Enjoy the life (Matsh, ishqbaaz) epi-4


Sorry for late update.. I am busy with many ff.. And new ff.. Not this name.. My name is narendran.. Power of love is my ff.. I write list of 10ff!! So only can’t.. But I give first preference to this ff.. Whenever I find time..

The episode starts with Ishaani tells ranveer to get up.. He does not move.. Ishaani slowly pushes him down and takes him to sofa.. And makes him sit.. She thinks both drunken state? How to take them to room? She gets an idea.. She draggs ranveer and shivaay and brings them near store room and gets ready bed and makes them sleep there..???She comes back to Hall.. Om and rudra comes there..om asks where is shivaay?? Ishaani tells he did not come.. An FB is shown.. Shivaay on drunken state.. Ishaani tries to wake but he scolds her.. FB nds..Ishaani tells this time see what he will do? She smiles.. All goes to sleep!

Anika comes to house and sits on bed and recalls how Tia told her as someone.. She cries.. She sees her mom pic and tells I won’t back off from this.. I will fight for my rights!! She wipes her tears and starts her company accounts… She calls auditor and asks for cash budget? Auditor tells tmr it will be ready.. She thnx him

Tia comes back to house and comes to room.. Servants comes there and asks her where is ranveer?? Tia tells how do I know? Servants tells he is brother.. Na? She tells so I should know about it? She tells I am not interested in family drama? She tells them to leave.. She starts his work..

Next day…..??????????

Shivaay and ranveer gets up and sees themself inside store room.. And gets shocked.. Rats go other side.. Ranveer and shivaay shouts..Ishaani comes outside door and laughs.. Om and rudra also comes there.. She stops laughing and open door.. She asks why ru here?? Ranveer and shivaay that we have to ask!! Who brought as here?? Om and rudra tells not us. Ishaani tells not me.. She acts as if.. She has not done anything.. Ranveer sees her face and finds truth.. He recalls how she thrown inside store room..

He does not open up and tells shivaay that I have work and he leaves.. Ishaani thinks I knew that he know I only did.. But why he did not speak up? Om gets a call from madhu! She asks him will u paint mine?? He does not know her voice and accepts.. She asks how much RS?? He tells $30dollar.. She asks what? I am from middle class family! He tells her to come to one place.. Rudra asks Ishaani how did I come here at night?? Ishaani tells shivanya dropped u.. He thinks who is it??

Precap:Another knok jhok fights between siblings.. Don’t miss it..

Sorry for short update..

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  1. Hey bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much keep rocking

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode I really liked it 😉

  3. Hy bro. Ur update is gud. O liked it.. Update next soon… Keep smiling…

  4. Its nice

  5. Leeneshmattoofan

    Thnx guys.. Can’t reply each and every one sorry.. Thnx again for commenting.. Keep smiling..

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  7. strange r u narendran anyway nice epi..continue!!

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Why?? Anyways thnx for the comment..

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow awesome naru bhaia cant wait for the next epi among all ur ff this one and the one u write with bhavu(reena) are my fav

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx fatarajo Akka for the comment.. Hmmmm.. I too like u r all ff.. Edkv and krpkab combined. New ff.. On shakthi show.. And etc…

  9. Nishu

    Hey nice…… Enjoyed it but upload soon……. Waiting for madhu n om’s scene

  10. Very nice Naren keep it up ?

  11. Leeneshmattoofan

    Thnx nishu! Tmr I will update next epi!!

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