Enjoy the life (Matsh, ishqbaaz) epi-2


Thnx for u r support guys!!

The episode starts with.. Ishaani tells rudra that she has some work.. Will u drop me?? Rudra tells… Omkara and shivaay tells I will drop.. All three fight.. Ishaani tells OK.. I will go 1km on u r car.. Next 1km on u r.. And last on u r!! All agrees.. All leaves.. Rudra tells Ishaani to come on his car.. Now!! She agrees and sits.. He drives car fast.. He sees some girls and adjust his hair style. She shows time.. He drives fast!

He stops.. Shivaay drives fast and brings her near next stop.. Omkara comes there and takes her..he drops her inside her office and leaves from there.. After bidding bye! She comes inside and sits on chair and rolls herself.. She opens her mobile and tells how sweet my brothers are?? They are lovely.. She tells I am lucky to get such good bro’s Iike u!! She smiles..

Ranveer comes to office and sits on chair and thinks why anika is still rude?? Did I do anything.. He sits thinking about it.. He sees design.. He throws lap and asks who did it? Manager tells Ishaani oberoi! He tells him to bring her today itself.. He agrees.

Anika comes to tiffin centre and tells workers ro clean table and plate proper.. Customers comes there and eats food and spits and throws food on waiter.. She gets irked.. She comes there and throws waste water on them.. They all gets shocked.. She asks what he did?? Ood Food is nice.. Umouth only smell is coming!! They leave.. Waiter thnx her.

Tia comes to office and waits for shivaay.. He comes there.. She smiles and comes closer to her..He asks what happened? Did u see any movie????she pinches him!! He smiles..

Rudra comes to pub and dances and sees same girl.. Who he saw on road.. He flirts with them.. Girls shows slipper!! He leaves?????Omkara comes to art shop and starts. His work!!

Precap:All comes back to house.. Shivaay and ranveer comes to house..

Guys.. U want new leads to be paired with omkara and rudra?? Or shall I bring any popular actress?? Reply me!!

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  1. Hey bro nice lived it keep it and keep rocking and how r u

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx duva for the comment.

  2. Nice episode keep it up and write what ever you want

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx neelam!! At least say one pair lead!!???waiting for reply!!!??neelam!!

      1. Seriously I don’t know about it because I don’t see ishqbaaz as I don’t know in these three brothers who is playing the characters of rudra omkara and shivaay so u can match by urself I agree that well for ur help I can suggest one character as sanjeeda sheikh and other rashmi desai

  3. gurpreet kaur

    Omkara with drashti

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx gurpeet for the comment.. Nice idea I also thought the same.. But for rudra?? He is cool guy!! For him shall I take mouni Roy(naagin female lead?? It will be correct guys??

  4. nice concept… I like it… mouni will make a nice pair with rudra…I think omkara with drashti & rudra with mouni are just “the perfect”

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx gazal!!thnx for the idea!!???

  5. Nishu

    Waw I loved it, its awesome im ttly enjoying…… Write whatever u want…….
    I u want suggestion then think abt drushti dhami, asha naggi, or Tina datt. U can think abt these gals with om & rudra

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx nishu.. For the comment. For rudra.. I have chosen asha naggi!! Is it correct??

      1. Nishu

        Yaaa get….!!! & fr omkara?????
        Fr om I suggest u to choice drusti dhami

      2. Leeneshmattoofan

        U r right.. I also thought the same!!????thnx for commenting!

  6. Akansha

    its so awesome…….. just continue writing it… i just love the story line and m waiting for the next episode… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    waiting for more scenes of shivaay and anika and also bring in the pair of om n rudra

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx akansha for the comment.. Sure I will post next epi soon!!

  7. wow u rock i like ur writing keep it up dear….make long next time…anything u write it will be better!!!continue..

    1. Leeneshmattoofan

      Thnx batool.. Sure I will update little long next time!!

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