Enigma of LOVE ( Prologue)

Hi everyone..i’m new to ff..I hope u all ll include me in ur swaragini family..

The story portrays about,
A guy “the most eligible BACHELOR” who was known to d world as a great son,a great brother,a extraordinary business man and soon to be a exceptional husband…But a grim night detach d lustre from his life..he was failed as a son and a brother who was not able to give motherly love to his beloved sister..he has lost d hope in love , affection…he untied himself from all d relations …But fate has its own theory…After a long time ter was hope of light in his life.Will d light endure till his last breath????

And the story also revolves around,
A simple girl who has d power to change a hard rock to a spongy cotton with her innocent,humble and mischievous behavior… filled with lot of mysterious ….Lives in her own world with lots of shades in front of d society…What will happen wen the truth is revealed ??? will she be d hope of light in his life ???

How does these 2 unknown souls MEET ?????..
.What will happen wen they are tied with a sacred thread of RELATION???..
Will d guy be able to unfold d mystery about hid better half ????… Will it be a “HAPPY ENDING” like fairy tales….

Frnds give ur valuable comments to untangle d “ENIGMA OF LOVE”

“Efforts are never wasted
Even wen it leads to
Disappointing results…
Because it always makes you
More prepared,strong,,capable
And experienced…HAVE A NICE DAY..

With lots of LOVE…

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