ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (yrkkh) analysis

Hello guys I hope that you all are going great

Well guys when I write this article I am fully aware of the fact that no matter how much I bash cvs ,no matter how much I plead cvs , all my bashing and all my pleading have 0 effect on cvs they are on mission to destroy every single character to prove kaira great and believe me guys I can’t take this any-more literally guys all my patience have evaporated , all my love for yrkkh since last 9 yrs has ended even I can’t believe that the show whom I followed like a trail for the same show I am saying that “my love has ended” .BUT BUT I AM NOT THE ONE TO LOSE EASILY AND ESPECIALLY NOT ON THINGS THAT I HAVE ADORE LIKE HEAVEN SO HERE GOES MY LAST TRY TO LITERALLY SAVE YRKKH AND TO REMIND CVS WHAT YRKKH WAS ALL ABOUT :-



watch this link guys this is the starting of yrkkh and see how cvs gave ample time to each bonding to develop be it nakshara or shaurya and varsha , rajshri-dadi maheswari-sunaina bonding , varsha-akshara bonding or mohit –naitik bonding , look at gaytri-bhabhimaa nandini-rashmi bonding guys in this two seasons of yrkkh there is nothing big happening yes there is nakshara relation talk going on there is varsha-shaurya wedding but guys does this means that whole two season we are served with only nakshara no dear watch these seasons you will notice how cvs gave ample time to each and every bond be it maheswari family bonding or shinghaniya family bonding every character every bond has been given ample time to make impression on audience so that audience know what is the equation between all the family members of two different family and then when nakshara relation talk is going on then to cvs gave ample time bonds develop between akshara and shinghaniya family see how nandini mohit rashmi varsha all help nakshara to meet in personnel and not let elders know about it .dear cvs you were the same people who gave whole two season to just develop bonding you could have did same with naira after her return from rishiekesh gave ample time to develop bonds wrt to naira for example give time to naira-gayu bond how naira manages gayu after heart-break , or you could have shown naira developing bond with every family member slowly and steadily like you did in season 1 of yrkkh but no you just rush away with things and within 2-3 months of her return it was her wedding and everyone just going dead that naira will leave and we as audience were left to wonder that when all the family member can live without naira for 8 yrs than what happen in 2-3 months that they all are semi-dead when she is leaving .

believe me if you would have given time for bonds to develop wrt to naira no one would raise question like “how the hell shinghaniyas are attached to naira?” but no you have to rush things guys do notice that 2 season of yrkkh ie 160 episodes cvs have completely highlighted shinghaniyas family bonding what is the role of daddaji ,dadaji-rajshekhar bonding, gaytri-bhabhimaa , nandini-rashmi every single bond has been highlighted and yes when these bonds are highlighted they aren’t highlighted wrt naitik ,they are highlighted as family bonds as a bond two people share in relationship of devrani-jethani ,sister-sister bond and not wrt to naitik I am telling you this becoz you know what its 6 months that goenkas have entered and I have no idea about anyone bonding no suwarna-surekha bonding no suwarana and children bonding, no surekha and children bonding all I could see is dadi goenka ordering and all other following and even if we get 1-2 scene in month of family like suwarna-surekha-dadi then too they talk about kaira only dear cvs you showed us bondings in yrkkh that had nothing to do with nakshara they were mutual bonds but with goenkas no mutual bond all the time kaira if family bonding is shown then too either family praise kaira or they talk talk about kaira and nothing else whereas in akshara time you gave whole two season too show gaytri-bhabhimaa bonding gayetri-nandini bhabhimaa-naitik-rashmi bonding sunania-rajshri bonding sunaina-akshara ,

rajshri anshuman,daddaji-rajbana bonding then what happen to you now why aren’t you giving or even showing us any other bonding other then kaira whole time it just kaira the problem solver and dadi the problem creator and even if we are given other ppl scene then too they praise kaira for example suwarna jab bhi muh kholti hai dialog ke liye all she does is praise kaira and naira bhai maana that suwarna and naira bonding is supposed to be maa-beti and not maa-bahu magar yaar tum logo ka kya bigad jaata ki inki bonding develop hone ka thoda time dedete believe me no one would raise question and yes there is no bonding in the world in which you are just praise like suwarna does with naira believe me even parent criticize their children though they support but they show their disagreement to child opinion magar yahan toh suwarna ki koi opinion hai hi nahi all she does is praise naira which make their bond so unrealistic yaar even gaytri and akshara bonding took yrs to develop and yes gaytri had her own mind her own opinions which she would share and then let akshara decide what to do magar with suwarna dude this lady dosent have her

“own” mind forget opinions guys for me naira character has been damaged cvs in their quest to show hina and karan that show can run without them has damaged nairas character I mean dude from childhood she was shown a bit tacky type of people remember she shared her award with gayu but later she was not happy that gayu become school captain and not her and every1 praising gayu she behaved badly with gayu and akshara had to explain to her but know from no-where she is all “family-loving person” and guys also notice that how akshara in this season is committing mistake and it is varsha-dadi maheswari who are advising her see how akshara don’t know to cook (same like kirti) and how she is learning things from everyone dear cvs you could have shown same with naira that due to being away from family for such a long time how she dosent know anything about rituals and relation and normal things like cooking and all but no because you have to rush things you didn’t show naira learning like akshara instead you showed naira with in-born qualities that no one believes in and guess what she know about all rituals so much that elders who have attended more than 20 wedding in their life time are asking her about rituals I mean guys from where do you except us audience to relate or even believe that naira is so great I mean dude you could have shown naira learning given ample time to bond develop wrt to naira but no you didn’t and believe me guys now no matter how much you show naira mahan or even ask her to donate kidneys believe every single time you will show her good there will be a question raised that what happen to her mahanta when she left akshara believe me every single time .

All kaira naira fans now don’t say that plz don’t compare akshara and naira both are different dude we know both are different it is cvs who compare and serve us with sentence like “humari naira ekdum akshara jaisi hai” leaving us frustrated and wondering how?. dear cvs what make a person relatable is his problems ,his struggle ,his need for guidance and yes with akshara ,naksh ,naitik you showed all this and that is the reason that people are so so attach to these character but with naira you showed her almost perfect with in-born that no one believes in.and guys see how relatable problems are shown be it girl education or akshara rejection everything is relatable then cvs what happen to you why everytime you show naira with almost everything unrelatable I mean that karthik in car or that plane incident why cvs what happen to your epic common sense that you use with akshara but with naira you just showed her as goddess who know all and is always correct which no one is believing .

guys do notice that how here akshara isn’t problem solver here instead she is sharing her worries with other just like we common ppl do but with naira no no she is a super women she doesn’t need someone to share she can do anything and everything same goes with naitik, see naitik and mohit bonding is full-fledge highlighted but with karthik no no he also dosent need anyone guys what make a character relatable is the fact that he shares some bond with someone with whom they can share things which they cant with parents that is friend and guess what both akshara and naitik had frnds in mohit and varsha believe me guys after nakshara , akshara and duggu bonding if there is any other bonding that I miss the most then it is that of varsha-akshara naitik –mohit but with kaira no frnds with whom they share things or take advice dear cvs what has happen to you, you where same people who wrote all these bonds and relation and ritual, problems everything then why are you messing now why cvs why and guys do notice at how varsha is praised instead of akshara and how gaytri gives credit of choosing akshara becoz of varsha’s mannerism and goodness in nakshara sagai see cvs you were only one who wrote all these epic relatable things then what has happen to your brain know why don’t you understand it is yrkkh and not kaira or naira mahanta part two

(tO be continued)

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  1. Shrilatha

    Kaina I really don’t think anyone will care for what we shout at them .it’s gone out of our hands and only thing we can do right now is just ignore the show.so that trp goes low and they understand that it’s not Yeh kaira kya kehlata hai it’s Yeh RISHTA kya kehlata hai….what all.u guts didn’t do.posted analysis, talked about it in india forums.here in TU almost every comment says something about keesh and instagram and facebook and twitter and if so called damn makers r so interested in one character .then better show them what audience is…..I have stopped watching it….guess what when ever they show 2 sec ka keesh scene we get greedy and sit for whole half-an hour expecting more …that is their strategy..they r taking advantage of it..

    Hope u succeed but sorry to say I am.sure even this will go unheard.

  2. Fenil

    Finally You did it.
    All words are on the spots dear.All these bonding ,mutual understandings,Advises given by elders i m also missing. Most unrealistic bond now a days are Suwarna and Naira,Rajshree and Naira.They didn’t gave time to Naira with Singhanias and introduce this crap Goenkas who is modern by outside look but inside OUTDATED FAMILY.where are those Karthik’s friends where went their friendship marriage mein bhi nahi bulaya:D:D. Nothing more to say u know right !!?

  3. So so true kaina agree to each and every word of urs especially suwarna-naira its really unrealistic cuz everytime suwarna is like mujhe naira pe pura bharosa he and she is doing this since she met naira for the first time…but like Shri said am sure this is also going to be unheard yar…

    anyways u r just unbelievable u have so much courage to write almost what people want to say…

  4. Medha

    Hello Kaina Dear!!!!!
    I am not from your YRKKH family and do not watch the episodes of the show but read your comments regularly on TU ???
    Ye Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain lost his beauty because of Kaira Mahan….
    In Akshara’s time every relation have his own charm and every character has a perfect dialouge and sreenspace….but nowdays they even not give a small screen space to Akshara’s son Naksh….
     This show become a bullshit now!!!!!
    One and only character which I liked most in Goenka Family was Suwarna they even spoiled her character by making her a Mahan Mother!!!!
    I hate makers of this show because of they made Suwarna’s character worst!!!!

  5. Aku

    I so agree with each and every word of yours.. especially naira.. I’m so done with this show and I’m watching the old and happy days of yrkkh .. and dear CVs get one thing straight in your kaira obsessed and hypnotised head.. it’s cz of Karan and Hina that your show ran for 8 long years.. it’s cz of them you completed 2500 episodes.. kaira ne kuch Ni kiya.. and dekh Lena ab kaira ki tumhare show Ko barbad krenge.. fir gungan krte Rehna kaira ka.. and naira had only lived with family for 4-5 years and utne mei hi madam ne sab dekh Liya waah bhai bhai.. and CVS what are you trying to show? Is this you nayi soch ki 19 years ki hote hi ladki Ko shadi krlena chahiye? Dude konsi ladki aj ke zamane mei 19 ki hote hi shaadi krna chahti hai? So please just stop this bullshit of yours.. we are not interested in this ugly duckling overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan fake selfish mean immature idiot insecure naira uff Shivangi.. iski voice sunkr Kan mei Dard hone lagta hai.. and dance.. dance ne Naam pe monkey ki tarah uchalne lagti hai.. esa lagta hai jaise kisi ne electric shock de diya iss bahenji Ko.. and about her dressing sense let me not comment on that.. isse ghatiya dressing sense Mene an tak kisi actor ka Ni dekha.. and listen CVs don’t you dare compare mohsin and your beloved overacting ki Dukan Shivangi with Hina and Karan.. Hina and Karan even Kanchi Rohan Rishi mohena and that girl mishti is far far far far far better than these two insecure idiot people

  6. Totally agree with you Kaina.
    YRKKH ka Season 1&2 was the best!
    Cvs showed us family bonding…
    Even the supporting cast had a role in every single episode!
    Ab to sirf Kaira dikha rahe hein!
    Naksh Nakshara ka pehla child hain, iss hisaab se he should be getting equal or more screen time than Naira…
    Meine to YRKKH dekhna hi chodh diya hai…
    Jab Karan aur Hina iss show mein the, show bahot achha chal raha tha…
    Jab se cvs ne Karthik aur Naira ko main lead banaya hai, show ka charm hi chala gaya hai!
    Cvs are literally obsessed with Kaira! Kaira half a year se main cast hein aur unke itne saare jhagde aur separation tracks ho gaye hein!
    They’ve had more separation tracks in 6-7 months than Nakshara had in 8 years!
    Kaira ke scenes dikhane ke liye kuch bhi! Kartik Naira par gussa hain, Naira pareshaan hein, Suwarna aur Manish ki problems…had ho gayi yaar
    Family bonding to zero ho gaya hai…pehle Natik aur Rashmi, Nandini, Naman, Muskan ke beech kitna bonding dikhate the ab Naira, Naksh aur Ananya, Nannu, Gayatri, Yash ke beech ka bonding to almost khatam hi ho gaya hai…
    They are dragging the show so much!
    Keesh ke to itne kam scenes hote hein! 90% of YRKKH viewers watch YRKKH for Keesh! Agar Keesh nahi hota to mein written updates bhi nahi padhti…
    Fed up of this show!

  7. Just a few words

    Hey guys there could have been a lot of ifs! This is the story now promoting only kaira! Ok I ask myself what is the story! Once everyone had screen space! Now it’s just kaira! Suwarna is one pathetic women! Always saying Naira is right! Again in the story line – what is the progress? Except physical abuse no social message & how Keerthi falls for Naksh! About Kaira it’s all rushed! They cannot show a very young girl as a very matured adult capabale of solving every problem or coming up with un-realistic solutions(Manish flying the plane ??)
    Some young adults are very mature and understanding but that will be seen right from childhood! Not a one day transformation without anyone to guide! This repeat mode of romance-fight-patch up again to romance is silly! Like teenagers or pre/late teens dating each other! Now again this repeat mode in Greece I am going to give it a miss!! Kaira should be handled in a more mature way! Not all the time Karthik angry with Naira for no reason! If I don’t like someone it’s not correct for me to say to others that they shouldn’t like that person too(Suwarna, Manish) if they don’t have story better wind up before only Kaira fans watch them for the person behind the role not for the story! Kaina – take a bow! You have put up so much with this Kaira crap being served! Many of us quit even though we were following it right from the beginning!

  8. Spot on Kaina sis
    YRKKH is not the same anymore
    I am not watching as I don’t want to give them my TRP point

  9. Hi Kaina, it’s been ages since I’ve commented on the yrkkh tu page… I have mainly given up on the show now & only catch up on it every now & then. ?Your comments are spot on as to how I feel about YRKKH.
    The cvs have tried to completely cash in on kairas popularity & have ruined the whole concept of the show in the process.
    The shows original concept on joint family ties & strong family values made it unique….they took us on a journey of relationships where there was lots of love & bonding in between characters, that has all got lost in between ‘kaira’s immaturity & the arrival of the goenka kandhaan who seem to have no understanding of family bonds & values.

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