Enjoy the life (Matsh, ishqbaaz) epi-3


It is a fan fiction and not actual update of show.

The episode starts with Shivaay walks in room.. Tia comes there.. He asks her why she is late? He comes closer.. She hugs him.. He asks her what she wants? SHe tells let us marry soon!! He asks why so fast?? She tells u r already old! He tells me not u!! She smiles.. They laughs.. Banjaara plays.. He gets a call.. He tells sorry to her and leave to attend the call.. Tia comes our of cabin and stands.. She gets a call from anika.. Shivaay completes his call.. He come there.. Tia asks her what she wants?? Anika was about to speak.. Shivaay comes there and asks who? She tells wrong number.. Kanika gets shocked and cuts the call.. She cries.. Hamari aadhuri kahani plays.. She tells workers see my sister also does not say me as her sister.. So she tells wrong number.. All console s her.!.

Omkara starts painting.. Wind blows.. His paintings.. Flies.. Someone from other side comes there.. They take one by one..slowly.. Omkara sees her eyes. Lips. Ear.. And finally sees face.. It is none other than madhu(Drashti dhami) he gets into dream in her beauty!

She gives it to him! He does not speak up!! She signs him.. He tells thnx thnx.. She smiles and walks.. He eyes her.. Sanam re plays… He smiles..

Rudra walks out in full drunken state.. He falls down.. Slowly.. One girl comes there and picks him up and asks him what happened? It is none other than shivanya(Asha naggi) She asks his address? He shows pocket. She sees oberoi groups.. She tells big family but him.. Drunker.. Mr. Pagal! She comes to house and leaves telling to Ishaani.. She makes him sit.. Omksrs comes there smiling and does not speak to anyone and moves to his room..

Ranveer and shivaay haves drinks in bar.. Ranveer asks him when he will marry? Shivaay tells when my sister gets married!! Ranveer tells u love u r sister so much.. He tells me too!! They both hifi each other.. They both comes to shivaay house… Ranveer makes shivaay sit.. Ishaani asks who r u?? Ranveer tells I am shivaay friend.. He falls at Ishaani.. They both falls down they share an eyelock.. Allah warriyan plays…

Precap:Surprise.. !!.. Bye guys take care.

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  1. nyc episode Leeneshmattoofan……and plz make it more longer….. I love reading ur ff……

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx mukta yesterday I was busy so only small!???

    2. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx mukta yesterday I was busy so only small!??? next I will make it long!!

      1. that’s okk….

  2. hmm!!fantastic i will always love ur ff..
    am feeling so sorry 4 Anika.. she has a rude sis anyway keep going..!!!

    and one question if u don’t mind wat ur age? if u wish to answer this question plz answer if u don’t it’s Ok!! no problem..

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      17!! Is my age! Thnx for the comment.

  3. Nandana

    Nice episode i really like it update the next soon

  4. Leeneshmattoofan

    Thnx nandana for the comment..

  5. Nice episode dear it was amazing

  6. He bro loved it sooooooooooooooo much enjoyed your epi

  7. Leeneshmattoofan

    Thnx neelam for the comment..

  8. The epi was nice ?. Keep writing.

  9. Nyc episode waitn fr the nxt episode

  10. Nyz epi.. Waiting for ur next. Keep smiling..

  11. Vaishali BBZ

    OMG !! Leeneshmattoofan u r amazing !! Such great talent u have…If iam not wrong, u r a boy… Right? If yes, then its dam shocking to see a guy having such great take on serials , is considered to be a girl’s field.. Love ur writing style.. Keep entertaining us… Love your FF…

  12. Leeneshmattoofan

    Thnx duva,sakshi,mrudhula and Maya for the comment

  13. Wow…really…r u frm tamilnadu..? Seriouslay I never thought tn boys r into serial…luv ur ff a lot

  14. Nishu

    wooo…. So Finally drushti is with om.
    I loved ol d pairs

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx nishu finally commented.. Tmr I will post next epi

      1. Nishu

        Yaa I’m waiting for next epi

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