Entangled Ishq # Twinj (epi3)


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CLOTHES(Kunj is in his white shirt with brown stripes and twinkle in her pink suit….sooooo)

Kunj :Twinkle aap do minuite mein mujhe bhaar miliye mein bike nikaalta hun..
Twinkle: kya hua?
Kunj : darwaaza kun locked hai yaar….don’t tell me voh hume yahan lock karke akela chodke chale gaye…
Twinkle does hawwww……..look and says haww…aise kaise hume andar akela chodke jaa sakte hain…..ab hum kya karenge….
Kunj : pata nahi yaar…I think jab mein bebe se permission lene gaya tha ki hum..hu…hum dono bike pe chale jaye toh unhe laga hoga ki hum chale gaye hain…..but hum toh late hain na twinkle isliye….
Twinkle : kunj tum naa mujhe pata tha kit um koi naa koi gadbad zaroor karoge….kal raat ko tumne phele voh date kharab kari voh sadi hui sabzi mangvake or ab tumne yeh kardiya…..tum mujhe kun siyappa queen bolte ho tum khud konse kum ho ab hum kya krenge….
(kunj is looking at her shocked that how much she speaks)
Agar hum dono ki shaadi nhi hoti naa toh sachi mein sadu sarna or hum dono ek dusre ko date kar rahe hote toh mein tume yun yun reject kardeti (she clicks her two fingers)kunj sarna…..
Kunj : kuch jyada nahi ho raha tera aajkal…agar mein shaadi ke phele ka kunj hota naa toh tere nakhre nahi jhelta kabka reject karchuka hota samjhi…… reject toh door ki baat hai samjhi first date ke baat tujhe aise ghum ke second look bhi nahi deta….
Twinkle: chup karo…..apni taareefe karni hogyi toh bebe ko phone karo meri sharukh ki movie miss ho rahi hai….
Kunj: twinkle kar raha hun phone itni hyper hone ki zarurat nhi hai ek film hi hai..
Twinkle: nahi kar rhe tum phone tum yahan time paas kar rhe ho or vahan sab maze kar rahe hain or mein yahan ghar mein band hun tumhare sath akele…..kunj mera kitna mann tha movie dekhne ka mein itne armaanon se tayaar hui thi…..
Kunj sees her and goes close to her and hld her by her shoulder…… and says sshhhssshhhh chup movie kahan bhaagi jaa rhi hai……aaj nahi toh hmmmhmmm(in srk style)kal dekh lenge lekin aisa mauka dubara nahi milega…..
Twinkle : kaisa mauka
Kunj : tum or mein…..(pause) …….iss ghar mein…….(pause )……akele(n he is making expressions according to these line hayee mene mar jana hai)(in background that romantic song is being played tannnaa aaa tananaa..aa….)or koi bhi nahi hai twinkle is seeing him with cute big eyes and innocent face…………..
Twinkle jerks her hand away……and says toh tumhara matlab hai mein sharukh ki movie chodke yahan ghar mein beth kar tumhara chhera dekhun…….
Twinkle shows anger and goes away and sits on sofa………
Now twinkle moves here there and searches kunj kunj as she doesn’t find him……..

Part 3-

Twinkle’s POV-

I was in the School which invited me as the Chief Guest..
I wore-this
What?…my outfit doesn’t seems to be of a CG yup its not..coz its Twinkle’s…!

Hmm…so Twinkle Taneja..is before time i.e. the rehearsal time of students…chalo ab aa hi gyi hoon toh masti kar lete hai…
I saw a few kids practicing a song..I took the guitar..and started playing the tune to give them beat…and what !!?..they jumped over me for autographs …are yaar kam se kam gaa lo…after the signing session ..we went on with the song…I was then jumping on a trampoline with some kid!…I know its silly but its Fun yaar…I felt a gaze on me..which was heating me..but I ignored..I know you will be thinking what Kind of CG I am..but I am..like this only..I can not become a VIP…coz I am Twinkle Taneja ..the MIP (Most Important Person) for me!..?

I was walking down the playground when I saw a really cute girl sitting on the swing.. but why alone…

“Hey princess”..I sat on the other swing..moving for-back
“My papa also calls me that…”..and she didn’t looked at me…”I said Hi too na…are you thinking about your Papa?”…”Yes “ she answered.. And looked over me…her eyes sparkled looking at me…”Twi..Twinkle Ma’am!!!”…
“Umm..yeah”.. And guess what she swang fast …wow!..I mean always my fans jump over me being happy meeting me..but this little angel was joyous!… She didn’t jumped over me..dind not asked for an autograph..just enjoyed her Joy..so sweet she is ..!
“ you don’t even know how happy I am…Thank you”..that little girl said with a grin..I smiled..soon again she was lost ..”what ‘s your name?”..I whispered.. She looked at me “don’t worry..I’ll not tell anyone! “..I chuckled..”Amie” she giggled..
“What happened?”..
“ I have my extempore the next hour…and …Papa abhi tak nahi aaye…I am ..nervous..”..
“Your papa gives you confidence??”..
Amie nodded.. “You know ..main 12 saal ki thi..when I had to perform my 1st concert!…I was really nervous.. Darr lag raha tha..and my Dad went to New York for some work…mujhe bhi bohot darr laga..coz I wanted my Dad to be beside me.. Then you know..meri mumma ne kaha…a father is always with the daughter..Maine ankhein band ki and reminicised my Dad..and performed..I knew Papa was not in India but eyes were searching for him in the audience… and He came…”…I sat in front of her and said.. “Your Papa will surely come..”…Amie kissed my cheek and went…I was happy..really happy…

-twinkle’s POV ends

It was the time to start the fest…Twinkle was walking down the stairs doing something on her mobile.. She was chewing her gum…and there…a guy entered from the opposite direction….his white shirt , pants and that blue blazer…he took off his shades from those killing brown eyes..he ran his fingers from his soft hair…his stunning complexion.. and berry lips…wuouhhouuu!
Chalo guess karo kaun hai??..I know you know who this guy is!!…(He is My Love…meri jaan..aur ye Jo hai naa meri partner..vo bhi flat hai meri jaan par…ab ye bechari bhi kya kare!??..Mera Sid hai hi itna Hot… Kyu?..chalo ..varna hamesha ki tarah Sid gaatha shuru kar dungi..)

Kunj was moving ahead ..the two guards who were following him..were signalled by him to be at the entrance only

And then…this Siyaapa Atom Bomb got bumped into the mascular Hotness…Kunj Sarna

Twinkle’s POV-..

I fell..no not actually.. I am hanging.. Am hanging in the arms of a guy…my eyes widened noticing his looks!!!!….Those deep brown eyes!!… Those berry lips..that ..face cut.. Oh goodness!?…I am just taken away!…my heart is taken away…”Be careful “…he said in that husky and truely s*xy voice that he is the owner of..’Thanks ‘…I just wasn’t able to say this word because..I was so lost in him!…and My hottie went….Hottie…yes a Hottie…uff!..My Hottie went…Hello!…come back..I want your Phone number!..My heart shouted..

‘Udti Hi Fhirun
Inn Hawaaon Mein Kahin
Yaa Mein Jhool Jaun
Inn Ghattavon Mein Kahin

Udti Hi Fhirun
Inn Hawaaon Mein Kahin
Yaa Mein Jhool Jaun
Inn Ghattavon Mein Kahin

Ek Kar Doo Aasman Aur Zameen
Kaho Yaaron Kya Karu Kya Nahi

Pehla Nasha
Pehla Khummar
Naya Pyaar Hai
Naya Intezaar
Karloo Mein Kya Apna Haal
Aye Dil-e-Bekaraar
Mere Dil-e-Bekaraar
Tu Hi Bata

Pehla Nasha
Pehla Khummar’

Yes…this was ringing in my mind ..in my heart…I never thought that it would come to this. At first it was all just a joke, then all of a sudden I fell in love…A man came..held me in his arms and went…I was so lost in him that I didn’t even realized….that HE TOOK MY HEART AWAY WITH HIM!!!..

I was uplifted!… Flying.. But I realized that I have to attend the function… I motioned to the auditorium hall…

I was asked by one of the head cabinet member to get seated on a sofa kind of ….which was you know… meant for the CGs..
I was on my place…but the place beside me was empty!… Is there some other guest too?..
I was soon ..donno how..lost in Mr.Hottie’s thoughts…
I felt someone sitting beside me…it was MR.HOTTIE!!!!!…No Twinkle.. You are day dreaming.. I slapped my consciousness….but no…It Mr. Hottie… OMG!..Kya baat hai Babaji..Apne toh mere Hottie ko mere hi paas bhej diya!!..Wow!!
I was staring him..’click’..I heard..The camera men were taking photographs…Fortunately not ours…I forcefully glued my straight.. I don’t want a rumour in tommorow’s news.. Meri Love story start hone se pehle hi khatam ho jaayegi…but I took short glances at him with the corner of my eyes [Socha hai..kitna funny and cute moment hoga naa..?]..

during the addressing time..I was introduced to the most lovable name..Kunj..Kunj Sarna..Twinkle Kunj…Kunj Twinkle… Wow!..just like made for each other!!..

And there came.. that little princess.. Amie..on the stage..she took out a chit from the glass bowl…closed her eyes for a moment …her gaze fell on my direction.. I smiled ..she smiled and started..
“Hello everyone.. My topic is….My Superhero!..
I donno about all..but for me..My Papa is my superhero..My Mother ..My father..My Guardian.. My best friend..My Life..My whole life…
I can’t say much ..because its all about mine and his bond and love..which can never be put into words..however learned I become.. But I can’t say how Much I I love you Papa..just a few lines for you.
If everyone had a father
Who was more like you,
There’d be more laughing, joy and singing;
Fewer people would be blue.

If everyone had a father
Who was more like you,
The whole world would be blessed,
Just as I am blessed with you.

I love you You Papa”…Saying those beautiful words..Amie looked at my side..rather beside me and gave a flying kiss…”I Love you too my princess “..I heard..
For the first time these words were the reason of my tears..My tears of Pain..My heart was broken!.. I felt like my world shattered!??

‘I am in Love with a Man…who has a daughter!… ‘..I just couldn’t stop my tears from flowing down my cheeks… I wanted to cry my heart out!…I was not even in Love properly that…all ended!
Precap chiaye yaa next episode I don’t know comment karo sab milega well……….ek precap…..Exciting drunk masti ♥♥♥ 😀

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