Entangled Ishq # Twinj (epi2)

helloooooooo…..this is loveurbabes..back..,Finally!!!
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So..we feel that many of you must have forgotten.. or haven’t read Part 1….right??!
So for you..We are posting both the parts …Together… Those who remember can read from PART2…while…Here’s PART1 for all of you..

As we have already told..we would be making you reminisce those beautiful and loving Tei( Twinj) moments which we all Love!!..

well here’s a small jhalak of tashan e ishq one of the cutest momento that our sidmin shared…..…..(twinkle wearing parrot grren blue suit and kunj wearing white trousers white t shirt and blue shirt)

they are In room and also a romantic tune is being played ishq bulava wali I suppose… ?
Soo kunj:kaha tha na yun hasa dunga tujhe
Twinkle:voh toh mujhe tumpe taras aa gya isliye mene smile kardiya
Kunj:kitni badi drama queen hai tu nhi…(kunj tickles her)
Twinkle:drama queen nhi sirf queen
Kunj:meri queen (they both share an eyelock)
Twinj:mujhe tumse kuch khena hai(both blush)
Again twinj:aaj nhi kal(now both of them smiles while blushing badly)
Again twinj:kal (both shares a sweet moment like this n smiles at eachother continuously… :D)

Sooooo guys aise chote chote twinj ke moments ham yaad dilate rhenge aap logo ko or uske sath hamari iss intresting si ff ko enjoy karate rhenge……
We hope you will love this idea of ours ab yeh ‘ours ‘kaun hai ye aap dhundte rhiye by the way we will tell you who we are after sometime darlings…..sooo enjoy love you sisters…. ?
Please do read the episode and comment below…. ?

Kunj Sarna°°Sidhant Gupta
Twinkle Taneja°°Jasmin Bhasin
Amie°° Harshali malhotra
°Leela Taneja°
°Rameja Taneja°
°Some more characters to be disclosed with time?°
In the beauty of the city of Sydney,Australia.. Our eyes fell on a big and luxurious mansion along the beach side…

‘Hello lovelies!…this is your Amie with her morning diaries.. And gess what I am excited for?…Ya ya give it a try!…And yes there’s where you got it right!.. Twinkle Taneja’s first concert here..in Sydney till the date that too 2 days before my birthday.. Isn’t that spectacular!..I am Sooo excited…woa!..ain’t you?..but but..problem.. Or in my mother tongue I should say…’Siyappa!’..Papa ko kaise manau?
Said the little cute Amie with a pout cuddling her cutie fluffie…a pink teddy bear..in front of the vedio camera..
‘What’s bothering my princess so much!’ a manly voice asked…
‘Papa’…Amie jumped over her daddy in joy hugging him…as he lifted her.
‘Oh My sweetie.. Missed you today’..
‘I missed you too Papa..aaj him shopping jaane wale the naa…’
‘Really??..mujhe yaad nahi aa raha’…he replied sitting on the fluffy bed with Amie on his lap
‘Papa’..Amie admonished
‘Oopsie…you know sweetheart.. sometimes I doubt if I have a wife in disguise of a cutie pie daughter’…he giggled
‘Papaaaaa…I am a ..small baby girl.. not your wife okay’..
‘But you dominate me the same way’..he chuckled again..’well koi tha Jo bada ho gya tha..haina baby girl’…
‘Papa..I am grown up..I am not a baby girl’
‘Hahaha..my shweetie..was it me only who called you a baby…’
‘Chalo chodo baaki baatein…important point…Papa’..now here’s the moment when Amie gotta butter her Dade…
‘Papa…you are world’s best papa’…
an then she got an eyebrow look from her dad…
‘Pehle aap refresh ho jao naa…You must be tired naa…I’ll ask jenny to ask servants to make food ready for us..but promise me naa…you’ll give me my b’day gift whatever I want’Amie asked.
‘You know bacche…mere kabhi samajh nahi aata tum kaun so baat karte karte kya kehne lag jaati ho!!…you are still a baby girl’..he told with a serious look making Amie widen her eyes..’Say what you want’
‘Ummmm…Papa…plz plz plz mana mat karna…’
‘First say it no’
‘Mujhe …umm…Twinkle ka 1st Concert in Sydney attend karna hai!!’
Her father looked at her with a serious look…
In India…
A big n beautiful mansion is shown… It looks like someone special lives in it..
Lets see what is happening a lady is seen working in the kitchen she sees the time and says ohoho
‘Puttar abhi tak ni uthi is tu sydney ni jana kyaaa!!???….menu hi jana padega isse uhane vaste babaji thodi si toh meri puttar nun intelligence gift karte sirf siyappe krne bhej dia apne toh….’
Here in the mansion a room is shown
A gorgeous girl is shown sleeping peaefully her lavish room
..her mother enters her room and says ‘twinkle puttar getup beta you will getting late for your flight beta you remember right you have to leave for sydney …its your concert there..’
The girl slowly opens her eyes they shine as the rays fall on her pretty face she alleged in a yawning voice..’Maaa…I wanna sleep more…plz…’..she pulled the blanket over again..
‘C’mon Puttar..aur ye kya!?…tune firse alarm clock tod diya!!…aur kitni baar…chal get up.. you need to go right I am trying hard to wake you up since one hour you need to board your flight naa.
Acha tell me are you done with the packing’…’
ohh shit maa I toh forgot that’ leela smiles I knew it now hurry up get ready and then we need to do your packing also twinkle smiles back and runs to her bathroom….
Now guys twinkle is bathing I don’t think we should interfere in between but yr atleast uska bathroom toh dekh sakte hain naa what say…rehne do….Bad manners?..
She comes out in her pink bathrobe and goes to her dressing room hhhhhhhhhaaahhhhh………………………………………………………………………………………jyada socho mat muh khula rhe gaya hai dekh kar apka bhi rhe jayga dekho dekho…….
Twinkle thinks ‘..Oh Baba ji!!… What’s this?…Uff packing is hectic!!.. What to take?…urrrggghhh’
She bit her forefinger..
It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters
And make fun of our exes, uh uh, uh uh.
It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight
To fall in love with strangers, uh uh, uh uh.

she sees a dress ‘let me take this nhi nhi ye wali…nooo..yeh…ya ye wali
fir yeh wali kaiseee rhegi ohh goodness ab kya krun kaunsi dress lekar na jaun….
I can’t miss any!!….
ugghhh… I am sooo very confused…’

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical.
Oh, yeah
Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines
It’s time
Uh oh
Leela comes there and is shocked to see the position of her room altough it was nothing new to her still….twinkle was still perplexed that what to wear and what to do….the room is shown it has become messy and clumsy all the clothes are lying here and there her sandals are lying under the table dresses are on the couch everything is messy…look there are her heels On the couch!!…uff this girl!… and silly twinkle is wearing one sandal and also a hat ..a fuzzy muffler is round her neck the bags are filled with clothes and evrything is cluttered here and there..now you all can imagine….. ?
I don’t know about you
But I’m feeling 22
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you
You don’t know about me
But I’ll bet you want to
Everything will be alright
If we just keep dancing like we’re
22, ooh-ooh
22, ooh-ooh

Now she is seen wearing a black crop top and denims with cuts.. above her knees with sneakers
Now she is seen messing her hair a bit…
We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way
It’s miserable and magical.
Oh, yeah

Now she is shown running here and there for her star bracelete
Now she is seen putting her lipgloss and then she press her lips and make a pout looking dropdead attractive and stunning..

Uh oh! (hey!)
I don’t know about you
But I’m feeling 22
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you
You don’t know about me
But I’ll bet you want to
Everything will be alright (alright)
If we just keep dancing like we’re
22, ooh-ooh (oh, oh, oh)
22, ooh-ooh
I don’t know about you
22, ooh-ooh
22, ooh-ooh

Now she is all ready for her trip…Finally!!….?

‘Hey dad..what’s up?’..
‘Morning darling.. So ready?..let me call ashok to drop you’..Rt said
‘Leave it dad..Main khud drive karungi..’..Twinkle bit her Conner cheek..
‘No ways..Parso ka newspaper nikaloon kya?..front page par headline.. `The business man Rt Taneja ki eklauti Popstar beti 110 ki speed par gadi chalate hue….`’..Leela got interrupted..
‘Fine Mumma…samajh gyi…Speed maintain karne ki koshish karungi?..abhi bye…Late ho jaungi…Love you both and yes do hafte baad concert hai..do attend… Muah..’..she kissed their cheeks and ran out…
‘Jhalli hai ye kudi…’..Leela smiled and Rt too….
Precap- Full too-on Twinkle in Sydney… And let’s see..pyaari Amie ko permission milti hai ki nahi?

Soooo here comes a cute twinj momento……a jhalak of our jaan ♥…….hope you all reminisces this cute past moment and enjoy…..
Kunj is in his white shirt with brown stripes and twinkle in her pink suit….sooooo
Kunj enters his room and twinkle is getting ready in front of the mirror…..she turns and sees kunj…
Kunj:pata tha sishe ke samne hi baithee hogi…..do ghante mat lagana ready hone ke liye bebe ne bike par jaane ki permission dedi hai okay…..
Twinkle: excuse me! Mein koi ladka nhi hun she applies her lipstick….jo pant shirt pheni or fatafat se ready ho gaye…mein ek ladki hun or ladkiyon ko ready hona janamsidh adhikaar hai so… I will take my time mister kunj sarna…kunj moves his head in a nod and then twinkle says or haan vaise tum apna role bhool rahe ho…
Kunj: oh!!! Carry onn……
Twinkle looks kunj going towards balcony and smiles while blushing….
Kunj enters the balcony and turns and like heroes I mean like him yaar vhi sbse bada hero hai kun sahi hun naa mein…..take searches for his phone first in right pant pocket then in left and takes it out and calls twinkle……
Twinkle is applying her perfume…
She picks up her phone….
Twinkle: hello
Kunj:uhh…..miss.twinkle taneja..ji mein sochraha tha ki aapko tayaar hone ki zaroorat hi kya hai aap toh hai hi itni khoobsurat…
Twinkle: mr.sarna buttering karne se kuch nhi hoga (kunj’s face is shown he smiles)mood aapne mera already off kardiya hai….date cancel kardun…
Kunj: I am sorry twinkleji….(twinkle shows tashan and smiles to herself)voh baat aisi hai ki badi der se aapka chera nhi dekha tha naa isliye call kiya hai…..(twinkle smiles brightly )kuch kuch ho raha tha aap nhi samjhengi(twinkle presses her lips and smiles)toh aap ready hogyi hon toh chalen….
Twinkle: uuhhh bas thoda intezaar or….
Kunj: aapke liye toh puri zindagi intezaar kar sakta hun..
Twinkle: meethi meethi baate karna or kisi ko special feel karana toh koi aapse sikhe mr.sarna…well I am quite impressed…. 😀 she smiles…
Kunj: ji aap hain hi itni special baate apne aap hi ban jati hain..
Twinkle: thike chaliye issi baat pe aapko mujhe popcorn khilane padenge voh bhi caramel wale…
Kunj: caramel salted cheese sandwhich softdrink chips icecream hokum toh dijiye aapki har khwaish sarankho par….(twinkle smiles)
Twinkle: see you then…
The screen splits between twinj and on there smiling faces…..
Kunj sees twinkle and smiles thinking about her and here twinkle is seen smiling and blushing thinking about kunj she was LOVE RED…… 😀 ♥♥♥♥

The episode starts…….
A plane is seen……we get to see twinkle giving autographs to small little girls…….♥ A airhostess comes and requests the girls now to put on there seat belts as the flight to Sydney was gonna land…..and she herself stops there and asks twinkle that could she have a pic with her twinkle felt it funny and weird…….hahhaaa ofcourse who won’t……she now went back to her place and the flight is seen landing and twinkle looks outside to see first beautiful look of Sydney she was mesmerised to see it……it was as beautiful as some heaven from above and maybe her destiny change here……..
The flight landed and as it landed every one left twinkle who was in business class stepped out of the plane and as she stepped out she felt cool breeze touching her gorgeous face and kissing her…..she felt the breeze and started walking out her bodyguards had surrounded her as she stepped out of airport media surrounded her…..her bodyguards made way for her and she beautifully went to her car and sat in her audi….and left from there for her hotel…..
Here amie says papa please naa let’s go for my favourie twinkle’s show naa you know papa how much big popstar she is and I love her sooooo much……
Her papa looked at her and asked more than me she nodded her head in yes and father did his eyebrow look and started tickling her…they both laughed and laughed and inally he dad agreed for her to go but on the condition hat she won’ be naughty and he won’t go with her….she asked him why soooo he kissed her forehead and told her to come down right now they would talk later on this matter they should have dinner as it’s late…….
Father went down and aamie danced in happiness that she would be able to see her favourite her lovely twinkle finally after two days but felt sad somewhere that her papa won’t go with her she decided to talk about this to her papa later now she decided to leave for dinner orelse her papa won’t talk to his cute little baby……….
Next day ?
Amie was in school..
She was playing with her friends when her teacher called her….
‘Amie come here’ she went to her teacher ‘Yes mam’
Teacher: baby…you know naa that there’s going to be an extempore on the annual day fest!..
Amie: ..yeh ..I do..
Teacher:..so from our section.. I’ve selected you ..be ready…ohkay..
Amie:..OK mam..
❤~Next scene~❤
A girl is seen wearing a tunic top with abstract design printed and black short…she was driving a black open jeep with her shades on and hairs racing in the wind…her wrist was enclosed by a leather bracelet… Twinkle was driving fast!!!…she was attending a call …
G:.”.Yes dad”..”.I am here”..”.safe..yup absolutely”…”.No ways dad…I am a good girl..Naa.””.I am trying to be slow dad”….”yes..Of course I am driving my jeep”…
She was continuing with her convo…Just then she applied brakes as some guys’ car came in front….she lifts her head up ..and is revealed to be ..The ‘Atom Bomb ‘..Twinkle Taneja..which is surely gonna sprinkle some of the blasts it can cause on those stupids…
“Hay you….Are you in a mood to die?”..she asked..
“Oho..Indian chick..in mood to kill!!..Why don’t you join us babe..we’ll teach you drive!”…those bastards commented…listening to which ..Twinkle let out a smirk…
“Let’s have one..”..she said..
1….2….and GO!!!!….both the cars were racing….soon ..Twinkle was about to take a lead..when those guys came forward….all of a sudden… She took over….”Bye! “…she teased before going further… Leaving them shocked and choked behind!!!!
❤~Next Scene~❤
Twinkle was in her hotel room..with the composition paper…when she got a call from her PA ..Archit..informing her that she has an invite from XYZ school for their Annual fest….Twinkle agreed to accept the invite.. as he told that her schedule is clear on the day…
❤~Next Scene ~❤…[we know…we know..bohot jaldi jaldi scenes aa rahe hain?]
Amie’s father was sitting on the sofa in the lavish lounge of his luxurious bungalow..wearing a shirt with pant-jean and a blazer…a man in 3piece suit was sitting with a paper..
“Hello sir…I am here to convey our thanks for again sponsoring our Annual fest…We are obligated as you have given to make our fest Grand!…” the man said
“Its ..fine”…he sentenced..
“Sir…we have also invited a guest..Indian Popstar Twinkle Taneja….we would be obliged to get you as our Inevitable CG..sir…Its a request ..I am here personally to invite you..”…
“Twinkle Taneja!”… (Amie’s father murmured..)
“.. Umm..I am sorry for it…but I am busy…I can’t attend.. “..He told..
“ But you have to Papa”…they heard a sweet voice…
“Princess”.. Her father exclaimed..
The little angel ran to her superhero..and hugged him…
“ Papa..this time you have to come…I have my extempore naa..You Will Have To….”..amie requested with puppy face..
Now which father can deny his little princess’s request…he smiled…And Amie jumoed over him…The Man thanked and took his excuse…

Precapitulation of the next part~ Hero’s entry+Heroine’s glamour+Amie’s cuteness+Father’s Love and Care+Attraction to charm—->Collision=> A sparkling blast?




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