Enough is Enough (os) (kumkum bhagya)


ok guys here i bring one of my thought to you from current track i know you will decide to leave the story after reading the first few lines as they are from the current annoying track but once go through my suggestion and go through it once please so here we go with the thought.
Enough is Enough

It is the scene just after the accusation of Pragya she is waiting for Abhi after the drama in her room after changing her dress and finally he came out she said “listen to me once please” he answered “there is nothing left to listen what is the true face of yours I have seen already in the party now no need to say anything” she said “but those proofs are false I am saying it to you just believe me once please” he answered “why should I who are you to whom I should believe? You have betrayed me on every step and now I don’t have courage to believe on you so please leave my way” she said “just listen to me once I am begging you ok you are not ready to listen Pragya then at least listen for the sake of your fuggy but please..” he cuts off and said “no I don’t have any interest in listening your crap just leave and don’t try to manipulate me on the name of fuggy ok because I am not going to believe you then also” she again begged in front of him but he didn’t listened, she hugged him emotionally because she was totally break down and thought that at least he will listen to her once but it got waste because he just broke the hug and moved away from her leaving her crying a side he left that room and she was crying alone without support of anyone and it was about mid night when she stopped crying and looked here and there she didn’t found him yes he wasn’t returned yet then she decided to check where he is and she found him in Tanu’s room he was taking care of her as she haven’t don’t anything wrong she again left in tears and decided to leave from there. She took her bag and left where was she going she don’t know herself but one thing was clear she wasn’t able to bear that pain which was given by him so she just left without coming in notice of anyone. It was fine morning when Abhi woke up and found himself in Tanu’s room he was slept in sitting position he got up and thinking that by this time she must have left for her work he went in room and found that his clothes were prepared on bed he ignored that and moved further and after getting ready he too left from there. It was about six hours were spent when he came back home and find that everyone was in hall and the faces were showing that there is big tension in the house first he thought that it sure because of her and he went forward and asked his dadi that what happen and dadi told him that it have been time spent but Pragya didn’t came back to home none of us have seen us from morning itself we asked Robin and he said that when he came to work she wasn’t here he consoled them that she must be busy and will comeback you don’t get panic at once everybody left to room he got anger over her and decided to call her and after calling he will scold her but to his surprise the number wasn’t existing and he was surprised that what happened that in one night itself the number is telling that it doesn’t exist he called again but the result was same then he decided to wait for her and did so now it was about 12:00 in the night there was no clue of her he was getting restless as she didn’t informed where is she going and thinking that she will surely return he slept and woke up in morning when again he didn’t found her he started searching her and asked everyone but the answer was she didn’t returned then what does this mean did she left us he thought for once and rushed to his room and after getting fresh n up when he was taking his fresh pair of clothes something fallen down it was a paper he picked it up and to his surprise it was a letter which was written by her he started reading it…………..

Dear Abhishek,

It is me Pragya I think when you will get this message it will be extremely late there will be no hope of mine to return and I know that you will make everyone understand that I am not going to return now I know all will be tensed for me but believe me now I had no choice to return it is feeling extremely painful when I am thinking to return to you because I am hoping from the one who is hopeless you know it wasn’t easy for me to take such a big and drastic step but I took and decided to think for myself as now no one is there for me nothing is left after that accusation for me to tolerate it was second time when I got into such trouble and I was feeling that no one will support me it will be ok for me because you are supporting me but what I thought was all only rubbish you proved that to me well THANK YOU for that as I got to know that there is nothing like love exist I was crying I was begging you that believe me but you didn’t it wasn’t the first time I did so but yes it was many times I did the same and you too did the same again and again I was being accused and you was silent I was being humiliated and you was silent and for the first time I asked from you that do you support me but your answer make me to feel like I am already facing that entrance of hell that’s ok because I already faced to much so this was nothing for me but still I expected but all in vain anyways do you remember our marriage first night yes that night when we were entered your home and after doing all rituals we were standing in your living area that day your all family left us thinking that you will take me to our room but what happen was my first step to this lonely hell you left me there and I was standing alone in that big living area finally your nephews son and daughter of your brother talked to me and shown me way to your room that wasn’t enough then I was waiting for you just like as a new bride do waits for her husband that he will come and they will talk for some time to make the heavy heart which is suffering from the pain of separation from family somehow light you came but left without telling that where are you going I waited for you whole night but you didn’t came I got tensed and being a responsible wife I enquired about you, you was at TANU’s home in drunk state and what you blabbered in that state it just made my life hell you said that this marriage was only joke for you then next day you pretend in front of dadi like nothing has happened. This was not enough then I come to know the truth of our marriage which was a result of a conspiracy you sister did that to marry Purab who was not even interested in her that time you accused me of having affair with Purab who is like my brother you didn’t even felt shame doing so but it wasn’t your mistake it was all mistake of your sister what she shown you looked at that angle but then Tanu also trapped me in that it was the first time I was feeling like my life is really a hell then it was not enough for you all when you got to know that you misunderstood me as Bulbul then you were feeling guilty and started trying to throw me out of your lives tried every way and when it became impossible for you people then your girl friend Tanu and your sister Aliya trapped me again and again it was accusation on me which was again of having an extra marital affair with my friend Suresh and that time also you didn’t said anything I know because you was searching for the truth and you saved me also but it is not done you blamed me first even you was ready to throw me out of the house beside believing your wife what you did was you gave me time limit of proving myself innocent I tried but it again failed ok then what happen next after that I felt I am falling in love for you and decided to confess but again this time you cheated me you said that for some business dealings some business partners are here and you made me agreed for divorce from which I was unaware after our kidnapping when we was back and I came to know that Tanu is pregnant I decided to do something that all should throw me out of house so I took the blame of money theft matter on my head Tanu went over limit she included my mother in that and still you was listening silently you didn’t utter a word till then I think if that report didn’t have came that time then you must haven’t supported me then also you always did the same and it was not the first time then after that when I decided to leave and got success over that you stopped me by confessing your love towards me and I was so silly that I believed you see you was all the time unsure about me and I was living in thought that you are there for me whatever will happen with me ok so it was not the end then when just after your proposal I decided to leave you tried to stop me you thought it was love but I am saying now that you never loved all the time which you was with me it was just an affection nothing else then getting your marriage card I thought to wish you so I came back to MM and here I came to know that truth was something else tanu is not bearing your child yes she is not she lied to everyone and it was a hell shock for me because for that I left you my love I thought so I decided to tell you all this but when I went office I came to know that your sister is also conspiring against you it was again a hell shock for me I left from there and then as per my destiny is always having badluck when I was coming to tell you the truth I met an accident when I came into my senses found dadi there she was with me she was sitting with me and I told her everything it was her plan to become bad in everyone’s eye so that the real culprit will be out so I came back to MM in a changed look but from look from nature I was still that Pragya you met me you felt happy but as I told that everything belongs to me your anger was on peak you wasn’t happy then according to me if you was in love with me if you loved me ever then why was the cheating regarding property was bothering you, you must have been happy that I was returned to you but no you was not happy for that even you was in shock I know everyone would be in shock with such cheating but think one thing positively did you ever felt that your property was not yours every big decision the person who was taking so was you and you was free for everything I just put restriction on usage of money nothing else you didn’t thought that but started making evil plans for me again and the one was the showing of fake love towards me yes just to take signatures on property papers and you did it you did it you cheated me by making me drunk you took my signatures and I was having one question that why you did this why but answer was with me I think so I didn’t said anything and when next day Aliya did the same with you and said to me to get out then also you didn’t stopped me why you said I was your friend right then why you didn’t even said to stop you were just in shock that your sister did this with you and when it was not enough then after few days my mother who was here because she was paralysed and when she got cured some money theft matter again took place and that time also you did same beside believing us you believed on false proofs you accused her for being theft Tanu was speaking unnecessary and you was silent isn’t great she is not member of our home but she is having full right to accuse someone then it was not done then again on my birthday this drama took place did you have ever thought that what you have done always with me I just cheated you once and that also for your well being but you cheated me again and this time it crossed its limits you said that TANU is saying true that I am having an affair with some other person you believed those false proofs then I was thinking that why dadi stopped me telling truth to you because all you want to believe is just proof nothing else not even your loved once and this time too you agreed over those fake photos so now I want to say that just think MR Mehra that with how many men I am having affair I am having affair with Purab with Suresh and now this champak and this all crap you did on my birthday you know birthdays are very special for every person in their life but once something worst happen on birthday the birthday becomes a black chapter of life and it happened same with me I thought that It is the most beautiful day of my life but no you all turned this as a black chapter of my life I think now I won’t be able to gather courage to celebrate this birthday anymore now whenever I will see this day I will remember this black day Thank you so much Mr Mehra for making me believe that I was alone and I am alone I wasn’t having support of someone and till now I doesn’t having anyone to support all the things were yours all the belongings were yours you said that I cheated you I was carrying vermilion of your name and cheated you I am double face so tell me no don’t tell me answer yourself that when I was double face it was you who was double face always with me thinking something else and saying something else you said that I am your wife and you should have only rights upon me what is my everything is yours even that mangalsutra and kumkum so I have one question now that FOREHEAD IS MY KUMKUM IS OF YOUR NAME LUCK IS MINE AND MANGAL SUTRA IS OF YOUR NAME PRAYERS WERE MINE BUT PRASAD WAS OF YOURS NAME and if you have given me rights of wife then WOMB MINE AND CHILD OF YOUR NAME then tell me Mr Mehra that WHAT DO YOU HAVE OF MY NAME I HAVE EVERYTHING OF YOUR NAME THEN WHAT DO YOU HAVE OF MY NAME (maang meri sindoor tumhare naam ka, bhagya mera mangalsutra tumhare naam ka pooja meri Prasad tumhare naam ka aur agar mai kal ko maa ban jati to kokh meri bachha tumhare naam ka tumhare paas kya hai mere naam ka) nothing right then why you pretended every time having rights on me the day I came to this house what I just faced is humiliation insult and accusation but now no more because all the courage of mine has broken down now I can’t tolerate this anymore ENOUGH IS ENOUGH every time I supported you and every time you left me alone every time not a single moment was there that you have supported me it’s enough of accusation now enough of humiliation and enough of being get insulted in front of whole family of yours. Every member of your family said that they love me more than anything but when it comes the time of support they all left me in the mid way alone so now I don’t have such potential to bear that humiliation and insult again because I am also a human and I am also having self respect so to keep my honour with me my pride with me I am leaving yes you read it right I am leaving from here because now I don’t have courage to face all these don’t try to find me or search me I know very well once you will come to know the truth you will do so for sure so I am saying that don’t search me because now neither Pragya will return nor Fuggy I have kept you all property papers near your concert documents and everything which you thought I have snatched from you I have returned so be happy MR Mehra now I will wish that you will live happily ever after and about me so I think now I wont be able to believe anyone who will talk about love because I have seen the worst face of love I will live happily where will I live don’t know and don’t think that I will go to maa because I will not I have that courage that I can live alone I don’t need any kind of support now and don’t worry maa wont be worry about me because she also know that what her daughter was facing and at the end I want to thank you again that you made me believe that if middle class girl will marry any celebrity so this is the only thing she will face rather than facing happiness and then I will wish that no one should face the situation like this as I have faced now I am totally broken down now that I have no faith over love anymore thank you Mr Mehra thanks a lot for that and for this black birthday too…

Your so called wife


After reading letter he looked at his drawer there were some papers he checked that it was property papers and some more papers they were divorce paper which were signed by her now only his sign were remaining he took out then and sat on the bed and again read that letter………….
Author’s note:
I didn’t written Abhi’s reaction after reading that letter because I didn’t felt to write so and to show that we can’t expect anything from him don’t know about yours but I am sure that we cant expect anything else from him so if you people feel like I should show his reaction then my suggestion is please go through the letter once again and try to feel the pain of all this not like a character relate it with the real life in serial they are showing that this much is happened with the main lead but still she is there in that house with her husband but tell me one thing does this all happened in reality in my opinion no it wont yes this happens that couple use to fight some nok jhok is between them but this doesn’t happens and if this happens then any girl will take the same step for herself which I wrote taken by Pragya these are my thoughts and for those who are continuously trying to guessing who am I, I want to say that please don’t make any guesses and don’t say to reveal my self I will come infront of you people when I will feel for that but till then let this narrator be narrator only its my humble request because sometimes its better to hide yourself behind the curtain so wait for that moment when I will come infront of you till then bye bye and yes If you enjoyed this os then leave your response for sure.

Credit to: NARRATOR

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