Enjoy the life (Matsh, ishqbaaz) epi-1

Thnx for liking my ff!! Pls take note it s a fan fiction and not actual update of serial!

Scene-1.Oberoi house.

Rudra Gets up from bed and comes near balcony and stretches his leg and jumps into swimming pool!! He comes out without dress.. All girls eyes her from outside gate.. Rudra signs them.. They also signs him!!????He gives flying kiss!!

Shivaay comes there and asks him what r u doing?? He tells nothing bro.. Shivaay asks who r they?? Rudra tells my fans bro!!

Shivaay:Holds his ears and asks fans?
Rudra:Sorry bro!
Omkara:What? Rudra.. Why r they standing out.. ?
Rudra:My fans wants to see me!
Omkara:He gives keys and tells him to take them out??
Shivaay:Takes keys and asks him what he is doing?
Omkara and shivaay fights.. Rudra stops them and tells I only called them .. Omkara and shivaay laughs..they hifi each other! Someone shouts from room!!

Rudra tells ooppps it is time.. He comes to kitchen and takes water in glass!. Shivaay takes brush in one hand and paste in other hand. Omkara brings tea.. Servants brings sink.. In their hand.. They all comes to room and opens it.. Ishaani asks this much time??
Omkara tells this rudra brought girls for show!??she laughs and tells them to come and stand infront me!

Rudra,shivaay and omkara stands infront of Ishaani.. She opens eyes and sees them and smiles.. She tells u r my best bro!! I am lucky!! Rudra offers her water.. She drinks it.. He gives towel.. She keeps it aside. Shivaay gives brush and paste.. She brushes.. Servants keep sink ready and keeps near Ishaani.. She completes brushing! Omkara gives tea to her.. She thnx him and have it..

She tells u kept this much love towards me!!so I need to give u all some gift! All asks what? She brings exam papers and shows to them!! All gets amused.. They asks her this is?? She nods her head. They all congrats her!!

Rudra tells in this design pls change slightly!! Omkara tells u don’t know anything about it!??Ishaani tells so what? He is my brother.. If he is telling then there will be reason!??..
Ishaani gets ready and all others also..

Ranveer gets up from bed and comes near tia and offers her tea.. She thnx him.. Ranveer tells if anika is here means it will be superb!? Tia tells not to speak about her.. Tia gets a message from shivaay and gets ready!

Ranveer also gets ready and comes to anika house and asks her how is she? Kanika comb her hair and tells I am fine.. Ranveer tells her to come back to house.. Anika tells no Bhai.. I need to stand on my own leg.. He tells her to work from the house.. She tells it is not respect to u!! Anna.. This is my decision! Tia comes there and asks ranveer to come soon! It is already late!

Precap:Shivaay comes to office. Omkara goes to art shop.. Which he opened now! Rudra.. Goes to pub! Ranveer comes to office. Tia comes to meet shivaay and anika.. Comes to tiffin centre..

How is it?? It is long or short? U want me to write like this para.. Or dialogue wise?


  1. Sarah mahmoud

    Ishqbaaz two lovers isn’t it strange a dad is not happy seeing two brothers loving each other no matter how many difficult they go through they will always love each other

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