Enough is Enough -2 (YRKKH)

Hello I hope that everyone is going grt
I have been watching yrkkh since last 9 yrs I wont call myself its biggest fan but I will defiantly call myself its one of the loyalist fan there has been time in last 9yrs that I thought of giving up yrkkh but I didn’t I thought that cvs will at the end make everything alright and yes they did they never disappointed me when rajbana-devyani track was introduced I was like wth ? but I was like bear this everything will be alright and voila everything got alright. guys believe me there was a time when I use to wish that on tv only yrkkh comes all day in loop , every time I use to switch on the tv my wish was to see yrkkh no matter what time it was of day and now the day has come when even to watch single episode of yrkkh I have to first read TU and see how much screen-space kaira got so that I can avoid it and then I have to see instagram to see whether there is any “particular and proper” family or keesh scene or is it kaira non-sense and then to I dont directly watch on tv I first watch it on hotstar and then if I see that it isn’t as cringe as it always is then I watch it on tv for trp I mean just imagine for a girl wanting to see yrkkh 24*7 to a girl who goes through a proper procedure to watch the same show she wished to see 24*7 I have literally come long way I know many of you have stop watching yrkkh after all this non-sense but I didn’t bcoz I thought of those 9 yrs when this same show gave me reason to laugh , reason to celebrate , reason to want relations in life I thought when from 9 yrs cvs didn’t went wrong maybe this time also they will set things right all they need is time which I happily gave them but no I was wrong cvs have gone mad they can’t see anything except kaira not even their own audience cvs will go to any low to prove kaira great and now I can’t take it anymore all my patience , all my love for yrkkh has ended , all this time I was convincing myself that “dear cvs will set everything right” and now that convincing isn’t working bcoz you cvs have messed up now I see no end to this kaira crap I see no light at the end of the tunnel I am what you call as hopeless that I will ever get my yrkkh back no I wont get it back ever becoz the damage is done and now no matter what they do to damage control it , it will remain same they cant get away with the mistakes they have commited and this time these are big one I am not ignoring these mistake at the cost of this world because these mistake have cost me my yrkkh they have destroyed yrkkh like never before and now even if cvs try their ass off they are not going to undo it the fact is DAMAGE IS DONE .Lets analysis yrkkh from where the damage begin
So guys lets start with #kairamilan1

Family member take gayu relation to karthik (he was well aware that he loves naira and not gayu) and guess what he says yes , why?? Well becoz naira told him to say yes , and keep in mind that naira perfectly knew that gayu loves karthik but still these two decided to play with gayu feelings ( and now they both are lecturing naksh) and naira now is like she cares for every1 she was questioning naksh because she was not sure how will naksh keep kirti happy when he doesn’t love her , didn’t she thought of this with gayu how will karthik keep gayu happy when he doesn’t love her ?? the fact is all she want is to become mahan .Mahan that she sacrificed her love for her sister (false it is other way round) an now she wanted to become mahan bhabhi and guess what cvs ur plan backfired both the time instead of becoming mahan she came across selfish and karthik he is also a hypocrite I mean dude he was shouting at naksh that he cheated his sister , he knowingly hurt keerti he used keerti for his profit an has he forgotton what he did with gayu he hurted gayu being full fledge aware of gayus feelings cheated her naksh didnt got any profit from marrying keerti but karthik actually got naira after hurting gayu tell me who is wrong ?? guys what naksh did was under immense pressure of family relationship but dude naira and karthik didn’t had any pressure on then no one asked kaira to do what they did with gayu they themselves hurted gayu feeling and that too knowingly (don’t say unknowingly it was gayu who wasn’t aware of kaira but kaira were 100% aware of their own feelings for each other and gayu’s feelings for karthik but then two these jerks played with gayu emotions so badly ) For me when gayu back out from karthik relation and gave her nod for kaira relation that exact moment the degradation of yrkkh started becoz after that scene everyone was praising naira like “oh she is so grt she gave up her love for her sister” and no one except akshara and rama were worried for gayu . believe me it still hurts whenever I think about that scene naira first of all wasn’t grt at all she didt gave up her love for sister gayu , she got it back instead she was the reason why gayu suffered a heartbreak if kaira had the guts to take a stand for their love to tell everyone they love each other all this wouldn’t have happen but no everyone were praising naira and literally forgetting that it was gayu who gave up her love for her sister in true sense and never got it back , (but then I ignored (big big mistake) I thought akshara and rama are around so nothing will go wrong plus cvs need to move on so lets ignore ( now I wish I shouldn’t have ignore ) and guys tell me what would you do if you hurted ur sister like that ??? what would you do if ur sister was heartbroken because of you?? Or what will you do if you played with the feeling of a girl who love you ? and that to knowingly???? Maybe you will suffer from guilt attack but what the hell these jerks were doing that gayu incident naira was planning her love confession believe me if I would have been their forget about my love confession I would have made sure that every single second of my day goes to my di who is nurturing a broken heart or even in place of karthik I would have been so sorry that I would have actually stop going to shinghaniya sadan and let the girl get out of her heart-break but now there gayu was crying for her heart-break because of these two and here these two were romancing making love confession well they were proposing each other yes karthik not for once was guilty as to what he did and now plz don’t tell me his intention were not like that dude same applies for naksh his intention weren’t bad either but still he was made to feel like he committed a sin and for naira well she did her drama of “sorry mujse galti hogayi I am sorry” I am calling her apologize act a drama because dude if she had a bit guilt had she been actually guilt she would left everything in world to be with her sister but now the next moment she was planning as to how to propose karthik SERIOUSLY?? I am not saying that they would have ignore their own lives and their moment and kill themselves with guilt no they shouldn’t but what would have happen if they would have tried to make gayu happy what would have happen is they would have tried to do a bit damage control what would have happen if they would have kept gayus broken-heart first b4 their relation?? Believe they would have been like nakshara now he hypothetical song cvs sing that kaira always keep family first believe me that would have come true but no they kept themselves first and see respected ppl like me who are raising question on them now would have been quiet for lifetime but no instead they were busy proposing each other and see people are now raising questions on them and instead of these two jerks thinking of gayu it was gayu who thought of them and left shinghaniya sadan so that they aren’t guilty believe me after that my respect for gayu as a character increased by 100 folds
(to be continued)

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  1. Fenil

    Superb u just simply hit hammer on right point !! In this track I was also wanting this things to happen ????

  2. Very Well said Kaina especially about gayu she was such a sweetheart I still feel bad at least if they could have given all of them equal screen space then am sure even gayu’s love story would have shown but they r only stick to immature,selfish Kaira kaira kaira dikhawe ki Dukan hain dono….

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