The Engagement Ring part-2 (3 shots…ardhika ff)

Part-2 ( the missing ring )
Radhika was with Neil in his car .All her files and papers were messed up when she bumped with some man on the streets few minutes before .Neil is her fiance and soon in a month they both were getting married . He saw radhika tucking her hair and muttering few curses. Their family pressurised them to her married . Radhika was his best friend only and will always be .He was clear that she still is in love with her ex. -fiance or one can say that half ex-fiance .Neil who was divorced one year ago with his wife Sam had lost his faith in love . But sometimes when he see radhika ‘s dedication towards her love he just make his desicion firm more to get back his wife hopefully within a month after all he was the reason of their divorce . Radhika was all busy when she find an eye gleaming tiny thing in her bag . She took out and examine it for five seconds . All of a sudden the car halted with a screech sound and Neil almost got a ear bleed with her scream. “Arjun ” she said again . Her eyes were filled now and tears were sticking on her cheeks . The smile was lil maniac one but Neil didn’t got scared . He was confused at her all of sudden actions seeing a small ring . “Neil this ring is of Arjun one second that means that the man I bumped few minutes ago was arjun and now I understood why he was staring me like a hypnotised loon arjun is alive oh god Neil take u-turn we need to go back may be he is still there .” She said with a gleam in her eyes and bucket of confidence . Neil tried to say something and then halted as her best friend is already in her vulnerable state . After around 10 minutes there were on the same lane . Radhika got down but she didn’t find that mysterious man . Her face lost the color and she was now on her knees now all crying and sobbing . Few people halted seeing her site but they got busy again when they saw someone else with her .

“How can you say that guy is arjun ..I mean this ring ..many people in the world can have same type of engagement ring ..and regarding stating you are beautiful so every man had a right to stare a beautiful woman” he added further to distract her . “I agree with you that many have same branded ring but arjun’s ring was different ..different means that our family jeweller had done mistake while cutting the diamond and the ring got a mark of gleaming little scratch near this end . I remember well that how much I scolded the uncle for spoiling his ring but he make me understand that ring is not important their are together and that’s important .” She said and show the end to Neil . “As far as I know if he is arjun then he should meet you ” Neil said clearing his throat . Radhika also thought the same but then she remembered something . All of a sudden Neil was starting getting few punches on his shoulder . “You called me wifey infront of him he must have thought I have moved on and you are my husband and that hug too he was still there standing and watching both of us ..I am sure he didn’t say anything because according to him iam married woman now ..crap Neil you messed up everything ” she said and cover her face . Neil was feeling guilty and he make her stand . Radhika’s mind was filled with the memory where she remembered over well that what happened on her engagement day .

The engagement day (6 years back flashback )
Radhika was busy and was pampering herself in front of mirror when she saw him jumping in balcony . First she thought it as illusion but then he come inside and bolted the door of room and stand resting on it . She blushed profusely realising his perforating gaze on her . “What are you doing here if anyone will see it will be so embrassing for both of us now go from here” radhika who was pink because of his presence pleaded him with her puppy eyes. “Not fair Miss mishra …you only said that if iam able to meet you on our engagement day before our engagement then I will get a kiss ” he said throwing a naughty spark over her . She started hitting “Haww arjun you are so shameless you took this much risk just for a kiss can’t you wait for some days . ” she said and he hold her hand.

In a minute radhika was in his clutches and his hand were moving on her waist pressing and and he pulled her more closer . “See I never break my promise and I expect the same from my fiancΓ© too so baby don’t waste time I have to go back too ” he said and bend his face down towards her . She covered his lips and laughed ” promises are meant to be broken major don’t you know this ,now go away I have to get ready and help maa too ,from morning she is managing all stuff alone . ” she said and turned to go away . He just lifted her and they both fall on bed . ” Arjun what are you doing go away stop teasinh me ” she struggled and blushed realising their state . “Now you decide if I won’t get my kiss then we both in a minute will be naked and do lot of goody things under the blanket ..and iam not kidding …I mean it ” he said pressing her body more with his. “Okay you won and I lose but only one kiss that’s it ” she said . He smiled and said ” No one extra for teasing me and that will be your punishment ”

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to say something but her action got failed when her mouth got covered by his . Arjun kissed her filling his saliva with her lipgloss and pressed her waist more . Their eyes were closed and she was moving her finger in his hair unknowingly . They stopped and breath hard and then they both laughed looking each other . He continued ” Now time for second one ” he moved closer .

She started hitting on his chest. “You shameless not you will get many things you want but only on our first night so just go now ” she said and folded her hands and put it on his chest . “Nopes Major Mehra never leave any task incomplete ” he nodded in negative . She got up and said .” No way major mehra you are going to leave now …arjun stop being a stubborn kid ..I have to get ready ” she said . Arjun got up and moved towards balcony with a frown face . She chuckled and moved towards the mirror . All of a sudden radhika felt her dupatta getting stretched . “Oh god it stuck again somewhere ” she turned back and saw him holding one end . “You have masters on the course shamelessness arjun are still here”

In a minute the cloth was on her floor leaving her in blouse and skirt . “I told if I didn’t get a kiss then ” he started moving towards her .She started blabbering and moved backwards . In few seconds her back hit the wall and he caged her by putting his hand on the wall of both side of her . “You are so beautiful I can’t take my eyes off you ” he spoked softly . Radhika bend her head down and smiled. She was nervous too as he was again demanding a kiss . ” May I ” he said . She nodded and closed her eyes . He quickly turned her her and rested himself on the wall . Her foot was not on the floor now and they kiss pouring their all strength and emotions . His strong arms were easily lifting her . She hugged him after they kiss . He muttered over his lips. “You are mouth watering babe ..I love you ” . She replied softly ” I love u too my naughty major ” . He then waved a flying kiss and she acted to capture it and then left from balcony .

After few hours they both meet for their engagement . Radhika made him wear the ring first and all clapped . He was about to make her wear when he got a call in his emergency cell .
He quickly picked up the call and after few conversations he keep the ring aside took the keys of his jeep and moved outside . She run after him and before leaving he said “Don’t worry I will come back soon ..and that’s the promise “. Saying this he left . Days passed and now its been a month but he didnt come back and one day something came but not him his burned dead body which was burned fully .The army told that he died in some secret mission . Radhika was numb as she cannot believe that he can break his promise and then she saw the palm of the body and shouted “He is not my arjun you all are lying ..where is the engagement ring if he is my arjun …he had promised me that he will never separate me and our symbol of claiming the right on each other .:..our ring from him even after his death ..he is not my arjun ” and she run away from the hall . Everyone just sympathised her and mourn over the dead one .
Radhika wiped her tears and came back to present . “I have snatched the reason from you to come back …pls came back ….iam still yours arjun ” she cried and hugged Neil . Neil who was not believing her rubbed her back . “Are you sure that he is your arjun ” he asked . She looked straight in his eyes and nodded . “Let’s hunt him together ..if he is your arjun then in one week he will be yours ” .he said and hugged her tightly.

Arjun was walking on deserted streets . The sight he saw half an hour ago was sinking his heart . “She is married to someone … I hope she is happy in her life ….” the moment he completed this sentence he fell on his knees covered his face with his palm and started crying vigoursly . He banged his fist on the ground . His face was all red and his eyes got swelled because of the non stop rains from them . He was getting hiccups too and the lips were oozing blood because he bite it so hard to control himself . The heart got bruised badly and now the fresh memory covered his mind she hugging her husband and he calling her wifey .Their face inch apart because of hug. Arjun clenched his fist ..thinking about her in someone’s else embrace . He cannot shift his mind from the bone crushing hug he witnessed before an half and hour ago . He wiped his tears and stand on his place . He looked towards his palm . The place was empty showing the untaned region or mark of ring . He was restless for sometime but then he thought that now he had no right on that ring . His heart screamed that it was better he lost it .

Neil was using his mind . They both were at his palace . “Radhika according to some movies the hero always fake his death in front of everyone and go on a secret mission …so iam damn sure that his real identity is not known by anyone …so no use of asking about arjun mehra . ” he completed and saw her playing with the ring .

“I had a friend who is the secret detective and as far as I know he had the idea about all army man or agents who come here for any mission from different country ” he said and sighed .
She spoked ” But why he will share any in formation with us ” and then again rubbed her nose with her finger . ” Because everyone had one weak nerve or at least one unsolved problem ….rather one fantasy ” he adjusted his collar .
After 4 days :-
Radhika and Neil both were disguised wearing long coats and radhika hid her face in monkey cap . Neil was laughing seeing her . “Where are we …and what kind of people are they ” she asked . “It Saturday ..and the criminals oftenly come here for baiting . There were always devoid of money because of their habits to spend it rapidly on their addiction. ” he completed . “Arjun is a officer not a criminal ” she complained .and hit him on his side with her elbow . “Yeah I know and thats why a smart officer were never miss this baiting we will find him and then you can easily rape your fiance ..oops ex -fiance for dumping you like a eaten chocalate wrapper ” he said and looked here and there . Radhika cursed him for using his sense of humour at wrong time . They both hid when they saw a tall man looking them suspiciously . ” Arjun ” she shouted and that man who turned a second ago looked towards them . Neil just pretend to kiss radhika .and embrass the crowd . The crowd cheered little thinking the kiss between two men . The man moved forward in the corridor . “He is your jackass …because he responded sharply on your scream ” Neil said and they both silently moved in his direction . Radhika hold Neil’ arm and moved forward . The smoke and the baiting were distracting them .Arjun turned back and they both hide . The tom and jerry both hunting for the tiger together . They both followed the man and come on deserted dark street . The man took a turn and they also turned but they didn’t find the guy . They both cursed and hit each other for losing him .Neil and radhika turned and found that guy with . Arjun was standing in middle showing his real face .and all were pointing gun towards her .

Precap :- last shot .

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