to do next. Kunj makes his way to me, he kneels and says,

“I know this was completely unexpected from me. I know I’ve annoyed in the last few days and I’m sure you won’t forgive me so easily for that cause I know I’ve hurt you, all these days. But trust me, I did all this cause I didn’t want our love story to be so normal. If we would’ve have got engaged normally then what difference would we create?”

What? This was a plan? Is he kidding me? How dare he play with my feelings this way?

“and for making it simpler, everyone including Khyati knows about us. It was all to surprise you. In fact, she helped me in all this and on top of all, this was her plan! All I want to say is, as I told before, I would never leave your side, no matter what! There’s only thing that I want to change about you, your last name. Would you like to become Twinkle Kunj Sarna from Twinkle Taneja? Because you complete me!”

I stood there, all numb. WOW! This was all his plan? I didn’t know how to react. He took out a ring from his pocket and spoke,

“Will you marry me?”

The crowd began hooting for us and encouraged me to speak yes.

“Yes yes yes” I spoke as I couldn’t stop smiling and the color of my cheeks began to rise.

He slid the ring on my ring finger while everyone around us clapped and showered flowers over us. I swear, this is the best day of my life!

Everyone surrounded us pretty soon and began congratulating us. I was more than happy, not forgetting what he did to me .. but ofc, who wouldn’t be! And regarding the times he annoyed and hurt me, I’ll see him after we’re done with today!


(Kunj’s POV)

I can’t believe this all actually happened so smoothly. I’m so happy she agreed without any tantrums but I’m sure she wouldn’t forgive so easily for what’ve I’ve done in the last few days but whatever, she’s my girl and I know how to make it up to her.

“Okay okay, now that the engagement is halfway done, let’s complete the whole ceremony. Twinkle it’s your turn now to complete the ceremony” bebe spoke on the mike, assuring everyone hears it.

I asked for her hand and she happily gave it to me and I made her walk to the stage. I could see her expressionless face and I guess it was because she had no ring to make me wear? That’s exactly when di came and handed her a ring which she could make me wear and I could see the glow back on her face.

Soon, she made me wear the ring while the whole crowd applauded for us. I legit wasn’t able to believe that this has actually happened and that Twinkle is my fiancé, I’m so happy.


(Twinkle’s POV)

I couldn’t stop smiling while I looked at the ring that Kunj made me wear few hours ago. I can’t believe we’re engaged. He’s my fiancé. But how could he play with my feelings for so long? You will have to pay for it. Now you see, Mr Kunj Sarna you’re so doomed!

I was just about to change my attire but before that I hear the door closing and there he was.

“What are you doing here?”

“It’s my wish and now you’re mine so …. I don’t need reasons to meet you right?”

“Whatever! I’m really tired now, lemme go sleep”

I began pushing him and before I could do that he caught hold of my hand and took it behind my back and held it tightly preventing me to move it. My front touching his, he came closer and I could hear his breath. His scent was still the same, magical. He moved a little more closer and the next second, he’s kissing me. His hands thrusting into my hair and his mouth on mine. His kiss his gentle, cherishing yet passionate. He groans against my mouth, but his lips don’t leave mine. His lips becomes more insistent, more provocative and his tongue invading my mouth.

We pulled out once we were out of breath. I swear, he looked hot af with those messy hair that he has right now. Out of everything, I missed him. I missed his lips. I missed his fragrance. I missed those eyes that looked at me with love. I missed him.

After this, I couldn’t stay mad at him anymore. As always, he convinced me again!

“I hope this will give you a good sleep?” he spoke with a smirk.

“Shut up Kunj” I say shyly.

“Anyway, you can rest now! I wouldn’t disturb you anymore”

He kissed me on the forehead and walked out leaving me smiling like a mofo. I quickly changed and was on my bed thinking about everything that happened today and how this has become the best day of my life.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

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  1. Sohi

    Hey it was too good and romantic
    But you would have made kunj suffer some plz
    Do continue

  2. soooo..romatic..awsm..lovly..epi

  3. SidMin

    Awesome …. I just knew it it’s Kunj’s plan …
    Loved the awesome engagement Twinj had … it wasn t less then a shock for Twinkle but a lovely one …
    The words used were beautiful … I mean you wrote these things so beautifully loved it …
    Love you post soon ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Baby

    Ohhhh god kriti loved it to core…..
    Too good bt I wanted kunj to suffer……maza aata hahaha….
    Well lovely adorable n soooo cute episode…..
    Lods of love….. 🙂 ☆★♡♥☆★♡♥☆★♡♥☆★♡♥

  5. hey! I’m so happy to see you back so soon. Anyways, I loved this chapter completely and finallyyy, the romance is back! I missed the romance between Kunj and Twinkle for so long .. I literally craved for it and now it’s back! As I told you before, I love it when you write romance of twinj please write atleast one scene in every chapter of yours pleeaasseee? Hoping you’ll post the next one sooner? ? (just kidding) but still, post asap!

    Love you loads ❤️

  6. Mia12

    Hey kriti…..
    Epi is just gud,,??….but like really how can twinkle forgot everything yarr,,its too much,,?? plz make kunj suffer,,??…this is ur ff readers demand,,?? so u have to cmplt it,,?? post next soon,,☺☺
    With lots of love,,❤❤

  7. Loveleen

    Yaaayyyy…M so happy with this update …It ws damn amazing …Loved it …N love u even more..

  8. Hey sana…who the bl**dy idiot u r han???abhi abhi us sia n shilpa gai thi…abhi or ek kamini agai…sali teri himmat kese hui kriti ko esa bolne ka han??jst shut ur blo*dy mouth u whore….. N kriti dear jst ignore dis typ of idiots…coz we all know u r the best.plz dnt feel hurt we all r wid u dear..lov u kriti..keep smiling

  9. Chiku

    Awwww!!! Sooo cute. Lovely❤️❤️❤️❤️Loved it. Amazing
    Post soon

  10. Anam_sidhant

    Aye, you’d updated so quick. . . i was literally craving for your ff! Anyway, twinj is back finally AHHH:/ was dying for their romance.? Though, i can’t ask you to update soon as you already did, but try to post asap. Will be waiting for your next one !

    With love,

  11. Anam_sidhant

    She ain’t cheap but you are, well don’t you guys have any other work rather than entertaining here? Okay, so let’s be real. Nobody is really caring about your shit. If you don’t know, lemme tell you that your comments are really funny!? Like seriously, no one has asked you read these ff, you’re reading it by your choice and saying shit about it. Dayum, go get a life dude.

    P.S:- if you’re trying to seek attention by doing these things so babe, go and do something else, this ain’t interesting honestly, and TBH, no one is going to give you a shit !

  12. Simiyy

    Hey Kritika
    It was really good
    I really enjoyed reading it
    Ignore any people who are saying bad things
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  13. Presha

    Hey kriti its awesome just loved it

  14. Romaisha

    Yooooo Kritika..(di) ?????
    Yaar this was amazing!!!! But short.. But stilll so wonderful. I read in one go and enjoyed it so muchhh!
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  15. Sara28

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    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely epi

  18. Ramya

    KRITIKA awesome amazing Superb
    So lovely cute
    Love u keep smiling

  19. Kruti

    kriti it was just amazing….the engagement the kiss???…..Loved iy
    continue asap

    Loads of love

  20. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Omg kriti it was best engagement ever ever yrr….Love this episode to infinity yrr….. But I too wanted KUNJ to suffer Thora sa for playing prank on tw….it would have been fun…
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  21. Awesome episode i loved it

  22. Ria

    Hey Kriti,
    Okay, I’m here. ? We’ll, this update was really great! Glad to see Twinj back together again. I’d missed them together. Their kiss and the engagement ? Well, dude I’m waiting for the next update. ? Hope you’ll be able to post soon AGAIN. ?

    P.S.: Make Kunj suffer sometimes too?Twinkle forgave him so easily? Your boyfriend will be able to handle things easily. ?

    All my love,

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