Enjoy the life (Matsh, ishqbaaz) epi-5


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The episode starts with rudra thinks whom dropped me?.. He stands clueless.. He then goes inside his room and sees his face in mirror and praises his beauty and six packs???Shivanya comes to oberoi residence.. Ishaani asks who r u? Shivanya tells I came yesterday and dropped u r brother Na? Ishaani tells yes. Thnx u! For what u came here?

Shivanya tells I lost my Locket while I am leaving him in bed! Ishaani it is OK.. I will show u the room! Rudrs removes his shirt.. And goes inside washroom..shivanya looks the whole house.. And comes near rudra room.. Ishaani gets a call.. She moves.. Rudra.. Comes out of washroom.. Shivanya sees time and opens door hesitantly!

Rudra throws towel.. It falls on shivanya face ! She hides her face… Rudra too shouts.. Whole house gets stunned after hearing such sound.. They run to his room.. Thinking what would have happened? To rudra?.. He takes out blanket and hides.. He comes near shivanya and keeps hand on her mouth.. Wind blows.. Allah warriyan plays..

He asks who r u? She tells I only brought u here yesterday! He thnx her.. Ishaani comes there and coughs and tells u r romancing but all are thinking that something has happened? Shivanya takes locket and leaves.. Rudra eyes her.. Once she leaves.. Ishaani asks rudra do like her? He nods.. She smiles.. He then leaves..

Om comes to shop and sits on table.. Madhu comes there.. Allah warriyan plays.. She smiles.. While om. Eyes her lovingly!??????????????He thinks what to do? His hand shiver in nervous! She comes near him and touches his hand.. He asks what? She tells I am u r big fan!! He praises his art!

He tells her to take seat.. He keeps hand on table and watches her speaking!!! Allah warriyan… Shivaay calls anika.. And tells her to come to shop! She asks for what? He tells for dating! He tells her to come if she wants order? She agrees. .. Ranveer comes there and sits near shivaay and tells Ishaani was the one who dragged us inside! Shivaay asks then why u did not say this before? He tells nothing like that.. He tells all!! Shivaay tells there is mistake St me also!

Precap:Ishaani goes on car.. Ranveer also comes opposite! Their both car hit each other.. They knok jhok starts!???Rudra.. Starts searching shivanya address! Madhu sits on chair.. Om draws her as it is.. In paper.. And gifts her..Shivaay gives order to anika.. Which makes her happy!??

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode i really liked it update the next soon 🙂 ??

  2. Julina

    Nice epi…

  3. Its nice epi

  4. Very nice dear waiting for the next episode ?

  5. hey bro loved waitting for the next epi

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