“Welcome home!” I heard Maa, Saanvi and Shanaya squealing as I entered their.. sorry my house. It was a big mansion with stylish interiors. I flashed a smile at them. He was holding me by my shoulders and supported me as I walked along. I don’t even remember even a single glimpse of this house. The doctor had told me that I have only 10% chances of recovering my memory. May be, that would never happen. Anyways, this is my new birth and I have to make fresh memories. I have been telling this to myself to adapt to these changes soon and I am slowly adapting to these changes. The trio hugged me and I hugged them back. “VD, take her to your room and Ginu, take rest for sometime before I call you for lunch” She told us. Everyone calls Mr. Singhania, ‘VD’. Later, I realised that’s why he used to call me Mrs. VD in the past. “Maa, please don’t pamper me too much” I complained.

“Ginu, your health is our first priority. So, be a good girl and do what I say” She told me strictly making others smile looking at us. I nodded like a obedient child and he held my hand again and took me to the room. When I entered the room, I noticed that it was so clean and it looked like that none existed there for ages. To add fuel to my suspicion, there were no pictures of our marriage. After that day where I asked him about our marriage, he didn’t reveal that to me till today. This makes him mysterious and I could sense something fishy. “Ragini” His voice broke my trance. I looked at him. “You take rest and feel comfortable. I have an important meeting and I have to go now. If you want anything, call Mom, Saanvi or Shanaya.

I’ll be back soon.” He said. I nodded in yes. He made me lie on the bed and left. Immediately after he left the room, I got up from the bed and started searching the room. To my shock, there was nothing in the cupboard except my clothes. Not even his clothes and his other things. This puzzled me more. As I searched the room, I could not find anything other than the things that were supposed to be mine. What’s happening? Why am I feeling that something wrong is happening with me? Maa, Saanvi and Shanaya could not do any injustice with me. But this man, though he appears friendly, I could sense something behind that friendly outer appearance. And all these added to my perplexity. I decided to take a shower. As I took my clothes, something fell down from the closet. I bent down to pick that. It was a picture.

You know Aaru, how much I miss you? It’s my misfortune that you are close to me, but I could not hug you, the embrace which would make me feel good. I know I am not doing good… but what to do? My love for you makes me vulnerable. I know you will not come back to me. This wretched life of mine!! Damn!! You know very well that I would not be able to live without you. But, Why did you do this? Why? Your talks, your smile and the best moments we had together remains fresh in my heart. You’re the only woman in my life. Though you are not with me now, my love for you will remain the same. I LOVE YOU ARU!!

As I saw the picture, the frown on my face vanished and transformed into a smile. It was our wedding picture. Looks like we had a court marriage. I looked at the photo. He was smiling heartily. A genuine smile which is missing from his face now. But why he had to keep this here? As my mind was overflowing with these questions, the door creaked open. It was Saanvi with the food. “Ragu bhabhi, here’s your food.” She smiled as she placed it on the table. “Thank you Saanvi. What’s the need to bring it here? I would have come down.” I told her. “It’s totally fine bhabhi.” She replied. I thought to ask her about this. “Saanvi, May I ask you something?” I asked her. “Of course bhabhi!” She said. “Actually Saanvi, I found this picture in the closet. Why it has been kept here? It could have been put on the wall.”

I told her. Hearing this, her face showed signs of anxiety. “Bhabhi, actually, we wanted to tell you about this later. Since you have found this, I’ll tell you now. You and bhai loved each other from your college days. Maa was okay with it but not your family. You both had a court marriage against your parents. In fact, the accident which snatched your memory was planned by your family to kill bhai, but unfortunately you became a prey to this. Bhai was totally upset with this. Since your health is not in a good condition now, bhai didn’t wanted you to know about this now. This is the reason behind this. Bhai wanted you to adapt to these changes and hence he moved to the other room with his belongings till you accept him wholeheartedly. But I guess he had forgotten to take this along with him.” As she said this, my eyes were brimming with tears. “Bhabhi, relax. I know it’s difficult for you. But everything will be fine soon. Don’t cry bhabhi.” She said as she hugged me and patted my back. I sobbed more unable to bear the truth. More than that by the fact that I misunderstood them. Especially him. He is really genuine. I had overacted. How stupid I am? I wiped my tears. I decided to give this relationship a chance. I will.
It was evening. I was waiting for him eagerly to come back. I kept on looking at the clock. Seeing me like this Maa and Saanvi laughed. Shanaya works along with him in the company. Actually, Saanvi and Shanaya are not his blood sisters. They were his cousins, who lived with Maa and him. He told me that he would come soon, but why is he taking this much time? I was becoming impatient as hours passed. Maa forced me to go to sleep and I unwillingly went to my room. I had wanted to talk him. It’s ok, I would talk to him in the morning. As I lay on my bed, I thought of the recent happenings. How weird life is? Because of this memory loss of mine, I had doubted on my husband. I felt guilty. I should not have overreacted. As these thoughts engulfed me, I didn’t knew when I fell asleep.

“Teri baahon mein jo sakoon tha mila
Maine dhoondha bahut par
Phir na milaa… aa..”
I was in a deep sleep when I heard someone singing. The voice was so mesmerising. But it seemed like it had hidden pain in it. But, who could be singing at this time? I slowly got from my bed and went to the corridor.
Haaye andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

Haaye andar andar se toota main..
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main
The sounds became louder as I reached the corridor. I slowly strolled across the corridor. I slowly entered Maa’s room, where she was sleeping. Saanvi and Shanaya were in a deep sleep too in their room. I thought not to disturb them. I walked past their room and found his room which Saanvi told me. I didn’t want to disturb him either as he would be tired due to his meeting. I heard the song and it became more audible.

Main jee bhar ke ro lun
Teri baahon mein so lun
Aa phir se mujhe mill
Main tujhse ye bolun:
Tu anmol thi
Pal pal bolti thi
Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi
Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi..
As I heard these lines, I could sense that the person was in a deep pain. I continued searching from where this was coming. But, I could not.
Haaye, andar andar se toota main..
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

The song ended. But the voice, it looked familiar. I don’t know why I felt familiar. My head started aching and my surroundings started to blur and darkness engulfed me.

Hello everyone. This is deesh back with the next update of enigmatic love. Finally, my exams are over. Hope you like this chapter. I know that it’s little confusing, but wait a little guys. Will update christmas tomorrow. I know it has been a long time since I updated that, but I am not getting ideas for christmas. But will update tomorrow guys. Thanks for reading. Missed you all. Lots of love.

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