We are engaged (Part 9)

Hey guys shruti is back. Thanks for the comments section sorry for the late. I have some personal issues hope u will not mind.

And here we go.

Manik fought with nandini & takes medicine from her hands forcibly. Nandu is angry on him thinking what he is upto. Manik read medicine & gets shocked.

Manik : No this can’t be the one.

Nandu p.o.v

“What?” I asked angrily. I stared at him and blinked for a moment. I froze.

Was that my imagination? ? But did his eyes really turned into silver? ? ? Like the colour of the medicine? I thought. I stood there speechless. He went out. I shook my head. That can’t be, maybe it was just my super eyes.

I have super eyes and that cause to me see things that no one can see. I swore it was not an imagination my other side said.

I shook my head and ran out of the door trying to find manik. I ran down the hall until i heard shouting.

“Dad you can’t do this ” I heard manik shouting. I walked towards the door & leaned on it.

“Shhhh talk slowly manik. ” I heard Mr Malhotra whispered.

“Dad it is too early. She is going to freak out. ” Manik exclaimed and i can infer that she means me.

“No manik it is not too early. She has to know about it.” Another voice said and i know it is Mrs Malhotra.

“She is going to think that we are monsters, ” manik said.

What in the world they are talking about? I thought confused.

“No i am not going to let her take the medicine. I am going to….” Manik said but was cut off.

“MANIK! Listen.” Mr Malhotra shouted. “Listen to me i will decide when i want to tell her & i decide when she should eat the medicine which is today. And i don’t think it is too early.”

I was shocked by seeing his anger. Then the next minute i know is that the door swung open & i was fainting. The faint seem slow like it was on purpose for me to see everything. And this time i swear i am seeing real. And i believe what I saw.

Manik’s eyes were silver, instead of brown and when I was fall, manik made one swift move & he caught me with one arm.

My eyes widened to stare into his eyes but in one second the eyes changed back into brown. I got off of manik’s arms & straightened myself. I looked at his eyes again & stepped back.

“You know half of what you need to know ” manik said staring into my eyes. My mouth is dry hard for me to speak. I continued staring at him not saying anything.

“Lets have a talk ” Mr Malhotra said but i don’t dare to take my eyes of manik in case i saw another thing.

Manik walked towards me & tried to take my hand but i snatched it away. I turned around and looked at his whole family.

“We can talk about it nandu ” manik said.

I slowly sat down. Every one sat down & i could feel my heart beating fastly.

“Ok lets talk about it before it’s too late “. Mr Malhotra said.

After a long uncomfortable silence manik said “u know what dad lets not talk about this. ” He turned towards me “lets drop this & pretend nothing happened “.

I stared at him. I have a feeling that it is something related to my birth & who i am. I know that they keeping it a secret. And then i said “no” .

Manik stared me & gone pale.

“I want to know about it. If it is something about my birth i am going to find out.” Then there was a silence.

Mrs Malhotra started talking ” you know nandini that medicine is to wake your inner up.” I turned towards her.

I stared at her “inner me????”

“What do you mean inner me? I am awake ” i said feeling stupid.

“How should we say this? You have power & you…”

“What? ??” I said. “Power???”

This was ridiculous. Are they thinking like i am a child believing that they are magical powers & mythical creatures in the world.

“Yes you do have powers & what I want to say next is that you are truly a ….werewolf.” Mrs Malhotra said.

That is it. I hope now your suspense is cleared have fun & please comment. See u soon.

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  1. Suspense is clear. … and…. very eager to know what’s gonna happen next. …loved it today. …. pls update soon. ..

    1. Shrukar

      Thank god u are happy & ya i will update soon ?

  2. Aswini Durga

    Nyc dear… Expecting nxt episodes

    1. Shrukar

      Sure aswini thanq ?

  3. Inu

    Wow.a were wolf. Cool.

    1. Shrukar

      No its going to be hot ??? thanks for the comment. ?

  4. Omg omg omg wow amazing nandini a werewolf awesome story line
    First I got frustrated because you were delaying to reveal but this is damn awesome. You cracked and blasted it. You come up with the latest ff even if you delay. In Tamil they say nanga late a vandaalum latest vandomla. Pull your collars up and keep rocking.

    1. Shrukar

      Thanks a lot dia by seeing your comment i am so happy i can’t express it. And i can also see how happy u are & ha for sure i will raise my collar ???

  5. Woww it’s nice nice cont..

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