Enough is Enough -3 (YRKKH)

Now coming to another major track well that track is of akshara death guys see this

guys see this link these link are that of gaytri death track notice guys how along with naitik rashmi emotion for losing her mother are highlighted notice how everyone rajbana rajshri bhabhimaa daddaji chikki nandini dadi maheswari everyones feeling emotion are highlighted (and nothing over the top) notice how everyone is shown missing gaytri ,how gaytri absence is highlighted how people emotion as what gaytri was to them are highlighted notice how naitik decide to celebrate naksh bday as it was gaytri last wish is severly opposed by everyone and notice how when naksh bday is celebrated then to people come hearing gaytri voice and not because akshara gave them lecture to move on and and notice thouh every1 celebrates naksh bday but you can clearly see the gloom every1 is feeling guys just otice how every1 emotion is highlighted and see how naksh bday though celebrated isn’t severing as a tool of Milan or sepration see the leap that is taken is that of 1 year and not few months just notice how every1 has been given screenspace how everybody emotion is beautifully handle see how rashmi and naitik both are allowed to show their emotion on missing there mom notice that gaytri death track is gaytri death track and not sepration and Milan track
and now see this

akshara death track what you see does anyone emotion is highlighted no all the time naira is shown missing akshara and not anyone else and guess biggest glitch here is that cvs showed akshara death track without naksh I mean akshara died an naksh doesn’t knowI am still pinching myself that cvs did this dear cvs akshara lived without naira but without naksh akshara would have died I mean cvs totally forgot akshara and duggu I mean naksh would never in his lifetime think of that believe guys my family stop watching the serial after this they were like “if they can show mother death without son then anything can happen” guys it still hurt me show much that not for once did cvs showed ud naksh reaction on akshara death I still cry as to why cvs did this what would have happen if they would have shown naksh breakdown believe naksh and guess what akshara death track change into kaira sepration and misti bday change into kaira Milan #kairamilan2 seriously cvs i wont forgive you for this ever I mean akshara death track without naksh I am still crusing you for this but guys did I stop watching serial after this well no I didn’t I thought that when truth will be revealed then they will show naksh breakdown and naksh feelings because uys naksh was akshara first child he was her ladla he was her lifeline and I was patiently waiting for truth to b reveled so that I can see naksh breakdown for his mother I wanted naksh emotion for akshara but wait what was I served with

nothing just naira rona dhona and guess what if this was not enough to hurt me then cvs forgive mansi and if this was not enough then naira was dancing with karthik believe cvs I never in my wildest dream forive you for this akshara death chapter is close without naksh kaise cvs kaise kaise kar sakte of itna hurt tum audience ko I am still not believing it that akshara death chapter closed and no one emotion was shown no naksh break down in akshara death track kaise cvs kaise tum logo ne ye kar liya ya Dear cvs I can never forgive you for the way you handle akshara death sequence seriously I am still raged thinking about it I mean how could you give only naira the right to take decision on the be-half of everyone believe me more than her it was naitik and naksh right they were way more attached to akshara. naira for once live eight yrs without akshara but naksh couldn’t even think about that naitaik wont even think about leaving akshara how come you guys give that responsibility to only naira ? and guys what is anyone hurt on what goenkas did no does these cvs for once gave naksh a right over akshara no instead everyone is worried what will naira do ?? I mean yaar mujhe ye sab itna hurt karta haina ki kya batao me fenil bro aaj tak cvs ko iske liye koste hai and yes are goenkas guilty of what they did no they are more worried abt mansi I mean dude there is something call humanity and dear did dadi goenka said sorry to naksh for slapping him after she came to know the truth no she didn’t did any goenka felt truly sorry no guys see how in gaytri death track maheswari make food and take it shinghaniya sadan becoz they know no one will be ok there but here did goenkas do anything?? No I mean this track also turned into kaira sepration and Milan I mean guys when naman naitik think happen did akshara forgive naman thinking of misti and karisma devyani no she punished him for his wrong doing and later took care of misti karisma and devyani this is what normal human beings do and what naira did well she forgave mansi becoz she thought of family dude even akshara thought of it but she punished naman and naira forgive mansi was nothing but becoming mahan I mean dude some1 shout at our mother and we lose all are cool and here naira mother was killed and she forgave I mean I this was not enouh unrealistic then naira went to goenka house and was dancing I mean yaar had kardi how on earth is this possible ………….but but did i stop watching the serial after this no ( i know i am a big time fool but i thought of last 8 yrs at that time)
(to be continued)

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  1. Fenil

    Tear made their way today also Kaina by remind Akshara’s death…and we both are totally same in this analysis what we thought and what they did ….totally unfair and unrealistic!! Nothing more to say just like you I m also watching hoping one day we will get that uniqueness again those bonding etc again but ..leave it !!?????????
    Like we both are watching yrkkh from start again on Facebook there is one group exclusively for NaKsh (Naitik and Akshara) in that group daily one episode updated by admin on 9:30 pm !!
    Baki ki baatein as always hum pm me karenge !!
    Salute to your talent !

  2. ohhhh it just made me so emotional I feel like am writing seriously very very true agree on each and every word and goenka’s I just can’t tell how much I hate them especially dadi goenka girgit ki tarha colour badal ti hai WO budhiya she does like as if she is the first one to be born on the earth or jese saari buddhi uske ander hi kot kot ke bhari he…when she fell from the stairs after telling the truth to kartik I was wondering why didn’t she die or they could have put her in Coma for 1 year at least(but what to do budhiya bohat hi sakht jan hai Lol)…
    and about naira on akshara’s death believe me I still curse her and naksh not being in akshara’s death I still curse cvs for that…
    before naira every single day was golden days that I won’t forget…
    the biggest mistake was that she forgave her mother’s mother who the hell on earth does that except so called Mahan naira?
    wish they could have shown some logic cuz anokhi to nahi thi na naira they were so many members in the family of course Naksh,naitik but only she took the decision wish to kick on her tiny face so so hard…
    goenka’s ki mistakes to count hi nahi karsakte I just hate them jab Mann chaha budhiya ka naksh ko thappad mar diya phir jab Mann chaha uski shaadi karne ka bhi faisla leliya blo*dy…am hell angry…..

  3. ohh so sorry for the long comment yar I didn’t noticed I just keep writing what came in my mind…

  4. mother’s killer***

  5. Aku

    Yaaaar … Esa lag Raha hai jese mere Dil ki sari baaten tune likh di ho.. I’m so so so touched with it ? I have no words to express it.. I’m happy with old episodes untill that Shivangi entered the show.. and I curse her everyday cz of her Hina Karan Rohan Kanchi all the great and talented people left the show.. and I really wish I could meet shivangi someday and usko Sunau ache se.. blo*dy insecure selfish fake attention seeker educated idito girl

  6. Riana

    You are definitely very tru Kaina…Truth is cvs is mostly giving screen space to KaIra making every family member sidelined…I cant belive it i mean…Such a huge cast from them only n only Kaira…
    Before Akshara’s death i use to watch yrkkh a lot…everything like Naitik akshara wedding…anniversaries…cat fights…family scenes…after so many leaps…everything…now i actually stopped watching it only bcoz of kaira…
    No one is mahan except Kaira they are like Jagatmata & jagatpita…Anything happens kaira kaira kaira ooooofffff !…What a headache i saw your another two analysis also…
    Here you said correct during Gayatri’s death all were mourning for her but during Female lead Akshara’s death all were sidelined and Naira was crying…i mean what the ****…Naira & akshara were seperated 8 years from where do her heart generates so many feelings & naksh akshara’s duggu was kept away from her…Again here also kartik was responsible for akshara’s death…-$-#-#…
    I think its enough for me now…I cant take so much load on my head…Hope cvs once sees your analysis and changes their brain…
    All the best

  7. Zak001

    went thought ur Analysis meri dil ki baath kehedi tum ea yaar.. i habe invest mu past 6 years to the show and this the only reson made me trick to it.. even after they mess many reacks again again.. I am no more a trp viewer there is nothing much to watch on the show so catch up online only..

  8. Totally agree!
    I’ve been watching YRKKH since so many years par abh meine quit ki…
    Had hoti hain yaar!
    Kaira ke alawa kuch nahi dikhate!
    Ab to iss show se kuch expect karna hi bekar hein!

  9. YamiYami

    You are right but keeksh are being given a chance so maybe you must watch yrrkh

    1. Kaina1

      no dear keessh are not being given chance that the whole problem they are just being destroyed

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