Enjoy the life (Matsh,ishqbaaz) Intro

Guys i am new..i won’t comment on any ff..but i write read many ff..so here is my new ff..for u all..enjoy the life

Rudra;He is cool,young boy..he loves his family alot..omkara and shivaay are his brothers…he wants to enjoy his life in the way..he thinks that his brothers won’t break his trust.
he wants shivaay to choose his own life partner..

Shivaay:Shivaay Oberoi is the eldest of the three brothers. He is Shakti and Pinky’s son. Shivaay runs the Oberoi business and believes in power and money. Shivaay does friendship or enmity with people of equal status. He dislikes middle class people and believes in equality in making any relation. Shivaay is very stylish and shows Oberoi’s attitude everywhere. He is the angriest of the three. Shivaay thinks nothing can ever limit him and his dreams. He is proud to be an Oberoi. He is not concerned about the family politics and loves his younger brothers a lot. Shivaay is very caring and soft hearted towards Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay has a girlfriend Tia, and believes she is perfect life partner for him.

omkara:Omkara is Tej and Jhanvi’s elder son. Omkara is down to earth, sweet, humble and speaks nothing but the truth. He does not run after his Oberoi’s tag benefits. Omkara believes in making his identity himself by following his heart. Omkara has no interest in the family business. He is an artist by profession and all of his day passes in making statues. He earns millions by his art and is content with his life. Omkara loves Shivaay and Rudra deeply. He mostly tries to show the true facts to Shivaay. He wishes Shivaay falls in true love some day. He is not on good terms with Tej, but respects his mother Jhanvi a lot.

Ranveer:He is big business man and he runs a comapny equal to shivaay..oberoi business…shivaay and ranveer are best friends..

anika: she is sister of ranveer..but she lives alone becoz she wants to lead a simple life..which she earns from the work..she does not want his brother money.

tia: she is also sister of ranveer..she loves his brother alot.

ishaani: she is siter of rudra,omkara and shivaay..they three loves her alot!..she is modern and stylish.girl..does not depend on others.,

so imp note: sivaay does not know that anika is ranveer sister!!…

if u like it pls comment..i will post next epi soon


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