Enigma of LOVE ( Episode 1)


Hi everyone tis is my first ff,i hope u would like it..

Tring tring tring tring …..A man of around 80 took d phn he immediately said yes sir and rushed to open the gate by rooling the chain,but his eyes fall on smething that is cmng as fast as it could within no time air with full of dust covered d area ..A small smile came on d old man face and he said ‘he could never change’..As d squealing sound of d tire gained everyone’s attention all came out..the dust fr d air slowly moved showing its way to a BLACK FERRARI…

After smetime a young man stepped out of d car he was wearing a black tuxedo his brownish chocolate eyes reflected d pureness oh his heart….He was having a pleasant smile on his lips .he was surrounded by guards 2 at d front and 2 at d back…vicky park d car he said by giving his keys to one of his guards and made his way to d gate and stood in-front of d old man who was smiling at him fr a long while, kaka hw many times i told u to open d gate quickly wat would have happen if i have not stopped d car at correct time he was blabbering but tat simply hugged him and said WELCOME MY SON….he hugged him back and took blessings frm him…you should take rest after a long jorney u have come to ur home d old man said…ya after a long journey and rolled to d past of his life..

fb ,
a little boy was making hi s way to home he was humming a song and was playing with a stone..suddenly he stopped ceing smething his mouth was wide opened..he didn’t notice fr how long he stood ter ..’.I was worried for u and u r dreaming here..sleepy head’ he heard a angry voice and without turning ‘angry face doesn’t suit u mamuni ‘ he said facing d women who was keeping her hand n her waist and both started laughing.. ‘achaaa then wich face suits ur mamuni …sleepy head’ she asked her son by lifting him..he think fr a while and said ‘ a face with a beautiful smile wich glows even in darkness and vanishes d sorrow of others life’..after hearing his sweet talk she smiled and started to move..He asked her wen he will build like this by pointing his tiny fingers towards a huge mansion sry sry paradise..

she turned to d direction and sorrow occupied her face…’if u r raised with gud values everything will cme on itself ‘she said with a low tone and wiped her lone tear without d notice of her son (in her mind : hw can i tell u tat tis is ur hme and u r d prince of tis house..i don’t no till hw long i should hide tis) d boy leaned his face over his moms shoulder but then he heard a voice ‘hey faltus’…he lifted his head a flash of light hitted his face and he closed half of his face with his hand but he could see a pair of dazzling eyes giggling at him but could not see her face ….at tat time he did not know it was d light of hope in his life….fb ends,

He came out of his trance wen tat old man tapped his shoulder…he turned round to check out d surrounding but was not able o find anything than a punching bag hanging outside a door at d end o d road..’I wish u would be beside me mamuni ‘ he said closing his eyes and remembering d moments spent with his mom…WELCOME TO HOME a lady with a red shirt and a mini black skirt till her knee wearing a smile in her face said and handed him a bouquet..he inhaled d fragrance of d flower and remembered d first meeting with his better-half…I’m anu d lady said and forwarded her hand as he was in his own world he didn’t notice..hey sleepy head ur mom gave u d correct name by saying tis d old man tapped on his head…he gave wat d hell look at his kaka (guyss he s very close to kaka as after his mom’s death)…and gave a shake to anu …and walked inside to meet d future…

He walked inside with his guards and anu it was a huge mansion with a wonderful garden decorated with all kinds of flowers and d path s separated in two ways all d way surrounded by his house people welcoming him with their blessings and he walked to d garden where a vast area s covered with lots of birds he took a handful of grains and spread over d floor fr them and he also has made a pond full of water fr them on behalf of d request of his betterhalf….and walked away d mansion had a swimming pool last but not least a giant fountain wich compliments d beauty of d whole mansion..

Finally after visualizing his mansion he stood before a ancient antic door opened to invite him to d ‘HOME OF PARADISE’….he was shocked to see his home,his paradise,his mansion totally changed within a week.he set out his eyes to view whether he is in right place r not..His eyes fell on the name board wich was holding a name with a proud pointing tat ‘This mansion belongs to SANSKAR MAHESWARI’….

precap : a call and sme memories

give ur comments to unfold d enigma of love

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