Entangled destinies [PART 8] by Mahira

I’m so happy that you liked the past part so today Mahan Mahira di is back and you’ll both chapter 8 and 9 back to back so prepare yourself, some of the mystery will be cleared…., here we go…
part 8 just after part 7 (so lovely readers who didn’t yet read the yesterday’s update “Part 7”… read it before this one or you’ll not be able to understand what happened!
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Those angry eyes were something he never saw before, Swara was his best friend since her return back home but all he saw from her, was her cheerful and joyful side always laughing and taunting him and Ragini but today, the woman who’s in need of help for even brush her hair is here, standing in his way, her hand catching his wrist forcefully and her piercing eyes pinning him in place… she keeps looking in his eyes without blinking, her nostrils quivering imperceptibly trying to control her panting respiration…
– S… Swara!?
Before saying further, Swara’s hand releases his wrist only to land forcefully on his cheek shocking the both of them.
She then closes her eyes tightly holding her head with her both hands like if an unbearable pain has abruptly taken her and before that they both could react, she falls to the floor lifelessly…
It’s already evening when Sanskar is welcomed in the Gadodia’s mansion by a domestic, guided to Swara’s room, his heart skips a beat seeing her in that state again…
Ragini who is crying inconsolably at her side rises immediately seeing him, she doesn’t even try to wipe her tears too absorbed by the contemplation of the covered with tortured expression face of her sister. She’s almost looking like a year ago… plunged in some horrible nightmare.
He asks Maria about the medicines he ordered her to add in her perfusion and checks her blood pressure, pulse, pupils… looking back to Ragini, she lowers her eyes immediately mumbling:
– She… we didn’t see her coming…
Guessing his thoughts the park’s incident memory submerging her as she sees him frowning, she adds immediately:
– We were arguing… Laksh and me… and…
Her trembling lips fail to express the situation clearly; she looks awkwardly to the nurse who excuses herself immediately letting them together, Still she’s unable to formulate her words moreover under his blaming eyes for again messing up with Swara’s state.
Seeing her not saying a word, he approaches Swara and takes her hand in his caressing gently its back with his thumb.
– Did he misbehave with her or with you?
He finally breaks the silence startling her even without raising his voice and to her shocked expression, he adds still concentrated at Swara’s state:
– Her hand is warm, inflated and red… so… did-he-misbehave-with-you-or-HER!
His tone was clearly reflecting his barely contained anger, her silence was playing on his nerves and at the simple idea of Laksh’ tempting something wrong with Swara… he tightens his fists about asking again when he hears her say:
– It… it was between him and me…
Ragini feels like disappearing from the world, she eccpects one of the doctor Kapoor’s teasing pouring salt on her opened wounds and she feels deserving them, but she’s surprised to see him bend over Swara’s body passing his hands under neck and knees after taking off the needle in her arm
– What… what are you doing!?
Her alarmed tone doesn’t stop him from lifting her up to wrap her lifeless body in his protective embrace, she faces yellong:
– Doctor Kapoor… what do you do…
– My job! The job you and your Laksh keep messing up with every time…
Not giving her the occasion to protest, he passes by her side taking Swara in his arms to an unknown destination. Ragini follows him outside seeing him placing her on the passenger seat and locking her seatbelt tightly.
– Doctor… you can’t… where are you…
Closing the passenger door without noise, he finally looks at her still drowned with tears face and says:
– Ragini ji… I’m no one to judge you and your life but look at your sister… and I’m not doubting your love to her… why then are you all always judging and doubting my care toward her?
He points his finger at her face stopping her from interrupting him and adds looking to Swara’s face which seems finally reflecting serenity:
– You know that I’m the only one able to handle this situation so let me do what you came to me for… and if you allow me… try to sort things in your life, miss Gadodia… believe me, we can repair nothing if we’re broken from the inside.
Before she could reply anything, he jumps in his jeep saying louder at Maria’s intention who stayed back at the entry waiting for his instructions:
– Take you evening, Maria… Swara will come back late…
Few minutes later, the vehicle disappears in the alley surrounded by trees leading to an unknown destination.
Sitting in the middle of nowhere, Laksh ends up his bottle of wine and throws it away crying miserably… The images of the day’s events are playing in flashbacks in front of his eyes. Again and again it finished all messed up by his own fault!
He feels so coward for not even facing the good doctor after calling him after Swara’s fainting, for losing his control in front of the love of his life, for not having strength enough to be at her expectations. He doesn’t deserve her and he knows it but he’s helpless, he loved her even before knowing the meaning of this word…
Flashback of their childhood where children are running here and there playfully… joyful squeals filling the Maheshwari’s mansion… Swaraaa… Raginiii… Lucky…. They’re trying to catch each other hiding behind pillars and domestics.
He finds somehow Ragini behind a curtain and catches her y her back pecking her cheek childishly before running away and like always she immediately run complaining toward her elder sister who was spending some days of holidays with her family for the first time… palming his cheek he smiles behind his tears recalling the slap he had then too! The growling tone of someone calling behind him “Lucky!” stopped him from taking revenge and the bitterness of those old memories submerges him again making him cry more.
He hates this name… Lucky… the forbidden word he had been asked to forget when he was too young to understand… he hates those memories and that other life he had years ago… it’s just a reminder of his helplessness… of his lack of power over his fate… over his acts…aver his own life!
Ragini’s questions reason in his mind again and again like a divine interrogation asking him for responses he hasn’t… he never had and will never have however she’ll keep asking him… how much more she’ll be hating him!
He also hates himself for what he is and what he’ll never be! He’ll never be able to go against his father… never be able to face him with truth… he’s not afraid for himself only, what would be Ragini’s life if their families knew about their relationship? By the time they understood their arranged destiny, it was too late for doing anything…
Recalling their first hand holds and shy smiles, their first endless eye locks and entwined fingers… nothing seemed wrong when their coincident meeting turned to planned dates, when their blossoming feelings reached their lips to confess their hearts… they have always been escaping lives they didn’t liked to find refuge in each other’s embrace.
Ragini could understand his oppressed will under his father’s dictator when she was living the same caged in her Dadi Ma’s strict education. Didn’t they deserve to have a halt in their programmed lives ruled by elders?
She’s his solace and only him could fill her empty life with happiness and love so what was wrong if they became one for their both sake?… they have always been meant for each other and it was elders’ wish too.
Palming his face, his elbows resting in his knees he gathered against his chest, he remembers their closeness… their kisses… their touches and caresses… their lovemaking putting the whole bad world around them aside in those blessed intimate moments.
But the cruel reality has never quitted them and he knows that every word his docile and lovely Ragini blew out at his face today was true. Maybe this why he was so angry… so hurt… only truth hurts the most!
Suddenly, he realizes how much she’s surely feeling hurt too, he recalls her panic face to Swara’s state and the desperate state he let her in when he leaved not even glancing toward him, once!
He stands up with a jerk hardly able to straightening himself as his head started spinning awhile ago, but the urge to see her, to talk to her, to assure himself she’ll not leave him too gives him enough forces to handle his head and take a deep breath avoiding the sudden need of throwing up. Wiping his face taking a second huge gulp of air, he finally turns around to go back to home, but he stops suddenly at the sight he’s face to him.
– Ragini!
Missing Swasan?… next chapter 9 is on line already…

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