My Ideas About The Current Track Of YHM.

Totally this serial is dragging too much. If this dragging would have ended in a couple of days or maybe few weeks, I won’t say anything because it’s normal. But now this is too much. Now they are going to make Raman remarry! Seriously! This show is unbelievable!

1) Many sit back and watch a serial just to relax their mind. But after we ( yhm fans ) watch this horrible story line , our mind gets more troubled and dreadful ! Instead of getting relaxed we get a mental pain !

2) This lost memory track is so much dragging! Beyond it is the kidnapping track which is not yet solved! They have totally forgotten that Pihu was actually KIDNAPPED AND THE KIDNAPPER HAS NOT YET BEING CAUGHT. OF COURSE WE(fans) KNOW IT’S NIKHIL BUT NOT THE PEOPLE IN THE SHOW. They should have atleast given a clue to arrest Nikhil and give an end to that track. Even the police has forgotten this , wow amazing! A normal person like Nikhil can easily slip away from master trained police officers!

3) Next point is Raman loosing a part of his memory! Lol! He does remember he has a daughter but not even a single effort is done to think who her mom is! Is this realistic? How can Raman even say the word ‘ remarry’ without knowing who the heck he married before! Maybe Simmi is a witch who can control which part of Raman’s memory should lose ! What a logic .?

4) Now .. these days the moral of this track is like this.

GOOD speaks to the EVIL :

GOOD:- I will never let you win. I’ll fight till my end . You can never win when I’m here .

EVIL:- Get away you idiot ! It was a long time ago. Now only evil wins. ( EVIL GIVES A KICK TO GOOD AND GOOD FALLS DOWN )

GOOD:-(crying) Ok then. Only this time? Agree?


Who has got a bad headache after watching this track? Raise your hands ????? Wah wah ?? this show can make us ill too ! Supernatural!!

5) Next point is that the whole Bhalla family getting opposed to Ishitha except Romi. All of them used to praise her and she was their saviour. Ishitha did alot for them! She even risked her own life in that Sarika’s track! These Bhallas have forgotten all of them all of a sudden and now jumping saying , “You are no one in this house. Don’t even step in. GET OUT” . How could they? How could Mr.Bhalla and Mrs.Bhalla say these things. They are elder than everyone and so must have done the correct thing. They could have even get Raman’s memory back if they don’t get opposed to Ishitha. They will only remember if Raman forgets them too. The one who is in trouble only understands her pain. Not others!

6) Now , in future , if Ishitha takes back Raman’s memory, Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla will come to her! ( We can’t see even a small shadow of this thing happening right now )

7) A TV serial should have given more values to the present society but instead of morals what do we get? Nothing ! We get raged on anger for Simmi and Param ! And ha Mihika dear too !!!

8) This show was once a nice show which showed the mom and daughter bond between Ishitha and Ruhi. That was so realistic and heart touching and also had a good moral of mother’s love. But right now this show is giving morals like getting divorced, remarrying,and good ones suffering, good ones failing in each and every time, evil win all the time etc.

9) This track ran too far! NOW what does Mihika want by making Raman and Ishitha divorced? She has forgotten that Ishitha has helped her to come to Bhalla house! And as a retreat , Mihika is throwing away her own sister from Bhalla house! How very ridiculous! Sister’s love is not like this! How could it change suddenly!

10) Now , coming to Ishitha. She is a dentist and she is an educated person. She surely knows that Pihu and Ruhi are not safe in that Bhalla house. Ishitha has their custody right. So why doesn’t she take her children to her. At least then Raman will start thinking how she took his children like this. Then he might realize she has to be his wife. But UNFORTUNATELY , NOTHING WILL HAPPEN LIKE THAT !

11) Next if Adi and Ruhi really want their Ishimaa to come back, then at least they would have tried to make Raman remember Ishitha. In this only Ishu is trying to make Raman remember everything! Not even her children are helping her! Really sad of her state!

12) Raman’s stubbornness is even much more! Even if Ishitha tells him that she is his wife, he would never believe! I remember that once she told it by mistake, but he didn’t believe it before too so now it’s not a surprise even if he doesn’t accept!

13) After this Shanno’s track, Raman has become too harsh to Ishitha! And Ishitha is afraid that Raman would separate her and Pihu! How strange! She should not be afraid at this time! Not even Ruhi is trying to make Raman understand! Really had enough of this lost memory track! Raman has gone nuts!

Thanks for hearing this! Divyanka and Karan play their roles really well but just this dragging story line is destroying their talent! HAD ENOUGH OF THIS TRACK!


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  1. Riana

    In short, Yhm needs a BYE BYE now…We got 200 episodes of fun and 1000 episodes of pain…Yhm became the worst show after 7 years leap…then it took 1 year leap, then again 1 year leap then 2 years leap and in the show they calls it 2 years passed…2 years passed…then why did they showed that ashok bailed ishita after 1 year…and again its shown in show that ishita was released some months ago…and this memory loss track…ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???…Its better to watch cartoon, comedy shows, devotional shows instead of watching this !!!…Hats off to your analysis ?…You mentioned correctly that good and bad both joining hands these days…infact i find ishita’s dialogues are getting changed…in the way ishita talks to simmi is really unproffesional…i mean who is the HELL DIALOGUE WRITER !!…Ishita & Simmi who were friends suddenly became enemies…WE NEED TO BELIEVE THIS !!…Its HIGH TIME to shut this show down !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Priyu

      Yeah very true! This show worth quitting now, unless Ektha mam corrects everything as before. And really Raman must be little old by now but still he’s going to remarry! That’s really unrealistic right? And you are right. Simmi and Ishu used to be good friends before and still there misunderstanding didn’t fade away. Don’t know when will they unite. I hope Ekta mam will untie all these soon so we can have a better show as yhm fans.

  2. Well said whoever commented . Totally agree with you ! Wish Ekta and Cvs read this , understand viewers pain in watching yhm today !

    1. Priyu

      Thanks VP. If the producers have nothing worth to show , then it’s better to stop watching yhm. Then they will realize that their fans have reduced.
      But I don’t think Ekta mam will keep these dragging tracks forever so I hope Ishitha’s problems might end! And i think Raman will at least get back his memory on the day he’s going to remarry! But first they must get Ishitha sign for the divorce papers. Somehow if she signs to it then the only hope is marriage only! It’ll be very good if Ishitha marries Raman again! So that the whole Bhalla family will have to accept her. It’s good if Mihika regrets for what she does right now. . Simmi still doesn’t know that it’s not Ishitha who killed Ananya but it was a mistake by Pihu! Don’t know what will happen if she gets to know about this! And of course there won’t be any change in Simmi treating Pihu even if she gets to know that it was Pihu! Really too much problems! And they are always destroying Ruhi’s love! Two times! Very bad of them!

  3. Raman very stupid man even lost the memory and sure I don’t believe this is happen in Hindis tradition. If yes, we just watch the s*uck and freak story. Bad education and shown poor attitute to other country.

    1. Priyu

      Yes true!

  4. well said pari, and who ever commented . the way YHM showing characters are very impossible moreover unbelievable. except ishita no-one’s character in this show can’t believe because every time when the situation change, thoughts and behaviour and deeds of people’s in this show change, good to bad, bad to good. anyone can’t say when they change without a reason. the show has completely lost its charm after 7 years leap. this show used to be a very nice one which beautifully described about a bond between mother and a daughter, then how a father and a mother fought to protect their children from evil. but now this show gives a bad message to the society. brother and sisters planning and plotting against their own brother and sister who did everything for them. how sad. once whole Bhalla and Iyer family were together and they fought against evil(shagun & ashok), that’s when YHM was the best to watch. and Mr. & Mrs. Bhalla, they are not acting like elders, they are moving according to the flow. I could have write whole book about how these writers changed and destroyed each and every character of this drama. seriously even as silent fans of YHM can’t tolerate this good for nothing storyline. please someone say from where we can find mohabbath in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein! they should get back our old charming YHM or wrap up this show for wellbeing of fans of YHM.!!!!

    1. Priyu

      Yes true. They change the characters attitudes time to time and it ties up like a wool ball and so that we are unable to figure out whether they are good or bad at the particular situation!

  5. There were many options to end this drama of pram and simmi. Ishita have the report of doctrs she can prove that simmi is giving pills to raman but they ignore this easy way and choose the difficult way specially shanno one. I expect this week must be end of this track.

    1. Priyu

      ?it’s good if this track ends this week. Up to now too this track is dragging, dragging and more dragging !??


    1. Priyu

      Yeah that’s a good idea!

  7. I totally agree with you and Riana’s comment on 200 episodes of fun and 1000 stupid ones. This Raman loosing his memory is now going on from August still now no way improving in any department of Balla’s house. Children are suffering daughter-in-law is blackmailed daughter is black mailed and mother is only concern about the husband, This drama should be end.

    1. Priyu

      Yes true! No development in the story line! Every good one is being blackmailed! They don’t have even a space to breath peacefully.! So many problems this family has!

  8. Raman behaves so harshly, rudely, arrogantly and is so loud mouthed and ill mannered towards his own wife and everyone looks on and say nothing! Is this not woman abuse, emotional abuse, mental trauma and disgusting behaviour towards a dentist?! Is this show now promoting woman abuse, child abuse and emotional pain as normal and accepted in society with no repercussions for the male’s misogynistic attitude and hate? What message is it sending out to married couples? Are people supposed to keep quiet and accept this atrocious behaviour as normal and encourage men to ill treat their wives, reject them and oust them from their homes at their whims and fancy? What happened to the Nari Shakti Women’s movement? Why aren’t they objecting to this hideous abuse to women like Ishita? Horrible to watch. Not a fan of this stupid serial anymore. Script writers are getting dumb and dumber!!! ???

    1. Priyu

      Even you are saying truth! Ishitha can’t say truth to her own husband. Even if she tried everyone else is blackmailing her saying, “Think about Raman’s health. Don’t you love Raman truely?” And emotionally blackmailing her Everytime is really irritating! This way Ishitha has no peace even to utter a word to Raman!! Very dragging!! Raman is blaming Ishitha throughout this whole track! She doesn’t need to listen all this! Just she has to prove Raman that they are married and leave him alone to figure out what he did to his own family!

      1. Hi Pari … I did not know your name ! Just hope this comment of yours will be read by cvs . All mentioned well . One and only serial I was watching … just becoz of the unique way it started , if the cvs dont put an end to this we audience have to stop watching ! Only one character Ishitha never changed according to the situations as Seyaa mentioned ! really admire the talents of Dt and KP , but cvs are bent on butchering them too ! Its true till 200 episodes .. we cud enjoy it fully as there was reality but from surrogancy track on …. its gone .in between there were many ways to twist it positively . Mihika was a good character … Mihir escaped from this yhm .Pari nice reading your comments

  9. I think YHM needs to check all the comments and views on internet so they might get to know that rather than gaining TRP they are loosing it badly… it is really giving a pain now.. either they should go off air or start something interesting ????

    1. Priyu

      Yeah it’s good if they do check. For me too this is too much! So much pain seeing what is happening to Ishitha in each and every episode. Not even a little bit enthusiastic word!

  10. I am agree dear….They are dragging too much & it’s not about this show …..All indian serials dragging like this ….

  11. Just a few words

    Again and again Ishitha is made a fool. Why does she even try to get Raman back? She can go to a court to get Pihu’s custody. Shagun can help her with the fact that she was the surrogate Mother for pihu. Why on earth does Ms.Ruhi and Mr.&Mrs.Adi live under the same roof as Raman? Nothing strikes Raman? Pathetic! What has Simmi told Raman about Ruhi and Adi. Spineless adults both of them! They should get out of the house and tell everything to Raman. Whatever comes out of it should be faced. Aliya was a sweet girl. Knowing the cons of gambling I highly doubt how she ended up there. Again showing Husband not spending enough time to justify her addiction is wrong. Mihika loved Mihir. They should have shown a happy life and ended their characters. Romi and Mihika track wasn’t necessary but turning Mihika’s character upside down is ridiculous. She was independent why does she want alumni from Romi? Ruhi was made to fall in love and then whole lot of non sense happened. Raman and Ishitha should have let Ruhi married and then Ruhi would have realised what a mistake it was. That would have ended Nikhil’s track and given a conclusion. The most important point which I don’t understand is why run a serial with no story? What is Ekta gaining from this? Star plus should not waste its prime time slot with such rubbish. Sponsors are also so dumb!! They run behind big banners and names and invest in prime time. Do they check the quality of the content they sponsor? No!! Starplus wants international audiences to pay for hot star. With such horrible shows why would one do that? As someone rightly said cartoons are way better. They make u laugh, enjoy the time spent watching them than such serials which makes one feel sad, angry, depressed even while reading the updates. Good riddance YHM! I don’t think anyone from YHM team will knock some sense into the lead actors and PH! Lead actors should move on from this serial. People keep coming back only for them. So wherever they go people will follow them

    1. Yes you said it ! Its moral responsibility of chikdren to take care of their parents . Here Adi and Ruhi is dumb … may be reading our comments they showed yesterday Adi Ruhi and Aliya discussing on this and there back again Alia is threatened . Now thats enough to black mail Ishitha and get the divorce papers sign to save Alia . All the plans Ishitha making is a failure … Ashok who was smart with his plans too failed in front of Param .cvs are mocking on everything … Motherhood, Surrogancy , marriages , police , judiciary like many . Given so much values to children … and sadly Adi and Ruhi has no values at all . Its Divan/ Ishra chemistry is the attraction here .Just for them we watch but Raman is made characterless . From beginning … he yells at Ishitha for his family . Now he does in ML . Evil wins good … And Ekta and Cvs are able to deliver that message to outside Indians …for the sake of the drama playing with viewers emotions !

    2. Priyu

      Yes true! Ishitha could have taken Pihu’s custody so that she doesn’t have to suffer! This track only shows how Pihu , a little girl, being mentally stressed! Really bad value! And how cruel Simmi is taking revenge from a little child! It’s ok Adi, Aliya , Ruhi because they are at least little big ones but Pihu is such a small one and using her is totally very bad moral for the people watching this show! And I noticed that Ishitha and her daughters are always having stress throughout this whole track! Ruhi is stressed because of Nikhil, Pihu about her mom and dad, And Aliya about her problems of that money case! Seriously this is unfair! I’m sure Ananya would never have suffered this way as Pihu is!! Such a pathetic situation!!

  12. Dear producer stop the show if this drama is still to continue. Getting on our nerves now. It makes us feel that not to believe in God and Humanity. Real sister/ brother/cousins are enemy of each other. Teaching us that not to believe in any relationship.Please stop this crap.No logic only.

    1. Priyu

      Yes relationships between each and every one is getting destroyed in this! But I’m happy because Bala and Kiran are still in a good relationship! And thank God that Ishitha’s Mom and Dad aren’t like Mrs.Bhalla and Mr.Bhalla. I remember once Mrs.Bhalla Said, she would choose her daughter if it happens to select a one from bahu and daughter! And this time she chose her daughter Simmi, who is actually destroying her own brother! Simmi has forgotten that Raman gave her everything when she was helpless with her daughter,Ananya. And now too she is running Raman’s business. Not her own one! But still taking control on each and everything! She has forgotten that Raman did everything for her when Param left her!

  13. The next track is raman regaining memory and ishita losing memory…. And later fans ll lose d memory of yhm…. This ll b good…

    1. Priyu

      ? yeah it’ll be good!

  14. I am fed up of this track as well. It has dragged a lot when it doesn’t need to. Its one of my fav show but now i am getting bored dont feel like watching any more. Series producer really need to change the whole track / story of YHM. I dont get chance to watch so i read the story and always looking forward to diff tract but when you read its noting new and very predictive.

    1. Priyu

      Same here! I’m also looking forward for different track but same thing happens everyday . Our hopes get shattered each and every time.


    Ekta Kapoor Kindly bas kardo bas

    Mahika first being Mihr Girl friend, later eloping with Romi and marrying him later divorce and now marrying Raman.

    Shagun marrying Raman, later extra marital affair with Ashok, than surrogated mother of PIhu and finally marrying Mani but ups and down in her wicked character

    Niddhis character
    Sohails haracter
    Nikkhils character
    Aliyas ups and down
    Params and Simmi character
    Ishita jumping from mountain and away from family for 5 years, Going o jail for Simmis daughters murder and than staying with Ashok

    Ekta Kapoor no story line. This serial is going from bad to worse


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