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Chapter 2
I opened my eyes as I felt a rough hand caressing my hair. It was Mr. Singhania. I scanned my surroundings. I was in my room. Wait! How did I come here? Was I in the corridor? I could remember that I fell down unconscious at the corridor. “Are you ok?” His voice broke my trance. I simply nodded my head. “Ginu! Are you fine beta? VD, How did this happen?” Mom said as she entered the room with the food. Mom, I was in my room fast asleep, when I heard her scream. As I came to her room, she was sweating and as I tried to console her she fainted. Seems like she had a bad dream” As Mr. Singhania said these, I was shocked. Dream? Why is he lying? I could clearly remember hearing someone singing. I can’t understand. What’s happening? I felt dizzy. My head was becoming heavy. I clutched my head as the previous night’s events flashed in my mind. This is confusing. Was I hallucinating? Or, Is he lying? God!! “Ragini, what happened? Are you fine?” He asked me as he wrapped hisarm around me. I tried to get out from his hold, but in vain. His arms around me tightened. Mom smiled at us and left the room. “Why did you lie?” I asked him coldly. His face darkened. “Lie? Why should I lie?” He asked me intensely clearly indicating his anger. For the first time, I am seeing his anger. But, I did not budge. Because, I know that what I witnessed yesterday night was true. “Exactly. Why should you lie? Tell me the reason” I told him. “I did not lie, Ragini” He said. “You did. Then why did you say that I had a bad dream. I was at the corridor, not in my room. Then why did you tell mom that I was in my room? You are a LIAR” I shouted. I don’t know why I can’t tolerate liars. The thought of Mr. Singhania, with whom I planned to start a new beginning lying to me made me more angry. He held me by my shoulders and shook me hardly. “I. DID. NOT. LIE. Did you understand?” He told me dangerously as he shook me hard again. I was shocked by this behaviour of his. He turned to the other side. Is he the same Vidyut Singhania, who wanted to give me some time and cared for me according to Saanvi? I doubt. Tears rolled down by my cheeks. Those tears turned to sobs as I felt everything around me becoming complicated. I looked at his eyes. His eyes seemed like he was true. If he is right then, what I saw yesterday night was false? My sobs became heavier and I gasped for air. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled. He dragged me more closer to him and he hugged me. “I am sorry” He said in a calm and a composed manner. “I cannot tolerate anyone calling me a liar and hence, I had lost my temper. Sorry Ragini” He drifted himself and said this as he held his ears. I looked at him, whose eyes were really apologetic. I stood numb as I found all these sudden happenings were difficult to digest. First, those happenings at yesterday night, he terming those to be my dream and his sudden outburst. Everything around me is becoming difficult. He pulled me in his embrace again and I let down my tears as he caressed my hair. But, I didn’t hug him back. I don’t know till when he held me like that. But, unknowingly, I felt solace in his embrace. May be he is right. May be I had a bad dream. But, I really felt those things in real. That voice seemed to be real and it sounded familiar. I had over reacted once again. I shouldn’t have called him a liar. Once again, I failed.

It was dusk. I was brooding for my harsh behaviour towards him for the whole day. But later, Saanvi and shanaya told me that they too heard me screaming yesterday night. Does all these mean that really it was a dream and not real? May be, it was. I should learn to trust him. He had gone to the office and I am waiting for him to come. I wanted to apologise. I wanted to talk to him and start a new relationship. I remembered his hug in the morning. Probably, it was our first hug, according to me. A smile crept over my lips. The sound of the car brought me to reality. He walked inside and looked at me. He was about to walk towards me but he withdrew his steps. He was hesitant, perhaps. He would have been hurt by the stupid behaviour of mine. He looked for Mom, Shanaya and Saanvi. They were not at home. They had gone to attend a party. “Mom, Shanaya and Saanvi aren’t at home” I said. He looked at me. He was about to go. “Mr.Singhania” I called him. His legs stopped. But he didn’t turn. This behaviour of his, hurt me. I don’t know why I can’t bear this and I immediately hugged him from the back. He stood shocked at first and then turned towards me. “I am sorry Vidyut. All these recent changes are making me frustrated. The memory loss, the fact of you being my husband and the other changes are new for me and I need time for me to adapt. I am trying my level best to adapt Vidyut. And about yesterday night’s events, Trust me, I felt real. I could not bear that it was a dream. But, I TRUST YOU VIDYUT. May be, I am wrong. That frustration made me react like that in the morning. I apologise” I said looking into his eyes. He held my hand and placed against his heart. I know Ragini, that these changes are difficult for you. I can understand your situation very well. But trust me ragini, it was a dream. I did not lie to you ragini. I should not have behaved like that with you. I am a short-tempered person, Ragini. I am sorry for my monstrous behaviour Ragini. I will not do like this again.” He said. “Vidyut, Can we be friends?” I said as I extended my hand towards him. He smiled. It was the same genuine smile, which I saw in our wedding photograph. He held my hand and shook it. “We are friends!!” I squealed and he smiled the same genuine smile. It is really ironical that though we are married for more than a year, we are now starting a new relationship; A friendship. I am so happy now. Slowly, I will revive our relationship; that of a husband and wife.

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    Hey my sorry queen!!! The episode is really amazing. Too short but outstanding. But I am also confused just like Ragini… I think that wasn’t a dream. Vidyut is lying to Ragini may be for some reasons. Update the episode whenever you are free. I won’t force because I know that you are very busy nowadays. And try to reveal the secrets as soon as you can. Stay blessed and keep smiling. Love you ??

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