Enjoying Your Life… A Devakshi OS

Guys I just wanted to try writing an OS …tell me your views…

A girl is shown who just woke up with a wide smile on her face.
Hi let me introduce myself I am Sonakshi Bose daughter of the famous industrialist Mr Bejoy Bose and his better half Mrs Asha Bose who is a famous novelist not to forget myself I am the best nutritionist of Delhi. With my parents being such famous personalities I was always in limelight. I always feel media has no other work other than following me. Whatever I do when do I do everything is known to everyone. It was as if due to my surname Bose there was no privacy in my life. It’s not like I don’t love Bose surname but always someone barging into your life is annoying. If I go to eat panipuri like others it becomes a news , once I had gone to meet one of my friend Rajveer as he was getting engaged. Poor Rajveer the media had made news about we being together . Rajveer’s engagement was called off. I love to live just as Sonakshi . My mom and dad were simple people . And they too never liked the interference of others in our lives. So we all had once made a pact. The pact was that we all would go somewhere where there is no media no limelight and no celebrity wala feeling. I eagerly wait for holidays . I was really happy today as I had applied leave for 10 days and we all were going to Manali. I got dressed up in jeans and a top and a jacket as protection from the cold. I went down just to fin my parents seriously discussing something.
Bejoy – Asha you tell Sona about it..
Asha – Nahi Bejoy tum batao usse
They started a tum -tum fight.
Sona – Ma Baba jaldi batao uske baad humme nikalna hain manali ke liye .
Asha – Sona beta we are really sorry hum iss baar tere saath nahi aa payenge
(We will not be able to come along with you this time)
Bejoy – woh Sona mujhe achanak ek bussiness meeting me jana padh raha hain aur tumhari ma ko apna novel finish karna hain …we are really sorry beta…
(Sona I have to go for a bussiness meeting and your mom has to finish her novel)
Sona looks at her parents and hugs them.
Sona – it’s ok ab ko sorry bolne ki koi zaroorat nahi…aap hamesha mere liye time nikal the ho…if not this time we all will go next time…
(It’s ok you needn’t tell me sorry..you always spend your time with me )
Asha – hamari shona beti… Par hum nahi aa rahe hain iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki tu bhi nahi ja rahi hain …
(We are not going it doesn’t mean that you also won’t go)
Bejoy – haan sona beta tum jana chahiye…I promise ki next time hum zaroor chalenge tere saath ….
(Yes Sona you should go )
On Asha and Bejoy’s insistence she agrees to go to Manali alone..
Few hours later…
Sona – Manali mein aa gayi hoon…
Sona doesnt even rest she wants to enjoy in the snow. She takes her camera along with her.
Sona was clicking pictures when she notices a lady in her 50’s standing in the snow admiring her daughters. Suddenly the lady slipped and was about to fall when not one two people had saved her. One of them was our Sona and other one was Dev . .
Dev – ma kitni baar kaha hain aisi khadi math re agar abhi ghir jathi tho?
(Mom how many times have I told you not to stand…if now you would have fallen then )
Ishwari – tu hain toh mein kaise ghir sakhti hoon…
(If you are there how will I fall )
Ishwari turns towards Sona and hugs her .
Ishwari – thank you beta tumne mujhe bacha liya , naam kya hain tumhara
(Thank you for saving me ,what is your name)
Sona – mera naam Sonakshi Bose hain…aap mujhe thank you bhi bol rahi hain aur beta bhi..
(You are calling me beta and also telling me thank you )
Sona turns towards Dev . Sona was lost in him. She was getting attracted toward him.
Sona kya kar rahi inse tu abhi mili hain… par meine inhe kahi dekha hain…oh my god yeh youngest bussiness tycoon Dev Dixit hain…Aur mujhe 10 days ke leave ke baad inke yaha hi inke mom ki personal nutritionist ban na tha…inke magazine wali photos se yeh reality mein aur bhi handsome dikhte hain…Sona pagal ho gayi hain kya unhe iss tarah goor na bandh kar
(Sona what are you doing you just met him now …but I have seen him somewhere…oh yes he is the youngest business tycoon Dev Dixit…I had to work at his place after my 10 days leave as his mom’s personal nutritionist..he looks more handsome than he looks in the photos… Sona are you getting mad… stop looking at him…)
Dev snaps his fingers and Sona comes back to her senses. Dev was also getting attracted to her cute smile .
Dev – Ma Ms Sonakshi aapki personal nutritionist hain jo hamare ghar aake kaam karengi …. Good to meet you Ms Bose..
(Mom she is your personal nutritionist )
After all these meetings…
At night ..
Sona went out of the hotel with her camera. She just wanted to spend each and every minute outside. But this time it was Sona who slipped in the snow . Our hero Dev doesn’t let her fall. They have an intense eye lock . Dev makes her sit . He sits beside her .
Dev – toh Ms Bose aap manali kyu aayi hain …
Sona – first of all aap mujhe Ms Bose bulana bandh kijiye aur Sonakshi bulayi yeh…aur mein Manali isliye aayi hoon takhi mein apni life jhi sakho..
(I came to Manali to live my life )
Dev – ok Sonakshi. Apni life jhi sakho ka kya matlab hain ??
Sona – aapko itna toh patah hi hoga ki mere parents kaun hain … bachpan se lekhe aajtak meri life jo hain private property se zyada public property bann gayi hain… Hamesha media piche hi padhi rahthi hain…and I hate this celebrity wala feeling… isliye mein har saal leave lekhe kahi ghumne aathi hoon…so that I can be myself…
(You know who my parents are…from childhood my life has become a public property …always media keeps on following me…I just hate the feeling of being a celebrity…
Thats why every year I take a break from my work and go somewhere to spend my Holiday…so that I can be myself…)
Dev – Meri bhi life kuch aise hi hain…isliye mein apne family ko har saal kahi lekhe jata hoon…
(My life is also like this …thats why I take my family somewhere every year)
Sona – Mr Dixit aap kitne ache hain …aapke busy schedule mein bhi aap apne family ke liye time nikalte hain…
Dev smiles.
Dev – par aap itne raat ko ja kaha rahi hain…
(Where are you going at this time of night )
Sona – woh actually mein kal subah trek karne ja rahi hoon isliye dekh rahi thi ki kis raaste se jao ..
(I am going for a trek tomorrow morning so I just was seeing in which way I should go )
Dev – trek ? Akele ?
(Trek ? Alone ?)
Sona – haan akele . Koi problem hain kya
(Yes alone. Is there any problem )
Dev – Nahi. Acha ab bohut raat ho gayi hain aap ja ke so jahiye
(No. Its getting late now you should go and sleep )
Sona – BYE. Anyways I am leaving at 4am .
Next day…
Dev was waiting for Sona to come. She was late by 15 minutes. Sona smiles widely when she sees Dev waiting for her .
Sona – Dev aap yaha kya kar rahe hain.
(Dev what are you doing here )
Dev – Ab mein aapko akele toh nahi jane de sakhta tha .
( I could not let you go alone )
Sona and Dev start trekking .They were enjoying each other’s company. This trek was really memorable for both of them . Through out the trek the shared everything about each other . At last they reach the top.
Sona – Finally! Dekhiye Dev hum pahunch gaye hain… Yaha se sab kuch kitna zyada khoobsurat hain…
(Dev finally we reached … everything is so beautiful from here )
Dev was seeing her beauty not the nature’s beauty . It was the best day of his life. All these days in manali were getting Dev and Sonakshi close. Ishwari notices that her Dev was so happy he was also enjoying . She was very happy. Days pass they return from Manali. Sona starts working at Dev’s house. They started falling for each other in this time. Dev use to drop Sona home everyday. Thier were link up rumours also but they just ignored it. But one day Dev proposed Sona and thanked her for giving him a new life
Sona readily accepted his proposal.
They got married with great pomp.
Sona – Dev aur kitne der karoge tumhe aaj apna kaam jaldi finish karna hain . Kaal se dono ki chutiya hain aur humme unhe ghumane lekhe jaana hoga.
Dev – meri jaaneman hamesha unhi ke baare mein sochti ho . Kabhi kabhi hamare baare mein bhi soch liya karo.
Dev was about to kiss Sona when their twins came to them. Devakshi were blessed with twins Suhana and Golu.
Golu – papa dekho na yeh soha ki bacchi mujhe bohut pareshan karti hain ..
(Papa see na soha is always troubling me )
Suhana – golu chupkar mein tumse badi hoon na …
(Golu keep quiet I am elder than you na )
Golu – yeh toh iska standard dialogue hain … Golu I am 5 minutes elder than you…aisa bhi koi kehta hain kya…
(This is her favorite dialogue…I am 5 min elder than you)
Sona and Dev laugh at their antics.
Soha – Papa we are going to trip tomorrow know
Dev – haan meri princess…ab chalo sab mujhe hug karo…
Soha , golu and Sona hug Dev. A happy family hug.

So guys I hope its not boring. I tried it for first time . Thank you.

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