Entangled destinies [PART 9] by Mahira

So yes the 3rd chapter for today… can you believe it?? Maybe it’s independence day’s effect :p
PS: today chapters 8 and 9 are updated, so be sure that you’ve already read the 7 and 8th part before this one and… Swasanians… here we go…
Sun was declining in the sky when Sanskar parks his jeep at some roadside. He stays there for a long moment, looking to Swara’s serene like alike sleeping face, he knows she’s not… she’s again eloping from the reality… from this world around her she’s unable to understand…
Looking around, a takes a deep breath getting impregnated by the surrounding calmness. The melodious whistling of the trees’ leafs, the warmness of the sun’s rays contrasting with the shilling breeze which is exalting the flowers, woods, soil’s odors… he senses Swara’s breathing becoming calmer as every small sound and smell is filling her subconscious bringing up the old quietude her stormed soul lost somewhere away from here.
He’s aching for touching, putting a magic kiss over this horribly reddened hand resting on her chest. Aching for talking to her, for telling her that she’s back, she’s home finally… it took him so much time to bring her here again…
He recalls in flashback his frustration as she wasn’t picking his calls after Arjun’s surgery, the hours turned to days, the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to three months until he could come back to India.
But he couldn’t find her then too, no one in the association could give him an explanation, the money was filling it’s safes as always but since the trip to Ladakh no one has seen her ever. Asking her family was useless; because they allowed no one to meet her and all their responses were that she’s not available.
It didn’t take him long until he knew about the arranged marriage Maheshwaris and Gadodias has announced in the press but yet his hidden peeping on the family’s members didn’t gave him any sign.
It was returning to work which gave him responses… the mysterious case of unexplained coma a young woman is having, it made the world’s tour in the seminars he’s taking part in as a neuropsychiatric doctor.
Maybe the dates of the case’s medical history, maybe the random physical description in her folder but when he closed it in his hands, he knew that it was only her.
After that, he rapidly found about the medical material her family is usually purchasing and the staff of doctors and nurses visiting their mansion regularly.
A year has passed when one day, leaving the town’s center coffee shop, he let fall a medical magazine at the young woman arguing with who looked like her fiancé for him… Ragini!
A nightingale chant seems disturbing her beauty sleep suddenly alerting him about her close awakening but she simply smiles sighing deeply…
– Make a wish, prince… you used to say that they fulfill them!
His whisper makes her move a bit in her place, still she keeps unconscious and checking his watch, he undo his belt and hers and gets down going to her side.
Cupping her in his arms again, he walks slowly toward the Lake’s border hidden behind the dense small trees. Standing there for a moment admiring the horizon which has taken a marvelous melting colors of the dusk, the sun about reaching its shape reflects its multitude shades of sparkling shine on both the water’s surface and them. Blowing a flying kiss in her hair, he bends down and lays her on the rough ground taking care so it doesn’t hurt her, she immediately curls up in her favorite sleeping position and turns her face toward the horizon… some moments later he walks away…
– Stupid! Stupid! Stupid network!!!! Ragini is surely death of worry for me after two days without news!
Swara throws her phone aside angrily and gathers her knees under her chin hugging them tightly. Was it really possible to send a written letter in the Facebook, twiter, whatapp, viber… century!!! She smiles thinking that it would surely please her so traditional lovely Ragini-ma!
Sitting at the lake’s border at the end the second day of the summer camping, her smile turns a smirk thinking about her sister’s secret love story, Ragini Gadodia and the mysterious man who keeps talking to her whenever she’s not at the family’s sight… she sighs happily thinking about the perspective of their promised open hearted discussion at her return…
– Keep dreaming about others’ heart matters and foget about your heart Miss Swara Boss… oops! Gadodia!
Rolling her eyes, she thinks about her life till then, she’s again Swara Gadodia since her Dida’s death, still she’s not used to it.
Her baba is a very good father who is still in need of her intensive lessons of showing out his emotions but he’s lovely when it comes to their happiness and good being.
Her thought drift away to the discussion about the Gadodia and Maheshwari’s promised relationship, it has appeared from nowhere just one day before her departure and she didn’t really got the time to talk with Ragini about it.
Frowning, she feels a terrible hold catching her heart inside her throat, like a bad presentiment she puts aside rapidly, nothing can happen against Ragini’s will after all. She’s lovely granddaughter of her dictatorial Dadi Ma… if she loves someone else, so no one can oblige her to get married with the childhood promised future husband, Lakshya Maheshwari.
She blinks confusedly thinking about this friend of hers who is so much close to her modern lifestyle than Ragini’s… as long as she remembers, she never saw him dating anyone, he’s almost always roaming with her and Ragini whenever it’s about going out and he talks about everything but his sentimental life…
Since childhood, the fact that him and Ragini were promised for each other by their parents was source of mocking and teasing but after all these days who knows what their destiny was reserving for them.
Irritated by her own thoughts and bad feelings, she brushes her hair back with her hands and looks up to the dusk sighing:
– Yes Swara keep thinking about their love stories and instead of falling for some good and healthy handsome guy handle alone the camp’s lack of doctor… argh!!!
She growls thinking about the last moment doctor Singhania’s call saying that he’s ill and can’t join them for the camping but has he charged another local doctor to take his place… she growls angrily looking to the sky:
– And of course, doctor Kapoor has no notion about timing and responsibilities… if he… AH!!!
Splashed water over her face makes her jump in place surprised, someone has just thrown a stone in the lake in front of her…
She’s stopped as another stone has been thrown doing exactly the same, she stands up angrily her face and hair soaked along with her pink Hello Kitty’s t-shirt and yells turning back to the source of the disturbing arrival:
– EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The images blurs of a man standing there face to her blurs away in a fog of darkness as she feels suffocating…
– AH!!!
Swara wakes up with a jerk struggling for air, the sound of a thrown stone in the water still filling her ears and a strange feeling overwhelming her, she looks around sitting up abruptly and tries to wipe her face finding it soaked completely just like it has been in her dream. Getting up she looks around trying to register the situation vainly… for Sanskar who is observing her from behind a nearby tree, all he’s happy about is that she doesn’t seem scared like she should be not knowing the place, he smiles letting down the stones he’s keeping in his hand:
– That’s it princess… now you’re recovering…
Brughing back her hair clearing her vision, her eyes stay focused for a moment on the last lights of the sun disappearing at the horizon then on the water surface still submerged by her dreams’ images… she approaches from the edge looking to her reflect, in his green and yellow mid knees and sleeveless dress, she sees her image superposing over the mirage of the girl in t-shirt and jeans in her dreams… her image from her dream and the person who was behind her… a man but…
She blinks confusedly frowning and looks back like if trying to continue what was stayed unfinished… it’s the same place and…
Suddenly, her feet slips on a small stone and she screams scared at the idea of falling in the lake which surface was dangerously approaching her unsteady body, but her hand is caught just in time and the second after she’s wrapped in the strong arms she somehow know well… before opening her tightly closed eyes, a familiar voice makes her heart jump in place:
– BE CAREFUL PRINCESS!!!! How many times should I save you from those waters!?!?!?
Her widened with surprise eyes water immediately meeting his angry gaze, Sanskar’s hands are still griping her arms forcefully printing his fingers on her tender skin but she doesn’t care… she even doesn’t know if she’s not still dreaming and without a word, she just plunges in his embrace hugging him like if he’s the air she needs to fill her lungs… crying, she mumbles against his chest her arms locked around his waist
– Sanskar! You’re really here!!! You’re finally here… how could? How could you let me wait for so long, na? you promised… you promised me to come and take me soon but you didn’t… I waited and waited but you just didn’t come…
– Shhh… I’m here now, hai na?
That’s all what he could say unable to control his emotions too, what would it look if he breaks down in front of her like a collegian… so he just hugs her back tightly caressing her hair and keeps repeating that everything will be fine now…
Her dobs finish by calm slowly as she nestle herself more in his arms unable to part away afraid that he’ll disappear like the dream she just had… the dream… suddenly images from her previous dream submerge her… clear… bright and full of emotions his closeness is bringing back… so feeling terribly awkward, she just parts away looking down feeling like if he’ll cross her eyes, he’ll see what she’s thinking about and this unique idea makes her cheeks burn with blush!
– Kya hua? Everything is fine
– Hmm..
She’s unable to formulate a simple reply and turns her back to him preferring that the earth opens up under her feet and engulfs her before he asks her again…
– Swara!
She closes her eyes tightly like if she did a mistake and hopes disappearing just now, but she knows him and as predicted, he comes in front of her and asks again:
– What’s going on?… is there something I should know about?
She nods in “no” thinking “yes” as she has always told him about whatever she feels of think about, she’s aware of the importance of that for her recovery process because only him can make her improve regarding those details…
– You know that I don’t like it when you hide thinks from me, princess…
She nods in yes still silent…
– And you know that I always finish by knowing what you’re hiding from me
She makes an adorable fearful face expressing her repugnance at this idea and nods in yes again
– So…
– So you’ll not ask me so I’ll not have to lie to you or hide you anything, paka?
She said it all in once forwarding her hand in front of him asking for his promise and he can’t help by melt in her childish cuteness putting his hand over it and replying:
– Paka…
But her reaction when they hands touch each other makes him frown intrigued. He’s sure that their first meet isn’t the unique think this place is bringing up from her subconscious but he’ll not act like her family and lost patience now they’re so close to the complete recovery…
– Was you throwing stones in the Lake, doctor Kapoor?
To be continued…

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