are you all enjoying yhm as much as before?

do you all love ye hai mohhabatein as much as you did before?

the story started off based on ruhi and her work to get ishra together.
shagun was the enemy of this story as she was raman’s ex wife.
gradually ishra fell in love with each other and then the story began…

during these time there was different hardships,love etc.

leap of 7 years

but then story tool a major leap of 7 years.

in this 7 years raman and ishita was seperated as for the loss of ruhi. ishita was living in australia with her friend mani and aliya.
when ishita came to india her plane was hijacked, and in the same plane raman too was there. ishita got shot and raman saved her.
then ishita started settling india along with mani and aliya. during these time aliya and adi argue about whose mum ishita was.
aliya got kidnapped (sort of) and adi was the criminal. during this ishita got to knew this is adi and her son.


ruhi was kidnapped by ishra’s latest enemy niddhi, while everyone thought ruhi was dead by the car crash niddhi was making use of ruhi.
she turned ruhi into ruhaan, the famous singer.
ruhi too came into india and she hated her parents because of the misunderstanding.

finally everyone knew ruhaan was ruhi and they were happy. in ruhi’s custody, shocking everyone, ruhi chose to live with niddhi.
but she understood and came to the bhalla’s finally.

pihu’s case too was the same but she didn’t no ishita was her real mother. shagun turned back into evil and totally brainwashed little pihu.

love triangle

while all the fans were excited to see adi and aliya’s love, the show made a huge twist.

adi loved aliya while aliya loved mihir…

when mihir finally knew that aliya loved him he was totally shocked. he wanted adi and aliya get together.
by the time aliya understood adi’s love, adi had already turned into evil.
after all acid attacks, arguments adi and aliya expressed their love and became one.
while mani and raman were hating this, entry of aliya’s dadi happens.

though shagun wanted to break this love, with everyone’s kindness adi and aliya’s engagement happens.
in this ishra too remmarries…

this is the very short summary of the story so far.. many twist and many things happened..
but are you all enjoying it?

comment down below

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  1. QueenB

    It’s too depressing recently
    only enjoying aliya and adi’s part a litter bit
    bored of ishra and shagun pihu

  2. These twist are some what acceptable. but it is not at all good to see pihu hating ishita for shagun. Raman and ishita remarriage is taking place it is good to see after a long time that they are together. But try to change the behaviour of pihu towards ishita. Thank you for showing the remarriage of ishita and Raman and bought them together again. Please don’t bring the separation track of Raman and ishita in the yhm. We don’t want to see the separation track of Ishra in the serial.

  3. Not at all. I don’t enjoy watching the current track. These writers made us mad to watch this crap. Yhm was a beautiful story once upon a time. But now it is like hell.

  4. Pihu is behaving is not at all acceptable to see towards Ishra. Nnow they are showing that shagun evil plans will win against raman and ishita but they are trying to prove there love towards pihu it will fail. U r showing that pihu understands only shagun fake love but she can’t understand Ishra and her family real love towards her. By showing the character of pihu like this u r saying that she is shagun daughter not Ishra daughter . Show some changes in pihu behaviour and bring Some closeness and bond between ishita and pihu. When the custody case will open again raman and ishita will get back there pihu. show some flop and defeat to shagun in her evil plans

  5. Not at all yhm has lost all
    It’s charm now we only get Raman anger and ishu disrespect and shaggy useless attitude infact it’s not worth the time

  6. The leap have spoilt the show YHM is no longer teaching any moral values is no longer unique is full of negativities. No single moment of happiness in Ishita and Rahman’s life. The wicked people always win. There is nothing to watch in show.

  7. Hi all yhm fans.hating this serial to the core . writers have lost their brains. How can u show children trying to kill themselves. No morals.what are we going to teach our kids from this??????

  8. Not at all enjoying the show too much negativity and hatred for ishita from shagun why can’t she move on with Mani and respect him as her husband..let Raman respect and trust his wife and stop dancing at shagun and pihu tunes you CVs made his character inhumane and spineless let’s see how they support each other in their battle to win pihu. Please don’t separate ishra again otherwise this show will become ye hai naffratein. Show us some positive tracks too cos now the show evolve around pihu and shagun hatred…why suicide how on earth can a 7yr old think about a suicide attempt if she’s old enough to think about suicide then she’s old enough to know about her reall mother. Why can shagun marry Mani and stay with him and she happily stays with them but when ishita and Raman marries she hate them cos it’s same thing only difference is that ishra her reall parents what rubbish to emotional ly blackmail Raman more and more bullshit rather end the show if you gonna play these nonsense tracks on us before it becomes yhn spare us this rubbish

  9. No not at all…..

  10. Now I am going to stop watching YHM Indonesia and Hindis version. I think YHM can be ignore for 2nd times in Indonesia such before because this is really horrible education. I think the writers is being crazy have the strange idea. All people getting foolish of their love story. Do in India like Shagun isn’t suspect for investigation for her actions? LOL! The real Hindis Movie characteristic right ? Lee Min Ho will coming soon for his new drama, I believe he will destroys all of this bullshit Drama! The writer must be extra work to raise the rating. So pity for Karan Patel and Divyanka.

  11. This is becoming so boring all it’s showing evil is the way to go .We are saying you can do anything and get away with. what is Shagun teaching Puhi .They are not showing any postI’ve. Raman and Ishitha has to hid all the time.Don’t you think it’s about time we showing the true meaning of of love to our children and only hatred through SHagun. Please change the dialogue now

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