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I was just watching the last two episodes of ishqbaaz n I felt they weretho most b’ful episodes based on shivika..yesterday,when she was told to explain him,she knew where to touch him to change his decision,n when hi acted as stone singh oberoi,she felt irritated like a normal person will n retaliated…n when she said “meri toh khud bhagwan se nahi banti” he suddenly got concerned n tried to know her secrets…
N today the way shivaay held ganpati with her,taking all the heavyness of ganpati n their never ending stare till daadi interrupted was mesmerizing,they looked like shiv-parvati n will look until creatives spoil their story…..seeing this scene I felt so beautiful,looks like ganpati blessing them…
N then shivaay dosent let anyone point out mistake in anika,except he ,himself..n rudra was luv..n om smile at the end as if he senses all n daadi telling ganpati ne raah dikhaadi..raah is anika I believe…matlb they r so pati-patni like,from now only,arent they?
They perfectly fit for each other…n I believe their story will have slowly proceed..only if gul mam dosent rush..n seriously this journed looks so beautiful..shivaay has madly fallen in luv..he is totally into anika or I should say anika is totally in his heart now…he wont accept this though, n I felt a bit change in anika too,today…
Ijust don’t wish a bad sort of marriage for them,I want them to take time,realise,overcome their weaknesses,be each others strength n then when someone asks shivaay abt shaadi date he says abhi krlo(this is something I ll use)…n I believe gayatri is not main villan,she just wants justice..

Whatever it is,it was drool worthy scene..n this is my first OS..n first OS on shivika as I couldn’t resist..hoping u like it…its totally of shivika feelings n blah blah..pov sort of

Shivay was having a battle against his heart n mind…somewhere what rudra told stuck in his mind n he was not getting over it,he really did become a bhigi billu in front of her,he really was the kingkong who could only only fall over heals for that girl,the girl who had no status,no property,no family n no surname… bt he always has a slight smile when he is with her..n she is the only person along with his brothers n daadi with whom he is able to be,what he is…her eyes had depth in which thousands of secrets survived bt made her strong
Bt his mind was a total bas as” ,always seeking money n making deals,be it anywhere..his mind told heart to shut up n badmouthed abt her..n all the turmoil going on suddenly stopped…
Bt heart toldtoday u stopped, how long will u stop this or tommorow it is going to come out,n tommorow maybe,with more strength..

Anika however was confused,she had seen a better side of baggad billa in last few days,he was not as she thought at first,infact he was better,much better than expected…he was caring,loving n responsible for his family,one who could take all the stress upon himself n never utter a word while bearing the pain himself…infact she was so happy n surprised that bhaggad billa called this girl without surname,his family..n the person who once used to put all blame on her supported her n stood against his future to be…anika got sad thinking of this n thought his eyes were cliff,if u looked in them u could probably fall n never return..he needed someone n somewhere the partner chosen by him for himself is not nothing can be done..
Shivaay agreed to get married to Tia….it was engagement day…he was doing that for the money he would get after his heart was punching him..moreover,he hadnt seen anika’s face since morning which made him extremely sad,he waited for her to arrive bt she never turned up…..he thought maybe she had why?was she fine?

He asked the same thing indirectly from om to which om said she is suffering from dengue..oh my god! Shivaay felt concerned he wanted to leave n go to the hospital bt the time had come to go down,face the audience,n be the happiest person physically n be dead mentally..he couldn’t actually break the alliance leaving a girl all alone at the last moment…bt then never giving her happiness was also wrong….this fight was broken by first om then jhanvi asking are u sure? He faked a smile and said yes..rudra came n said does universe really wants my superman to be with lady gaga,cant he be with superwoman….
shivaay didn’t answer it but he hugged him n went on till he reached the stage where his deal,money yet his future to be wife was standing…
Everyone could see sadness on his face n tia could also….so yes she asked him are u sure about this shivaay? He quickly knew that she was serious as she never repented calling him shivu baby….

He was going to say a stone hit him deep inside causing burn….he took a deep breath..n said uh..uhm..n he said in one breath that uhh..tia I m not sure n I don’t want this to happen cuz there is only one person who makes me feel alive after my family n she is anika n I am madly in luv with her..i m really sorry..n u can hit me for this…he was expecting tia to hit him or to cry or to taken action bt to his surprise tia said what are you waiting for shivaay…go!run!dont waste time to get the lucky lady here….. shivaay reflexly took his over coat out loosened his tie n ran……ran to the hospital…..only to find that her lady…was no more suffering from dengue bt an exaggerated after pain….
Anika asked what are u doing here?u r supposed to be at engagement hall!oh wait a min…u r here to scold me cuz I did something wrong..shivaay said no…anika said i don’t really wish to listen any blame that I did something wrong specially in this condition n u………..just at that moment shivaay held her one hand ,kept other hand on her head,n kissed her on her forehead( I m still a baccha so anything more goes ram ram to me)…to which anika was confused n shocked n her mouth was like :0 …shivaay closed her mouth by pressin on lower jaw n said I love u n that’s what I have come for……by the time family had come carrying the rings..anika reciprocated,they hugged n exchanges the rings…….

I hope u like it! Tried my best fingers crossed!

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  1. wow nice

  2. Shaza

    Liked it very much ?…I actually love this type of scenes like leaving the marraige / engagement in middle ..or running from marraige for love …?……Tia’s reaction was unexpected but awesome…

    1. xD Even i love 😀 shaadi chhodke bhaagna..runaway bride/groom..looks very unrealistic..n that is the best thing abt it…

  3. wah yar mja ajayega

  4. Wowww…….shivaay is ssooooo cuteeee……..he did d right thng …..epi is aweeeeeeesummmm

  5. Awesome post the next episode ASAP

  6. Sat

    Wow very nice. Really loved it Yar.
    Do check out my new ff,

  7. U did a great job Kashi……. nice OS!!!!!!!!

  8. that was soooooo…..sweet
    loved it

  9. Awwwww. That was cute 😀
    Is it over or you gonna continue to write this ff ??

  10. Jazz1

    It was so good. Shivika ????. Are u gonna write more

  11. Its really really sooo nice…..plz post next asap…

  12. Akshaya

    Oh its cute my kashi bachaa.??

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