Entering the Spell -One shot

Entering the Spell – one shot


It was again a failure for her, she felt it was never going to happen and with lost feet she had been entering into that round road tunnel into the small hills.it was her tenth time she had been trying to get herself enrolled into the program which worked for the safety of the stray animals wandering here and there but every time she went for the interview they called her she was not suitable….why the hell it was so hard for a woman.

Sometimes she really cursed her decision of leaving the MNC in the middle of getting the promotion which could have been established her as the general head of project departments but she wanted to do something which others were too careless about. She wanted to help these poor animals live freely and she had ways to earn but now after this failure she really doubted her decision.

Thinking and talking with her depressed soul she never knew when she reached at the entrance of the tunnel, though there were many going inside and coming out on their vehicles but she felt herself low thinking she had to walk alone in this dark passage litting with those creepy green and red lights, she never knew the logic of lighting a tunnel with those dark lights when it should be some white light but they said it was for the temperature to be maintained.

Exhaling the breath she was holding she walked inside and as she entered she recalled the saying of her granny, “never enter some dark place alone, you never know who or what is coming next.” And she really thought to take some lift but then it was not some wise decision. “It was just one nonliving tunnel; something with no powers at all. Her granny was one old and gossip lover lady and way too conscious too.” Telling this to her she progressed.

She was feeling the temperature a little too low that it was causing her to shiver , maybe she was visiting this tunnel after so long without the safety of the private buses, but they had to go for a strike just today, it couldn’t have been a more bad day for her. She was feeling pity on her own self; she should have learned riding a scooty by now so she was saved for such days.

She thought to not think anything and keep walking without looking back, buses took five minutes but they steered themselves with low speeds so she could do that in maybe ten minutes, she counted in her mind and feeling a bit less tensed she stepped ahead. Suddenly she found a black range rover in the wrong lane in front of her. and as she walked a little more suddenly a little rabbit came out from the slight ajar door and it could have been slammed into some vehicle if she had not gathered it into her arms and then she noticed the man with features like a normal but highly posted person, it was something in his aura which was radiating in this dim lit passage too.

“thank you for the help,” he politely said helping her with the bright fluff of an animal.

“it’s okay,I saw it and grabbed before something bad.” She smiled and tried walking past him when words hit her, “they say lovely ladies shouldn’t walk dark passages alone.” She stopped with the light flirt and turned and found he had put the rabbit into the vehicle and was now leaning on his rover with a smile.

“No choice, buses are on strike today.” She too smiled and thought to not stop for any moment more.

“You can come with me,” he offered.

“no, I will manage.” and she resumed her walk.

“Well tunnels are not a place you should travel alone and more dangerous when you are already shivering.” He gestured her shivering shelf and she found he was right, maybe she didn’t know about it at all.”

“But it seems you had to go in the opposite direction of mine,” thinking to end every possibility she pointed out to him.

“Actually people enter this tunnel thinking about their destination but destinations keep changing.” He said looking through her eyes and she felt nervous into his black eyes which were suddenly looking mysterious. As if sensing her discomfort he cleared, “I meant I had to go into the valley next to the tunnel but I was mistaken and ended up here, you seem a resident of here, maybe you could help me.”

“It is not too difficult just exit the tunnel and take the right turn as it comes, you are good to go then,” she told him gesturing with her arms.

“So you won’t be coming with me?” he asked smirking and suddenly his features became normal, “by the way, you aren’t going into the valley?”

She thought to tell some lie but then there was nothing helping her cause if she said she had to go somewhere else he would know she was lying cause then it wasn’t possible to walk on foot because the near locality was 10 kms away if she wasn’t taking that same right valley.


“its okay, just let me drop you till the exit of this tunnel.” He offered opening the passenger door and she couldn’t deny.

“I will feel comfortable in the back seat if its okay to you.” she said thinking it was easy to jump if she took the back seat just in case….

But as she opened the back door she felt it wasn’t a nice decision and he came to her rescue.

“What is ….1,2,3,4, 5 ,a total five rabbits….why this many ?” She asked admiring the colorful fluffs and blocking the entrance so they didn’t jump out.

“ummmmm” and he scratched his neck. “I am taking them with me, I rescued them from a man who was going to sell it to someone…I just felt they were not nice persons so I bought them.” He completed and she felt he was slight uncomfortable and he looked so boyish in that moment.

All the preaching of her grand ma came to her, to never believe a stranger but he seemed genuine; like her he too was a natural to animals. When he was this conscious with a small animal why he would do some harm to her and it was already feeling like the weathers were changing so making herself a  little bold she mumbled a yes and took the back seat where she found a few more little rabbits and when she looked to him he smiled.

“Actually first I need to reverse it, can you help me?” he asked and she nodded.

As he was finally steering through those creepy lights she felt her nervousness going, maybe these little animals cheered her up. And she noticed his suv didn’t smell with the costly perfumes as was the case with every man, the car was quite comfortable and she was feeling dreamy with the ease it came with.

“So you work for the safety of these animals…well, being a girl if you are that courageous you are worth a bow.” He admired her and she felt her ears turning red.

“I always loved animals, so I thought why not something for them….for pets everyone is careful but for the wanderers no one cares. But now thinking to dump this idea as they are rejecting my application everytime” She answered caressing the black one just at her feet.

“Well, they are right. A beautiful lady doesn’t look good cleaning the animals.” He smiled in the front mirror and she smiled at him.

“You said you are new here, what you do….if you don’t mind,” she asked.

“Let’s say I too am one out of the league like you.” He smiled and she felt he should smile less because it was making her feel awkward not that it was bad, it was one Infectious Smile.

“Actually I had this meeting with ‘Save them’ earlier and ….

“You work with them?” she was ecstatic. “I mean they are rejecting my applications for quite some time now.”

“Oh, the civil engineering graduate, 24 years, lean girl with a silent attitude is you.” He wasn’t surprised and hearing the words intended for her she blushed unknowingly and without looking at him directly, confirmed it.

“Why you left the MNC?” he asked .

“I told you I wanted to do something important others least cared.” She said with a pinch of confidence.

“I can make this possible, now that I have met you. He offered. “And it is not because you are one pretty lady.’ He again smiled.

And next she found him on a call confirming about some application which she knew was of her.

“But we need to go back for you know…. confirming the details and all the formalities.” He looked up in the front mirror.

“okay.” now she was relived about many things, he didn’t look a stranger she met in a lone tunnel but maybe she would see him more often from now on. You never know what is coming next she recalled her granny and smiled on the turn of events.

They were again reversing the vehicle and it was not that big of a problem because of the nearly empty tunnel with a few cars. She felt in the vehicle the temperature was normal, maybe he had some blowers or anything like that equipped there.

“Told you, destinations are meant for change.” He mumbled and she smiled this time.

“okay, so if given a chance would you mind going into the woods to save some animal?” he asked.

“it will depend on the animal and on the time .” she said thinking for a while and he laughed.

“that’s the reason they were not approving you, but lets say you could be given a little lineage.” He teased her again.

“I will try helping them the fullest.” She answered his unsaid but hidden worry.

They kept progressing in the new direction with the little squeaks and sounds of the rabbits when she suddenly thought she had to reach her room soon for she had called the old plumber to fix the waterline on the rooftop which had been broken and was now damping her room.

“Sorry, can I come tomorrow please; I had something important to do at home.” She said suddenly alarmed.

“Nothing that can wait?” he seemed he wanted her to stay.

“Actually I needed the broken water pipe on my roof repaired, water is seeping through my room.” She replied uncomfortably.

“Well, that can’t wait.” And they both smiled.

“We are again reversing?” he pointed.

“sorry.” She replied feeling a fool.

They didn’t say anything throughout the ride and she again felt drowsy. She could have mistaken herself sleeping and hearing him in dream if the sound wasn’t that vivid. “Don’t sleep beautiful lady, you may start dreaming.”

And she felt like she woken up from some dream when the car came to a halt and she noticed, just a few feet ahead at the exit of tunnel a little girl right between the road sitting with her back to them.

“I’ll tell her to leave; it looks like she can’t hear your horns.” She said opening the door.” by the way, thank you for everything. From here I will manage.” She pushed the one black rabbit inside who was in a hope to accompany her.

“See you soon and take care. Hills here are too unpredictable,” she warned him as she bid him a good bye from the half slid window glass.

“You too take care even if we never meet again.” He again smiled that beautiful smile and she reciprocated. “And don’t forget this man you met here lovely lady.” He pouted.

And trying to understand his words she walked ahead. If he worked for the organization they can always meet and isn’t she going to meet him tomorrow itself.

But in a hurry to reach her home she brushed the thought away and balancing her bag on her shoulder she walked ahead of his car, she felt like turning back and waving her palm to him but then it felt a little too much .

Stepping towards the girl she touched her shoulder, the little girl in a worn out frock looked up and then looked back and smiled, maybe she noticed him in the now visible arena and here she felt surprised with this gesture.

“hey ! little girl, you should leave the road, you can get hurt.” She told her lovingly and the girl obliged her and then pulled her to her level and at that very moment her phone ringed.

“one second dear,” pulling them both outside the tunnel she took the call.

“We are reconsidering your form Miss, actually we feel you should meet us tomorrow.” The other lady said from the phone.

“Is it because Mr…..” and she recalled she didn’t ask his name. “Why you are reconsidering it again?” she wanted to hear from them.

“Actually we have thought previously but today you left in hurry and we could not see the final results from the upper departments. Sorry for the inconvenience and I am wishing you will join us tomorrow?”

“Was he just playing with her?” she asked herself but he did made a call and he knew about her profile too her mind made a point.

In utter surprise she ended the call and looked at the girl who was again smiling at him, “so you were saying something?” she drooped to her level

“You too love dreaming?” she asked and smiled.

“What…” she was surprised of this question “what do you mean?”

“You were traveling with him.”

“So?? You know him?” she was baffled with the current goings.

“Nothing.” and the girl walked into the paths under the road before she could have asked anything.

She felt his car never came out, she thought to go and check but then it was getting dark and she didn’t want that plumber to go back seeing her door locked. In the valley it was hard to find another at night; her roommate too wasn’t in city that they could have managed anything.

As she reached her home she found the old man waiting for her in the little yard out of the house. “I hope you didn’t wait too long, come I will show you the damage.” She said in a hurry before the man thought to say anything else.

As he was repairing the pipe she kept looking to the hills and the exit of tunnel, she was sure he never came out. “Perhaps he again got a route reversal.” She laughed inwardly.

.“Looking to that tunnel dear?” came the voice of plumber.

And she jolted, “yeah…..there was a man who accompanied me throughout the tunnel but he never came back….i was wondering about him.”

“You are new to this place?” he asked putting his screwdriver on the tank.

“ummm No, I am here from the past 6 months.” She replied nervously.

“Do you believe in Oneiros ?.” He completed.

“The ones who cast a dream on you?” she enquired with terror already overpowering her.

“Yeah, that ones.” The man replied. “Don’t believe the folks here they can scare you about it.” And he laughed, she too tried but felt no strength to do that.

“You too love dreaming?” suddenly she recalled the words.

Bolting the door she tried thinking was she really met a man or was it all a dream, a dream that foretold about her selection or was it a Spell she entered unconsciously, The Spell An Oneiro Casted on her!!!


So how was it? Are dreams a work of mind or someone can really play with your mind , someone who can cast a spell on you?

Oneiro comes from oneirology and about that you need to Google but a little word ,Oneiro is a word of writers mind. if you have any question regarding this shot feel free to ask, I will love answering ?

Hope you like it, I will be waiting for your response and do tell me what you felt. With love Morusya.

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  1. dreams huh….. but nice os

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear.

  2. HarSHaN

    “Destinations change..Do U believe in Oneiros..”NYC Story for reply to DreamQstn..mm..Again video mode..A good experience..Is tiz Ur genre of ur stories?Mm.. I didn’t get grammatic meanings of some words because of my Grammar..Bt Art help to get..A Good story travelled with Good Ghazal in my earphones..Create the next one Soon..

    1. Morusya51

      yes destinations change . and about Oneiros….. on i will talk someday on wall.
      i hope you were done with the grammar and it was a help, though it was a new combination (with a ghazal !! but anyway i want readers to enjoy) .thank you for the words dear ,lets see when comes the next : )

  3. Fenil

    Excellent Creation !!

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, and did you get my aspect about dreams ?:)

      1. Fenil

        Yaa !!!

  4. Lovely7


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      thank you dear….

  5. Palak_55

    “So how was it?”……Really really dear i dont have any words to answer your question….but today “Exceptional” is a small word to praise your penmanship…..How do you manage everytime to bring something different????
    After reading your this work, i find that your thinking, mind, perception, is completely different from others.
    As i earlier also said that i never read such articles here at TU platform but today i can surely say you will someday take this platform at a different level , and your efforts are proving it
    Not only you gave story to read but also you taught us something new ,which could never click in our minds..today’s article is also among those for me….really dear i find this OS a very much new read,…
    and i am amazed that from this single scientific word you created such a worth a read article…….your this wok is meant for a huge round of applause….

    1. Morusya51

      gosh, you are always so kind with your words Palak, and though i know i have to still learn i accept all the praises ❤
      lets hope someday we all will want something new, wander for something new on every platform and who said it was a story!!! maybe an oneiro casted an spell on you 🙂
      thank you so much sweetheart for being the constant support.

  6. wow….such a nice shot. you know playing with thoughts dear….the climax was totally out of the question thing. i loved it come soon.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear, i am happy you liked it. will try coming soon.

  7. Qwerty123

    Ok… it wasnt scary ?.. but i loved reading it. Awesome
    Like there are some stories which makes me speechless and this is one of them. How can you write so beautifully?
    Well written. Plz if you write any other plz shared the link to me, i really want to read more like this.

    1. Morusya51

      i am so sorry dear if it wasnt scary 🙂 but i wanted you to read it if you found that thought scary.
      and thank you so much for reading it love you <3. others arent like this but maybe you will find them worth reading.

  8. Adishu

    u know the story was itself like a spell totally different n unique…
    I will google about this because I really want to know what exactly it is….
    loved reading it….

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much dear if you liked it that much and yeah Google it you will get to know many more things. With love <3

  9. Muniya

    It was so amazing dear…
    Loved this unique concept of urs…

    1. Morusya51

      i really feel obliged to your support girl, i just hope i will keep nagging you guys with my outlandish thoughts sometime and you will support me 😉 love you?

  10. Superb dear

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear, i hope you enjoy my other shots too.

  11. Fidato

    Hey… Morusya… Really an infectious one…….felt.. like watching some Hollywood movie…. Loved it… Please update marring the seclusion.. if possible…

    1. Morusya51

      oh my god Fidato …and felt like Hollywood!!!!, oh man ,you are being really humble and i am no more close to them….but thank you so much dear for your words.
      and MTS – well, it will come after 14th ,sorry dear. but i will try giving a few longer chapters and maybe the story building too 🙂

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