The Engagement Ring part-3 (3 shots…ardhika ff)


Last shot (exchange of rings )
“Who are you ” Arjun pointed his gun towards Neil and Radhika . There faces were covered with their stoles . Radhika slid her hand under her long coat . She remove her stole . Arjun was startled . “Radhika what are you doing here..this place is not safe for you ” Arjun move forward towards her . Radhika also started moving towards him . “ did you find me ” Arjun lift his hand to touch her shoulder .
“Back off Major ” she took the gun out from her coat and put it on Arjun’s head . “Why ??” She asked him . Arjun look at the gun and then look in her eyes . “Answer me ..or else I will pull the trigger ” she spoke and gulped blinking her eyes

“For my country ” he replied back and look up to control his tears from falling .
Her index finger was now wrapped around the trigger .The muzzle was on his forehead and closed his eyes . “Are you in love with someone” she asked him and put her gun down . “Yeah ” he replied and smiled . “Who ” she asked and avert her gaze from his face .
Arjun; “you” . He replied looking in her eyes .
Radhika took a sigh . She slid her hand in the pockets of her jeans . “I don’t need this any more ” she put two small rings in his right palm.
“Our engagement rings ” he was staring the rings on his palm . After gathering all his strength he spoke “All the best.” Radhika who was turning to leave halted when on hearing his words . “For what ” she asked him .

“For our future honey ” Neil rolled his eyes and hold radhika’s hand . Radhika gulped now . She look towards her wrist which was holded by Neil . She remember something . Quickly her gaze shifted towards Arjun . He was also staring the hold on her hand . His fist was clenched . Radhika move closer to Neil and muttered “leave my hand u idiot ” . Neil smirked and her eyes widened . Neil bend down and kissed on radhika’s cheek . She look towards Arjun again . She bite her lower lip when she saw him staring her right cheek .Neil smiled and look towards Arjun . “Hi ..I am Neil Malhotra . Radhika’s boyfriend ” he extended his hand towards him . Arjun whose eyes were lowered and fist was clenched shouted at the top of his voice .”you f**king loon ” . In few seconds Neil realised that his feets were not on floor . He started screaming now ..” Major ..pls put me down ..she is my friend only ..” . Arjun tossed Neil in air .

“Mummy me .. no she is my sister ..I will never show my face again ..somebody save me ..chashni ” Neil shouted and look for radhika . Their plan was to make Arjun jealous . Unfortunately their plan backfired .Radhika was hiding behind pillars . She was biting her nails seeing the site in front of her . Arjun was roaring like a wild animal and Neil was screaming like a scared pig . “How dare you to touch my radhika ” Arjun shouted loudly . “No ..I never touched her …it was her plan ..all this drama ..even the gun was not real was expensive one we buyed from the toy shop of some mall.

” Neil plaeded Arjun to leave him . Radhika came out . “Idiot ..the kiss on the cheek was not the part of our plan ..I told you not to exaggerate things ..but you and your melodramatic ideas bear the consequences ” radhika banged her head on the pillar . Arjun put Neil down . Neil took a sigh and smiled . “Thanks bro” he keep his hand on Arjun’s shoulder . Arjun looked him with his deathly glare . Neil gulped and moved back . “And you also deserve the punishment ” Arjun moved towards radhika . She move back and stopped when her back collided with the wall. Neil covered his eyes showing his 32 teeth . Arjun bend down and kissed Radhika . They both kissed each other . Radhika was now crying . Arjun was also crying . “I am sorry.. radhika ..forgive me please ” he mumbled on her lips . “No ” she spoke and rubbed her nose from her finger . Arjun smiled and took out his handkerchief . “You still dont carry it with you “he asked her . She giggled and replied “No” .”My mission is still not over ” . Arjun rested his head on her . Her face frowned . She took the rings back . “Then I will wait for you ” . She spoke and move towards Neil .

They started leaving him . Radhika checked her pockets . One note was there in it . She panicked when she didnt found arjun’s ring. “I know how to take my things back …from your and completely yours …major arjun mehra “. “He stole it ” Neil spoke when there were in his car . “But why ” she asked him . “Because that gave him the solo reason that force him to live …to live for the person whom he is connected by that ‘engagement ring ‘ “Neil smiled .
After 6 months :-

Radhika was sleeping in her room . She came back from London few weeks ago . She rubbed her eyes . Radhika open her eyes and saw arjun bending over him . His eyes were closed and his lips were little protuded out moving towards her face . She quickly put her palm on his lips . “What was that ..” she asked him . “Not fair . ..why you woke up on wrong time ..damn the kiss was about to happen .” He rolled his eyes and moved from her bed . “When you came back ” she asked him . Tears were now started brimming in her eyes .”last night .. my mission is over we will get engaged .. so honey let’s not waste time ..get in the bed” he winked towards her . “You are so dead ..major mehra ” radhika muttered and throw a vase towards him . Arjun bend down but the vase hitted someone else who was jumping in her balcony . They both run outside and saw Neil lying in the lawn .
“Yeah ..I forgot …my brother in law is also with me ” Arjun slapped Neil . “Brother in law???” Radhika asked Arjun . Neil who was woke from the slap looked towards radhika .”sister ..” he run towards her and hide behind her . Radhika started hitting Neil . “Stupid …once I was about to get engaged to you ..stop calling me sister ” .
Neil hugged her and they all smiled .
“Hey sweet heart ….ignore this idiot ” A lady greeted radhika . “Sam ???” She looked towards Neil .”How ???” She again asked them .
“Well Neil is the now the official permenant servant of Sam” Arjun spoke and started laughing Neil .
“Neil servant ???” Radhika pulled Neil’s cheeks .
“Chashni..Sam put the condition ..that she will remarry me ..if I will become her servant for one year ” he said making a pout face .
Sam kissed on his cheeks . Neil blushed . “But you are getting reward for your hard work ” .
Arjun and Radhika were now staring each other.

I know it was not something extraordinary about this story . But still I want to say that they meet again just because of that tiny ring ..otherwise fate had already separeted them long back . Now a days if we demand something special for our marriage ..then people used to tell us that only feelings matters ..not the materials included in our marriage . I agree that .but still out life is incomplete without these small things . So whenever you want to express your love …give them the best small thing that they loved the most . Because from small bricks only we make our house .
So now tomorrow is my bday .. yipee ..
First wish ..I want on my bday from the readers.
Rosie di :- want you to write an epilogue of dark ..take my story or write something new ..but give an epilogue to all of us .
Supriya ..I know you are not well but if possible pls give us at least short upcoming promo of your ffs
Gianna…I know its childish. .but want a hot ardhika scene your next upadte .
Ritu ..if possible update your revenge ff
Gauri di ..I now you are busy ..but if you can ..then pls destiny ff .
Sweetie ..your one shot will be treat for us

Myra …want you to write a cute one shot like a last one .
Brin ..di want romantic ardhika and nesam scenes .
Thena..if she ever come on my page …want her to give prologue ..of her new story .
Madhumita (my favvvvourite one ) ..iam angry with you ..waiting for ahalya ..checkmate ..chakravyuh …and the new one ..update it soon pls .
Roshni ..I dont know now a days I am not able to connect with her. .but pls update .your “you are only mine “.

From farha …we all want one chappy of all her the way she had updated 2 chappys of beauty and the beast ..and I am so happy for that .
So thank you .and do comment ..aur errors WO to rehte hi hai mere update me ..

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