Her Engagement || 2 Shot || EkDujeKeVaaste || By Nikita (Part-2)


Heya !! Its Nikita here.. Now firstly, this 2-shot, as you know is for Marie di.. Secondly, Ariana di, the track might sound like the one in your ff, but trust me, its not copied..this is long, so please try n read..

Now coming back,

Till now, Suman’s engagement has been fixed with Aditya. Suman nor Shravan are happy

– 1 day before engagement –

‘Di.. Ye wala?’ said Marie happily..

‘Nahi yaar’ she said.. She was waiting for him, its her engagement, and he’s supposed to be here with her, helping her !

‘What about that one’ said Preeti pointing at possibly the 16th lehenga..

‘Nahi mario’ Suman said, ignoring and rejecting the 16th lehenga..

‘Then what about that one’ said Shravan, walking inside the store and pointing towards a blue lehenga, it was his favourite color…

‘Where were you?’ said Suman ignoring him, trying her best, but could not resist looking at him, and the lehenga he pointed at..

‘Traffic yaar’ said Shravan…

Suman ignored..

‘Accha woh sab chodo.. Tell me Mario? How’s this lehenga?’

Marie loved it.. She said happily

‘Di.. Aapko nahi pasand toh mei le lu?’

Suman jumped up.. ‘Sochna bhi mat’

Shravan smiled and they shared a cute eyelock.. He knew that Marie always understood his plan, and she always did understand his tantrums , on how to make Suman happy when she’s upset.

So that’s how Suman ended up on buying Shravan’s favorite colored lehenga, while Preeti ended up on buying a grey lehenga..

– Night –

Suman was still not sure on marrying Aditya.. He sure was a nice guy, but she never got the ‘Husbandy’ feeling inside him.. Leave alone the husbandy feeling, she never felt even a thing, or even for a second, that he’s a nice guy.. No matter how hard she tried, she still couldn’t let him enter her friend list too, on which for sure ‘Shravan stood first..’ In her every list, Shravan stood first, followed by her Nanu, then Marie, and in the end Dabboo.. None other had ever entered the lists, nor she let anyone..

Dabboo walked into Suman’s room, looking at her who was completely in her thoughts..
He walked up to her, sat in front of her and said,

‘Suman didi?’

Suman dispersed her thoughts, and made Dabbu sit properly..

‘Hmm..bolo..kya chahiye’ said Suman smiling

‘Aapko aisa kyu lakta hai ki mei hamesha aapse kuch mange aata hu?’ said Dabbu..

Suman smiled.

‘Waise mujhe chocolate chahiye’ said Dabbu cutely..

She got up, walked to her drawer, took out a chocolate and offered him.
He took it, ripped open the packet and started eating.. He offered to Suman, but she smilingly rejected it..

‘Didi .. Aap sad-sad kyu lag rahe ho?’

‘Kyuki di shaadi nahi karna chahti’ said Marie, entering the room..

She entered the room, took a bite of Dabboo’s chocolate and sat beside them

‘Par kyu didi?’ Said Dabbu, yet biting into another piece

‘Mujhe woh Aditya nahi pasand..’

‘Mujhe bhi nahi’ said Dabboo innocently..

Suman smiled, took him on her lap..

‘Toh phir kaun pasand hai aapko Mr.Dabboo?’ Said Marie..

‘Shravan Bhaiya’ said Daboo happily..

Suman blushed.. Marie looked at her and understood (of course, our Marie di’s so smart after all)

They shared some little adorable sibling bond, ending up with a hug, and all went to sleep..

-Engagement day-

Suman was getting ready.. She looked absolutely stunning with the lehenga..
Shravan came in with the rings, he had to ..

‘Arre Shravan beta.. Thank you’ said Mami looking at the rings..

‘Arre.. Meri best friend ki shaadi hai.. Aise kaise ‘thank you’ bol diya?’ said Shravan, trying to ignore his heart..

Shravan went in and saw Suman.. His heart skipped a beat.. He was so happy looking at her, his choice suited her so beautifully..

He went to her.. Took steps towards her.. She saw him, and he looked perfect.. That white sherwani, that completely matched with her lehenga, look absolutely stunning on him.

She kept moving back, as he moved towards her.. Finally the wall came in.. And they couldn’t move any further..

Aditya came in just then, he saw them, fumed in anger.. He looked at them, and ShraMan were unaware of that guy standing near the window, watching everything..

Shravan went to Suman’s ears and said, ‘My favorite color suits on you so much’

‘It had to, and that’s why its my favorite color too’ she smiled..

Aditya could hear all that..
Shravan went back and said, ‘ I got you tulips!’

‘Tulips? Wow! My favorites.. You remembered?’ she said adoring the flower..

‘Kaise bhul sakta tha?’

Suman happily hugged him.. Aditya fumed more.. He went out..

Suman came out with Shravan..

‘Suman di kaisi lag rahi hai?’ Said Daabbo

‘Bohot sundar…bas mujhe blue utna pasand nahi’ said Aditya..

Everyone clapped as Preeti brought the rings.. Aditya took the ring, and as he was gonna put the ring in Suman’s finger, he noticed a lining of tears near Suman’s eye..

‘Mujhe Suman se shaaadi nahi karni’s said Aditya..

‘Kyu? Kya hua!’ exclaimed Manju and Aditya’s mom..

‘Mujhe nahi karni toh bas nahi karni’ Aditya exclaimed..

Suman looked at him in tears, he nodded, she smiled..

‘Kya hua Rahul beta?’ said his mom..

Rahul went to his mom, and said something..

‘Aapki Suman se toh koi shaadi na kare.. Aisi ladki, jo ladko se dosti….chi!’ said Aditya’s mom.

‘Dekhiye.. Hamari Suman ek seedhi-si pyaari-si ladki hai, aur Shravan uske bachpan ka dost hai.. Agar aapko Suman ke Shravan ki dosti se problem hai, toh phir rehen hi dijiye ye shaadi.. Humari Suman aapke ghar aeegi.. Aap logo ke liye woh acchi banegi, woh thik hai.. Par humari Suman aapke liye badlegi nd ahi…. aap kya, hum is rishte ko mana karte hai’ said Mami

Aditya’s family walked out..

‘Aur waise bhi.. Suman didi unse kaise shaadi kar sakti hai jisse blue color nahi pasand?’ exclaimed Dabboo..

Nanu broke..

‘Meri beti… Ek aur rishta toot gaya’ said Nanu in tears..

‘Koi rishta nahi toota.. Shravan karega Suman se shaadi’ exclaimed Ramnath..

Everyone was shocked.. Then Ramnath explained how he liked Suman as her daughter-in-law.. ShraMan were happy, Nanu accepted the proposal.. The rings were exchanged…

They both loved each other, they knew it.. But they hadn’t confessed.. But the look on each other’s face justified, that they’re made ‘Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’ ..

-The End-

How was it? I know it was boring and damn long, but this was just a gratitude to Marie Di, as I wanted to gift her something.. Anyways, thank you for reading it..

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Nikita !!!!! Awwwwesome dear just awwwwesome .. u rockkkkkked this time ???????????????????????????? nd don’t u ever dare to call it boring .. was thoroughly enjoying it .. really great job ?????????????????????????
    Take care ..
    Lotzzzz of love ??

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much…
      Okay, i won’t call it boring..Thank you
      love you too!!

  2. Ariana

    Awwww such a sweet shot. It is faaaaaar better than my stupid Rahul part on my ff. U nailed it. Loved it from the core of my heart. Ram was a gd character here. Wow!!! In the show he sucks. This TS was sooooo cute. I enjoyed it soooooooo much that I can’t express my feelings with words. Keep rocking and make more shots nd ffs.
    Take care
    Love U
    Stay sweet like this nd keep smiling
    <3 <3 <3 Ariana (Aru)

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Aru di..
      Better or not, I don’t know, But i know that you’re a great writer!
      Thank you so much.
      yes, I wanted Ram to be good somewhere.. -_-
      I would keep making
      Love you too,
      Nikita <33

  3. Ananya98

    Aww such a cute story
    Loved it to the core
    Felt so special reading it
    Confession without words??
    Wow man so cute
    N who said it was boring n long
    U have gone crazy dear
    I felt it to be short
    Superb shot
    Hope to read some more shots like this from uh…
    Luv uh
    — Anamika

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much !!
      Aww.. thank you!!
      Okay, it was not boring and long..
      I would keep writing for you guys..
      love you too!

  4. Don’t worry Nikita…
    Maria will definetly love it..shraman ki union sent badkae kuch nahi hai Usk liye..???haha…well nice one..
    Not at all boring??

    1. Nikita

      Okay thank you..
      Thank you so much sona..

  5. WeirdSister

    Ok Nikki..so this was just too good…nd u better not call ur writjng boring next time…otherwise I won’t talk to u…
    I loved it…a lot more than u did…
    Nd love u…

    1. Nikita

      Oh thank you so much..
      Okay baba, I won’t call it boring.. But don’t stop talking to me..
      Thank you so much !!
      Love you too !!
      Nikita <33

  6. Nikku! Always a treat! Loved the concept so much! Wish Aditya was the same in the serial as well. U kill me with ur work. Loved it bub….love uh?

    1. Nikita

      Aww.. Thank you so much Laddoo..
      No, don’t die..
      Love you too !!

  7. Loved your two shot.
    It was amazing.
    Take care. Loads of love ?

    1. Nikita

      Thanks Zainab..
      Thank you !!
      Love you too!

  8. pretty preeti

    What a lovely post u did
    Maro will be so pleased and happy to read it
    I loved it thoroughly
    Boring ha boring tujhe toh mai maroongi
    Say sorry
    It was damn cool
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      Aww meri pretty preeti..
      Thank you.. So much..
      I hope so too..
      Okay sorry.. It was not boring…okay?
      Thank you!
      Love you too!

  9. Kaya.........

    Wow…… it was amazing just loved it……
    You are a great writer….. I love reading your updates…… you’re mind blowing…….. wonderful and your updates are marvellous superb…. interesting…
    Love you
    Take care

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so so much !!
      Yaar, itna saara mat likho.. I’ll die naa..
      Me and a great, mind blowing and marvellous..??
      Thank you so much…!!
      Love you too!!

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